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Trending Natural Medicine Worldwide: 15th World Congress on Qigong/TCM Takes Health to a New Unprecedented Level                           (video and slide links at bottom of page)


SAN FRANCISCO – Kicking off a glorious weekend of healing celebration and extravaganza, the 15th World Congress on Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine produced by East West Academy of Healing Arts/Dr. Effie Chow took the public by storm May 17-20, 2013. Its’ international roster of distinguished Masters engaged and inspired attendees in extraordinary performances and interactive presentations. A platform for change and community building in health and wellness, this year’s Congress grew to critical mass of 90,000 people, partnering with the 9th Annual Asian Heritage Street Celebration to bring Natural Medicine to the streets in the fair’s newly expanded Healthy Living Pavilion! Three main foci of the Congress this year strived for the betterment of veteran health, cancer, and Hