17th World Congress Presenters

17th World Congress on Qigong-Tai Chi- Traditional Chinese Medicine



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aungAung, K.H. Steven
Congress Co-Chair Edmonton, Alberta | Canada
Dr. Steven K. H. Aung is an integrative physician and a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and teacher. He is a Clinical Professor in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at University of Alberta and Vice Chair (North America) for the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies. He was awarded the Alberta Order of Excellence in 2002, a Physician of the Century Award in 2005, and Canada’s highest civilian honour, the Order of Canada, in 2006.

  • Brush with Aung: Healing Energy through the Brush – Brush With Aung calligraphy demonstration will show audiences how to write calligraphy, how to assess calligraphy, how to enjoy and appreciate calligraphy and how to create an outstanding result. The artist’s intentions in creating calligraphy are very important; energy that is left behind on the paper will remain there forever, and can have implications for the environment in which it is mounted or displayed. Many Chinese people believe in Feng Shui, harmonizing one’s environment to change a house into a home.
  • Gong with Aung: Open Heart Laughing Qi Gong – Open Heart Laughing Qi Gong utilizes laughter in addition to breathing, concentration, phonation, color visualization, and posture exercises. There are four phonation sounds in Open Heart Laughing Qi Gong. All of these Qi Gong sounds open the heart; however, they pass through and utilize various organ systems.



Caroline Lin Cai
Director, TCM Qigong Institution U.K
Caroline Cai is an expert practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with over 22 years experience of treating people. She was trained from a young age by her Grandfather in Taiji (Internal Energy Work and Qi Gong (Internal Health, such as ‘taiji yangsheng gong’) and began learning Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. She then went on to study at a leading Acupuncture and Tuina massage college in China. Since then she has followed several Masters to learn their special techniques in different fields. She is able to use her knowledge and skill to help with Depression, Migraine, Insomnia, Pain Release, Shoulder Back Pain, Frozen Shoulder, Increasing Internal Energy, Improving Blood Circulation and Cancer.

  • The History, Today and Future of Medical Qigong in Chinese Medicine Practice – When the medicine strength reaches its limitation, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Qigong can turn your patient to your team member! Many miracles may happen when your patient starts practising this powerful self-healing method!  As same as the TCM herbs and acupuncture TCM Qigong requests prescription from TCM Qigong Doctor following TCM principles.



chevalierGaétan Chevalier
PhD |
Dr. Gaétan Chevalier received his Ph.D. from the University of Montreal in Engineering Physics with specialization in Atomic Physics and Laser Spectroscopy. After 4 years of research at UCLA in the fields of plasma physics and nuclear fusion, he became professor and Director of Research at the California Institute for Human Science (CIHS) for 10 years doing research in human physiology and electrophysiology. Dr. Chevalier is still core faculty at CIHS. He is visiting scholar in the Department of Family Medicine & Public Health, School of Medicine, UC San Diego. He has been Director of the Earthing Institute since its foundation in 2009 and Research Director at Psy-Tek, a privately owned research company on the campus of CIHS, since 2010.

  • “Devices for Bio-Energy Measurement and Characterization – Over the past century many devices have been developed to diagnose diseases. Allopathic treatments are based on the assumption that there is something wrong with the organs of the body and so devices were developed to look closely at these organs in order to observe some defect i.e. they are sophisticated imaging systems. In this presentation we focus on devices to measure and characterize different forms on human bio-energy. We will explore the many forms of energy that the body generates or emits and how they can be used to infer the energetic health of a person. The different principles of operation of these devices will be reviewed.




Dame Dr. Effie Chow
Grandmaster PhD, RN, LiAc (CA), Dip AcDame
(NCCAOM) Congress Chair, San Francisco, CA | United States
Founder/President of East West Academy of Healing Arts; co-author of Miracle Healing from China-Qigong; general specialist, with an emphasis on body, mind, spirit approaches to health. Also member of the first Advisory Panel of the Office of Alternative Medicine, National Institute of Health; 35-year consultant with NIH: USA and Canada; Member of the President’s White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy (WHCCAMP).

  • Distance healing Chow Medical Qigong
  • Chow Medical Qigong exercise and meditation – Katrina, Elvia, Daisy, Fatima, Janny, Judy, Greg, Gloria, Ann, and others
  • John Mattison, M.D. & Dame Dr. Effie Chow The Skillful Art and Science of Touch in Healing – John Mattison, MD will describe the evolving science around the healing aspects of touch. Discussion will include the traditional scientific markers of health as well as the genetics and neuropsychology of healing touch and healing social interaction of mind, body and spirit. Dr. Chow will demonstrate and teach the art and science of touch in healing with the Chow Integrated Healing System/Chow Medical Qigong. (CHIS/CMQ)
  • Transition of Life – The Qi of Dying well
  • Chow Integrated Healing System/Chow Medical Qigong – The Chow Integrated Healing System (The Chow System) is a pragmatic system that combines modern Western health practices, ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Dr. Chow’s original concepts of a total integrated approach to health of the body, mind, and spirit. In this workshop learn how using the principles of the Chow Qigong system can transform your health and wellness to a whole new level!



Spiritual Leader, Black Sect Esoteric Buddhism at the Fifth StageCrystal C. Chu
Spiritual Leader, Black Sect Esoteric Buddhism at the Fifth Stage
Khadro Crystal Chu Rinpoche is the spiritual leader of Black Sect Esoteric Buddhism Fifth Stage. She is the Chairman and CEO of Yun Lin Temple and Taipei Lin Yun Foundation, adjunct professor at the School of Arts and Letters at San Diego State University, and international Feng Shui educator and consultant.

  • Feng shui – Feng Shui is centuries old systematic knowledge, it is an ancient wisdom passed on for thousands of years in Chinese history. Regardless whether one believes in or knows about Feng Shui, the impacts of Feng Shui exist objectively. Feng Shui affects many different aspects of our lives, such as career, education, travel, helpful people, fame, wealth, family, marriage, children, and health. Bad Feng Shui causes problems in our daily lives, on the other hand, our lives can also be improved through Feng Shui adjustments and enhancements.
  • Ch’i and Feng Shui Workshop – Ch’i is the vital force of our lives. From the “Theory of Ch’i “in Black Sect Esoteric Buddhism teachings, an individual’s Ch’i is affected by Ch’i of the Cosmos, Ch’i of the Earth and Ch’i of humans. This workshop will explain what is the Ch’i, inmate Ch’i and different manifestations of Ch’i. Will further explain what does “Ch’i of the Earth” mean in Feng Shui, and how does Feng Shui affect individual’s Ch’i and different aspects of our lives.



Kevin ChenKevin W Chen
Instead of focusing on cancer/tumor itself, our Qigong-based self-healing retreat not only help build the strength and energy needed for healing, but change the internal environment that lead to cancer growth in the first place (such as stress, cancer-phobia, emotional disturbance, relationship issues, life-style and nutrition), and offer the real sense of complete health and recovery. This presentation will highlight the key points of our retreat, which includes five distinguished aspects that are urgently needed in cancer recovery and complete health.

  • TCM Qigong & Self-Healing for Cancer Recovery – Experience Nei Gong energy work to literally “feel” the sensation of Qi. Experience the “Unbendable Arm” to learn how this practice reveals a whole new approach for modern civilization. Experience the power of Tai Chi’s completion of the Microcosmic Orbit, and understand why Qigong breathing coupled with Tai Chi is a powerful medical practice, and how Tai Chi can save society trillions of dollars in saved health costs. Learn how Tai Chi can be a powerful form of Qigong, and how Moving Qigong can become a way to surrender the world outside and freefall into the multidimensional experience of the Tao.



Misti CooperMisti Cooper
Spiritual Alchemist®, Rebecca Dru The Soul Photographer™ – American & Canadian Association of Healers & Psychics, BMI & PPA
Misti Cooper is a Spiritual Alchemist and Worldwide Energetic Healer. Rebecca Dru is The Soul Photographer and Medical Intuitive. They travel the world with a Crystal Skull healing humanity. Together they host a Radio/TV Show @ Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood on United Broadcasting Network called “SpiritualEcstasy.”

  • Transforming Lives Activating Souls – Transforming Lives Activating Souls – We offer a psychological dispensation that there is no right or wrong way to be spiritual. Each one of us has the power to change our lives by accepting personal responsibility. We demonstrate two effective QiGong exercises to reduce stress and rejuvenate. We will ask for audience participation in creating their own ball of light with Qi. We turn audience attention to our crystal skull “Skully” with whom we travel the world healing people and the planet. The end of the presentation culminates in a breathtaking visual of photography from sacred sites around the world.



Master William (Bill) Douglas Jr.
Founder of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day, Tai Chi Teacher, Kansas
 | United States
Bill Douglas is Founder of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day, and was the 2009 Inductee to the World Internal Arts Hall of Fame in New York, and is the recipient of the “Extraordinary Service in the Field of Qigong” award from the National Qigong Association. He teaches today for the University of Kansas Hospital. Over a decade ago they invested their life savings in a vision of bringing together the global Tai Chi and Qigong family. Bill is the Tai Chi Expert for Dr. Andrew Weil’s Dr Weil.com, and was one of a handful of national Tai Chi experts to help formulate a National Council on the Aging national efficacy guide for aging professionals to begin Tai Chi programs for local aging population.

  • Tai Chi and Taoist Philosophy for Health Science & Global Transformation – Experience Nei Gong energy work to literally “feel” the sensation of Qi. Experience the “Unbendable Arm” to learn how this practice reveals a whole new approach for modern civilization. Experience the power of Tai Chi’s completion of the Microcosmic Orbit, and understand why Qigong breathing coupled with Tai Chi is a powerful medical practice, and how Tai Chi can save society trillions of dollars in saved health costs. Learn how Tai Chi can be a powerful form of Qigong, and how Moving Qigong can become a way to surrender the world outside and freef all into the multidimensional experience of the Tao.
  • Health Policy Recommendations – John Mattison, MD, Dr. Shin Lin, Master Bill Douglas – Develop White Paper to submit to White House



Alex_suit w smile Lostraca 09 073

Dr. Alex Feng
Congress Co-Chair, Oakland, CA | United States
Dr. Alex Feng, lineage holder of Zhi Daoism, ia a renowned healer, acupuncturist, Qi Gong master, teacher, humanitarian and international lecturer on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Qi Gong, and Tai Ji, Dr. Feng has been a leading force in bringing Taoism to the West. He combined his passion for TCM, Martial Arts and Taoism by creating Zhi Dao Guan, The Taoist Center. A Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee, Dr. Feng possesses an innate teaching style of drawing inspiration from his students and infusing his main teaching principle with this inspiration. Dr. Feng has produced numerous champions in the external and internal styles of martial arts. He is the founder of “I Am a Seaweed Medical Qigong”, a method developed to assist practitioners and patients dealing with health challenges. Dr. Feng has worked for over 40 years to integrate Qigong and TCM with Western medicine and was named one of the top ten practitioners of TCM by the San Francisco Focus Magazine.

  • I Am a Seaweed Qi Gong – I Am a Seaweed Qi Gong is a form of medical qi gong that is used to promote health, prevent illness, and restore vitality to those with health conditions. This is an intense and personal practice that can be taught at the level of the individual student – beginner to advanced, strongest to less strong.This form enables the practitioner to build stamina, increase balance, strengthen the immune system, and improve clarity while providing centering and serenity.




Pete A. Gryffin
PhD, MS, Metarobic Institute, Sacramento, CA | United States
Dr. Pete Gryffin, a recent University of Florida Alumni Fellow, is a 30 year practitioner of Tai Chi, Qigong and Kung Fu. He has taught for retreat centers, medical centers and universities. He has over 15 publications to his credit, including his groundbreaking book “Tai Chi Therapy – The Science of Metarobics.

  • Metarobics: A New Paradigm in Tai Chi and Qigong Research and Promotion – Primary attribution of health benefits being due to Qi has been identified as a major barrier in promoting Tai Chi and Qigong to the medical community and general public. Metarobic theory provides a measureable and evidence based approach, noting that these exercises, being neither aerobic nor anaerobic, constitute a new category based on distinct physiological mechanisms of action. Research documents unique effects on blood oxygen saturation, diffusion and oxygen based metabolism, underlying the word “Metarobics.” Research supporting benefits for health and chronic diseases will also be presented, including research related to immunity, cancer, heart disease, lung disease, arthritis, and diabetes.



Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 8.42.53 PMGuoLin Qigong
Guo Lin Qigong was developed by Madam Guo Lin to treat her own cancer, and used to treat the cancer of many others. In 1976, Ms. Wang Jian followed Master Guolin studying Guolinxinqigong. Her top priority task is to teach Guolinxinqigong correctly, entirely and systematically and cultivate new generation of Guolinxinqigong around the world. In 2006, she became the 4th President of Guolinxinqigong Research Association, replacing the 3rd President of Li Ping. In 2014, she joined the Chinese Health, Fitness and Longevity Society and became executive director. She was awarded of the Best Essay. In 2016, she participated in event for China national level old leaders and performed Wuqinxi.

  • Guolinxinqigong for cancer is a precious heritance of humankind – Guolinxinqigong stresses that people should be close to nature and get well by practice and exercise. Guolinxinqigong is easy to learn.. Wind-breath is a special way of Guolinxinqigong. Exhale-vocalization is the trump for treating cancer patients. Guolin — initiator of Xinqigong Therapy. She was a teacher at the Beijing Art Academy. Ms. Guolin created Xinqigong Therapy because she got cancer. Six surgeries for her tumors brought her no help. She was close to death. To save herself, she returned to the practice of Qigong that she learned from her grandfather when she was a little girl. She accepted some ways of old Qigong and studied Chinese medicine and western medicine by herself. Ms. Guolin innovated the traditions of qigong and developed a new treatment for resisting cancer. Finally, Ms. Guolin was successful in saving herself.




Master Lee Holden
Santa Cruz, CA | United States
Today, he is an internationally known instructor in meditation, tai chi, and Qi Gong, as well as a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, and author (7 Minutes of Magic, Penguin 2007). His popular library of Qi Gong DVDs has made him a regular fixture on American Public Television and over 105 PBS stations throughout the U.S and Canada. Lee’s unique QiGong programs have been seen in over 50 million households.

  • Easy Qigong




Dr. Linda Nadia Hole
Hawaii | United States
Pioneer in bridging Qigong, Oriental, Western, & Energy Medicine. With degrees from Princeton, Duke, U of Spiritual Healing & Sufism, & Oneness Universities, she has served on numerous faculties, including the World Congress on QiGong, American Holistic Medical Association, & American Academy of Pain Management. She’s also served as consulting editor for Chinese Medical QiGong, contributing author for complementary medicine textbooks, & co-founder of the Free Distance Healing Qi Project, & as a physician for an international fast for nuclear disarmament.

  •  Qi & Pain
  • “Practical Qi, from Surfing to Spiritual – What Really Works!”
  • Me to We” Ho’oponopono Qi for Personal Peace & Transformation – Me to We!
  • Ho’oponopono Qi – for Personal Peace, Freedom from Pain, & Global Transformation Peace starts with me – From the wisdom traditions of “miracle healing” QiGong & Hawaiian Ho’oponopono, learn simple & practical, cross cultural healing tools, for achieving greater Peace, both inner & outer, AND Freedom from pain; that you can apply immediately to your own life, your own relationships, your practice; & ultimately, the world.
  • “Amplifying Qi Online for Your Dreams, Wealth, & Success” – a big dream? Special gifts? What do you feel moved to share with the world? How do we get your special, & our collective messages out to as many as possible, via Qi online?



JacQuaeline is A powerful inspiring International Speaker/Trainer, Consultant, Holistic Healing Practitioner & Professional Clairvoyant. She’s presented programs for major corporations, colleges & government agencies specializing in Evolution of Consciousness, Soul Development and Awakening Creativity & Intuition Power™. Her weekly radio talk show broadcasted on 93.5fm Los Angeles for 8 years. JacQuaeline has a distinctive character blending wisdom, honesty & a loving playful sense of humor.

  • Wisdom of the Cosmic Mandate: A Holographic Approach to Empowerment,” – This presentation will give you a new set of concepts and experiential tools that will empower you with the wisdom.
  • Increased energy and enhanced mindset you need for greater successes both personally and professionally. – The Cosmic Mandate is a blueprint which, when applied in this presentation, can give you insights, rapid spiritual growth and awaken a new level of energy flow within you. The program will touch upon Light, energy, wave patterns and the auric field. It will introduce a concept of ‘merging minds’ for greater understanding, insights and increasing Qi, health and improve communication on all levels.



iWang Tian Jian

  • from China Qigong and Acupressure





vioViolet Li
St. Louis, Missouri | United States
Born in Shanghai, China grew up in Taipei, Taiwan and now residing in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, Violet Li always enjoys workouts. She studied yoga, practiced aerobic dance and taught kickboxing. But it wasn’t until 2000 that she found her true passion in Tai Chi. Since then, she has spent more than 10,000 hours learning the art both in theory and techniques from many instructors including some masters/grandmasters and also interviewed research scientists, doctors and practitioners to understand the benefits of doing Tai Chi. Her knowledge on Tai Chi and Qigong accelerated when she started to take lessons from Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei, the 11th Chen Style Tai Chi lineage holder, one of the top ten martial art masters in China and the honoree of the Cambridge List of the Most Distinguished Chinese People in the World in 1999. She is extremely grateful for the opportunity to receive the private tutelage from Grandmaster Chen so she is able to understand the very profound knowledge of Tai Chi.

  • How to promote Tai Chi/Qigong
  • Chen-Style Silk Reeling, which is the foundation of Chen Tai Chi



shin linDr. Shin Lin
Congress Co-Chair & Chair, Science Symposium,
Irvine, CA | United States
Dr. Lin is Director of the Laboratory of Mind-Body Energy & Signaling Research and Professor in the Depts. of Cell Biology and Biomedical Engineering, and Susan Samueli Center for Integrative Medicine, University of California, Irvine. A 12th generation direct-line inheritor of Chen style Tai Chi certified by Grandmaster Chen Zheng-Lei, he is internationally known for his “Science-based Tai Chi /Qigong for Mind-Body Health”.  In 2008, he was appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services to a 4-year term on the National Advisory Council for Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the National Institutes of Health.

  • ”New Breakthroughs! ‘Energy’ in different forms, including biophotons, DC electricfield, electrical current, physical force/energy or jing“ – Our laboratory has shown that Qigong/Tai Chi can produce coordinated increase of the flow of blood and electricity, consistent with the fundamental principle of Traditional Chinese Medicine of “Blood is the mother of Qi”. More recent research found that similar effects can also be associated with Yoga and Chinese therapies such as acupuncture, massage, and topical herbal remedies. In cell culture experiments, physiological levels of D.C. electric field can affect the rate and directionality of cellular movement, suggesting a mechanism for affecting health and healing. Our current studies are focused on the physiological effects of modernized energy therapies such as laser acupuncture, acupressure massage, electrical stimulation of acupoints, and far infrared therapy.
  • Health Policy Recommendations – John Mattison, MD, Dr. Shin Lin, Master Bill Douglas



looDr. May Loo
Trained in five schools of Chinese Medicine, is author of several textbooks integrating western medicine and Complementary/alternative Medicine. Her textbook, Pediatric Acupuncture, is being used at several major university centers in the US and abroad. She has lectured throughout the US, also in Canada, Europe, and China. Currently, she is the innovator of the first completely safe, water-based transdermal patch with organic ingredients for infants with reflux, gas, and colic.

  • Gastrointestinal symptoms in Infants East & West – This presentation will demonstrate very simple QiGong and TCM techniques to alleviate common gastrointestinal symptoms in infants, such as gas, reflux, and colic; and will introduce a safe, non-invasive product that integrates western medicine and Chinese medicine for infants.



marshallAnita Chen Marshall
DAOM, Pharm.D., L.Ac.
 Alameda, CA | United States
Founder and director of Sequoia Healing Center for Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine in Alameda, California. After receiving her Pharm.D. from University of the Pacific in 1976, Dr. Marshall studied Chinese medicine, earning her MSTCM degree from Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences in 1998 and her DAOM degree from American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2010. As an adjunct faculty at various schools through the US, she gives lectures on drug and herb interactions and acupressure massage for health and stress reduction. With her dual background in western and eastern medicine, Dr. Marshall is able to provide patients with acupuncture and herbal supplements that complement their western medical treatments. Her goal is to bridge the gap between eastern and western medicine to provide the best possible treatment outcome.


  • Herb and Drug Interactions – This course addresses the increasing concern among the medical community, including TCM practitioners who prescribe medicinal herbs, about toxic biomedical interactions between pharmaceutical drugs and natural products such as Chinese medicinal herbs. The course reviews the biomedical nature of herbs and the potential interaction between them and commonly used pharmaceutical drugs and nutritional supplement.
  • National Anthem and the Theme Song “To Dream the Impossible Dream” – Anita sings with lyrics for audience to join in.



mattisonJohn Mattison
Chief Health Information Officer (ChiO), Kaiser Permanente, SCAL region
John is third in a four generation family of social activist healers. He first studied the science of acupuncture in the 1970s and chose UC Davis as his medical school training because of their emphasis on integrative health. He has always practiced the healing power of hugs and will describe the evolving science behind healing touch.

  • John Mattison, M.D. & Dame Dr. Effie Chow the Skillful Art and Science of Touch in Healing – Discussion will include the traditional scientific markers of health as well as the genetics and neuropsychology of healing touch and healing social interaction of mind, body and spirit.
  • John Mattison, M.D. & Dame Dr. Effie Chow the Skillful Art and Science of Touch in Healing – John Mattison, MD will describe the evolving science around the healing aspects of touch. Dr. Chow will discuss and demonstrate the skillful art of the touch in healing and everyday life.
  • Health Policy Recommendations – John Mattison, MD, Dr. Shin Lin, Master Bill Douglas.



mei and wongZhang Hong Mei – China
Born in Beijing, China, she began studying Wushu at the age of 9 after being selected from literally thousands of children to join the Beijing Wushu Team. Soon afterwards, she be-came one of the country’s elite athletes. At China National Games, she captured gold medals in Bagua, sparring routines, and Double Straight Sword. In recognition of her skills and dedication, she was selected to China National Team to compete in the 1st International. Games held in Xian, China where she captured a gold medal in the Women’s Straight Sword competition. To this day, her team is still considered to be one of the best teams fielded by China. Master Zhang has traveled the world over as an ambassador, performing and teach-ing the art of Wushu and spreading Chinese culture. By invitation, she taught Wushu and Tai Ji in Yokohama and Tokyo, Japan. She has appeared on dozens of international magazine covers and has been featured numerous times on TV, film, and video.

Master Philip Wong
Founder of Pacific Wushu and Stanford University Wushu Club. He has 13 national and international Grand Championships. He won the all-around silver medal at the 2nd International Wushu Games, second only to China. Named by Inside Kung Fu Magazine as Competitor of the Year. In the computer world, you may recognize him as Lei Wu Long in Tekken I, II, III; he performed the motion capture for this character. This is just one of over a half-dozen video games. Master Wong has to his credit. He has also been featured on a variety of magazine covers in the USA, China, Italy, and Japan. In the film world, he has starred in films in Asia and choreographed feature films in the USA.

  • Children and parent-focused Wushu
  • Pacific Wushu



sandra michelDr. Sandra-Rose
Hon Michael
DNM – Las Vegas, Nevada | United States
Dr. Michael is the Inventor and Researcher of Bio-Scalar Regenerative Technology and Senior Director of Energy Medicine for the Global Foundation for Integrative Medicines under UNESCO and is a member of the Scientific Council for National Bio Science, Europe. For the last decade, she has been working extensively with top scientists, physicians, and world leaders in the research, development and implementation of EESystem technology.

  • Radiation to Radiance – A wake up call to the reality of radiation in the wake of Fukushima, how
    this radiation effects our planet, & effects You, & effects those you care about.

    1. Discover the truth about our planetary levels of radiation
    2. Learn about the effects of radiation, radiating our Mother Earth
    3. Explore steps you can take to protect yourself, & those you care about, for “Radiation to Radiance”


Kathy mu

Master Cathy Mu
Master Cathy Mu (from PureBeautifulHealing.org) is known as the “Abundance QiGong Master”, the only QiGong Master who is also a successful CPA. Her teachings on Enlightened Prosperity, How to Have It All, the Energy of Money, the Secret to “the Fountain of Youth”, How to Master Health, Wealth, Beauty & Happiness, have been powerfully effective.

  • “How to Master Your Health, Wealth, Beauty, & Happiness– Would you like to master your health, wealth, beauty, & happiness, with ease & fun? Would you like to “have it all”, enjoy life to its fullest while helping others & fulfilling your life purpose? If yes, join this powerful workshop, led by Qi Gong Master Cathy Mu, who is also a successful CPA & inspiring spiritual teacher, with over 20 years of experience helping thousands achieve their goals, realize their dreams, & enrich their lives. You will learn how to master the Divine Universal Energy physically, emotionally, & spiritually so you will attract more Money, Joy, Ever-Lasting Beauty, Abundance, & Fulfillment.
  • “Dancing Qi Gong for vibrant health, ever-lasting beauty, and closer connection with the Divine”
  • The Secret to the Fountain of Youth, Radiating Beauty, & Joyful Love – Would you like to reverse the signs of aging naturally without expensive cosmetics or surgery, look and feel younger while growing wiser? Do you want to learn how to master your Qi to radiate beauty from inside out with healthy organs, a sexy and strong body, glowing skin, shiny hair, and a loving and compassionate heart? Do you want to discover how to love joyfully while enhancing your vitality and spiritual connection with the Divine? If yes,join Master Mu’s presentation and you will walk away glowing with love, beauty, confidence, and passion.



OngDr. Chong Pin Ong, PhD
C.P. Ong is the author of Taijiquan: Cultivating Inner Strength. He is the Exec Vice-President of the USA Wushu-Kungfu Federation. He is a 20th generation Chen Family Taijiquan disciple of both Chen Xiaowang and Chen Zhenglei. He first began his Taiji studies in 1972 learning the Guang Ping Yang Style from Master Y.C. Chiang in Berkeley, CA. He is also a student of vipassana (insight) meditation and has attended several intensive meditation retreats in Buddhist monasteries in Yangon, Myanmar. He received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from U.C. Berkeley in 1973. He was featured in the cover of the recent Spring 2016 issue of the Tai Chi Magazine.

  • Generating Inner Strength (Neijin )”– The discussion of generating strength in both both the discipline of science and the yin-yang theory of Taijiquan, gives us some common ground to look at qi and neijin. Neijin is mysterious because the ethos of Taijiquan resides in the internal, not characterized by the vigor of physical activities that we can identify with. Nevertheless, neijin is manifested in the body. We can thus interpose the musculo-skeletal framework on the yin-yang theory to study the biomechanics of neijin. Shining the light of physiology and physics on neijin, we can look at the role of qi in generating strength, and study qi as a somatosensory tool to work on muscle activations at the joints. Biomechanics can complement the traditional approach, adding precision to training methods of Taijiquan. The investigation also points to other issues that arise, such as the responses of neurobiology, which confront all the arts of body motion, including Taijiquan.




Lewis Lee Regen and Candice Lee Regen
CA | United States
Lewis is a teacher of Qi Gong at the University of California Santa Cruz and leads Nature Qi Gong walks.  Teaching with his mother, they offer an accessible, effective and fun integration of Qi Gong connecting with the elemental energy of nature.

  • Experience Full Body Energy Awakening and Revitalization with this Integrated Qi Gong flow – Bringing together many aspects of the Practice into one whole full body flow including Self Acupressure, Meridian Massage, Inner Smile, Joint Lubricating Qi Gong, 5 Element Qi Gong and Internal Movement Meditations. Designed to be offered as a fun and accessible Approach to Qi Gong effective for all Levels.





rochonKen Rochon
California | United States
Ken Rochon is an author, speaker and social media guru. He loves the arts and sciences. He has authored 12 books on a multitude of topics to include children, linguistics, marketing, networking, and travel. His current book ‘Keep Smiling… Shift Happens!’ has caused a movement of celebrities and leaders to want to join in helping remind the world positivity attracts positive power. Ken is considered a humanitarian and philanthropists for the hundreds of events he and his company volunteer to support and market each year. His desire to inspire living a purpose driven life caused him to create The Umbrella Syndicate to support authors, leaders and speakers. He is a specialist in creating ‘Social Proof Viral Campaigns’ for some of the top events, leaders, non-profits and organizations. His ability to see the vision of a leader and cause the perception of the vision to become a reality is one of the reasons he is included in so many amazing concepts, inventions, and projects.

  • “Amplifying Qi Online for Your Dreams, Wealth, & Success” – a big dream? Special gifts?  What do you feel moved to share with the world? How do we get your special and send our collective messages out to as many as possible, via Qi online?
  • “Promoting your dreams via social media” – Got a big dream? Special gifts? What do you feel moved to share with the world? How do we get your special and send our collective messages out to as many as possible, via Qi online?



rubikDr. Beverly Rubik
CA | United States
Beverly Rubik earned her Ph.D. (biophysics) at University of California, Berkeley.  She is internationally renowned for her research on the biofield.  She is president/founder of Institute for Frontier Science, a nonprofit laboratory in Emeryville, CA; serves on the editorial boards of 4 peer-reviewed journals; professor at Energy Medicine University; consultant to industry on maverick wellness products; and a holistic health practitioner.

  • “Physical Light Measured During Energy Healing Sessions under Controlled Conditions in the Laboratory – We will discuss our latest research on the extremely low level physical light emitted from the human body. These particles of light emitted from organisms have been called biophotons.  Although this is a frontier area of science with no consensus, biophotons are considered by some scientists to be part of the biofield, the energy field within and around the body of an organism that may be intimately involved in health and well-being.  From a scientific view, light is the most mysterious particle of all, having no mass or matter, being pure energy of highest order, and traveling at the speed limit of the universe.  Measuring this light associated with the living state is possibly related to the elusive life energy, the qi.



shintaniDr. Terry Shintani
 Honolulu, Hawaii | United State
Dr. Shintani is a Harvard-trained nutritionist, and medical doctor, lawyer, professor, author, speaker, and Traditional Hawaiian Healer. He is formally designated a “Living Treasure” of Hawaii. His whole-person lifestyle Program won the highest national award from the U.S. Secretary of Health. He is the author of “Peace Diet”: how to find inner peace and reverse aging and disease through diet and lifestyle.

  • The Peace Diet – The “Peace Diet” uses the “Peace Plate” and 8 enhancements to get people to naturally lose sometimes hundreds of pounds, get healthy and get off their medication. He describes how diet can affect inner peace in terms of its effect on physiology and spiritual experiences related to dietary regimen.  He will describe how to control weight by eating MORE food, He describes how to control blood sugar with MORE carbs and explains how to control inflammation and pain.   Information on how to control cholesterol, and blood pressure with less medication, and how to control cancer with Diet and Lifestyle will be present.



Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 8.18.19 PMAnimesh Lal Shrestha

General Secretary , WUMA Kung Fu Association,
Wuma Association, Nepal | India







Jane Moore Sibbett
American actress, writer, director, photographer, and producer. Her most notable roles include Heddy Newman on the Fox television series Herman’s Head, and as Ross Geller’s first ex-wife, the groundbreaking role of Carol Willick, who was one half of the first TV lesbian wedding ever on the hit NBC sitcom Friends. Her play, SHE’ISLAND, co-written with a host of women on Hawaii Island opens in late 2016 at the Kahilu Theatre in Kamuela, Hawaii. Next up on her directorial slate is a second PSA commercial produced by 1736 Family Crisis Center on Elder Abuse.  Jane, a survivor herself, continues to advocate for survivors everywhere, hoping to instill hope and healing for all beings to thrive peacefully and yes, even joyfully on this planet.

  • Dancing Qi Hands – With the gift of Jane’s Dancing Hands, her overflowing heart of Love, & pure Joy, this workshop is a chance, for YOU, to heal & be healed, Love & be Loved, in a way you’ve never healed, or Loved, before.



trantapa Master Lama Tantrapa
Portland, Oregon | United States
Lama Somananda Tantrapa is the holder of the lineage of Qi Dao that has been fostered in his clan for 27 generations since 1224 AD. He has over 30 years of experience in Qi Dao and other internal martial arts. He operates Academy of Qi Dao, as well as Portland Qigong Clinic. An author of two books, numerous articles as well as multimedia training materials. he is also the producer and host of the Internet Radio talk show The Secrets of Qigong Masters.

  • The Dao (Qigong Coach)



oOscar Urrutia
Los Angeles, CA | United States
Owner of GecEvents. Organizes and puts on events with consciousness of environment, artistry and cost factors.

  • DJ for Qi Music and Dancing for the Saturday evening Gala Award Dinner-Qi-Dance.





foto_marisaMaster Marisa Vocca
Congress Co-Chair, Rome | Italy
Ms. Vocca is currently head of the Nei Dao Association – The Interior Way, an organization dedicated entirely to the in depth study of Qigong in all of its aspects. I am on the examination board for Qigong for OTTO, the national Organization for Tuina and Qigong Operators.

  • “Qigong for a better World – Practical applications and projects are precious and possible in Western society”



wang-yanGrandmaster Dr. Wang Yan
Congress Co-Chair Holland
Dr. Yan Wang is a world famous medical Qigong expert, herbalist, and martial artist. On the board of scientific qigong research institutes in China. Vice president of the World Federation of traditional Chinese Medicine. Currently living in Amsterdam, she’s appeared on TV in Europe, USA, Asian countries and China, many times about her special Qigong.

  • For Obesity, Smoking, Cessation, Cancer Prevention

    Note: Dr. Wan has a separate 3 day Medical Qigong Seminar prior to Congress, Aug 29 -30, Healing for obesity, stop smoking, skin diseases, prevention and treatment of Cancer and other serious health conditions.



Cynthia Yee – The Grant Avenue Follies
Under the leadership of Cynthia Yee, the Grant Avenue Follies has been well-received for its participation in and organization of the annual gala production of ‘Lion’s Gate’, a Linking Rings Production. Since the Grant Avenue Follies was formed three years ago, they have had a robust schedule with performances at events and venues such as Gray Cabaret, On Lok Senior Health Services, Self Help for the Elderly, the VA Hospital, Laguna Honda Hospital, Chinese Hospital fundraisers, Asian Perinatal Advocates, Asian Women Resource Center, Chinatown Badminton Club, Chinatown OptiMs. Club, Asian Pacific Islanders Festival 2006, St. Mary’s Day Care, San Francisco History Association, Cowell Theater, The Jewish Community Center of San Francisco and American Vets Day at the Veterans Administration Nursing Home in Yountville, California. The Grant Avenue Follies has played a major role in entertaining and raising funds for senior citizens’ groups, including On Lok Senior Center of San Francisco. The Follies has been featured on KPIX 5 News, KTSF 26 Cantonese and Mandarin News, as well as in the San Francisco Chronicle, Chinese language newspapers, and Positive Thinking Magazine.

  • Leading into the next phase….the healing of Qi-Dancing/Music



Abbot Shi YanranMaster Shi Yanran
Founder & Executive Director, Shaolin Temple USA
Coach of Shaolin Temple Warrior Monks Corps. Representing Shaolin Temple, he accompanied national leaders on global cultural exchange visits to over 40 countries. He founded Shaolin Temple USA in 2007 and established 4 Shaolin Culture Centers in the United States to teach Shaolin Kung Fu and Wellness Qigong to the American people. Established Shaolin Kung Fu program at Stanford University in 2011. His work is embraced and greatly respected by American society, and garnered generous coverage by mainstream media worldwide. Master Yanran specializes in traditional Shaolin fist and weapons, Shaolin Wellness Qigong such as “Yijinjing,” “Xisuijing,” and Shaolin Hard Qigong such as “Iron Jacket,” “Iron Head” and “Pushing Car with “Spear Tip at Throat.” Honored as  “Martial Artist of the Year” at 2010 World Congress on Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine; Kung Fu Magazine Cover Master 2012.  Master Yanran has trained countless outstanding Kung Fu coaches and students who have become a vital force as inheritors of Shaolin Kung Fu in the United States. Through performances, classes, large-scale events, and collaborations with mainstream educational and arts institutions, he has made great contributions in bringing Shaolin culture to the world.

  • Master Ranyan and children with adults of Shaolin Temple Qigong demonstration Saturday at Award Gala
  • Also on Sunday 75 minute workshop 2pm – 3:15pm



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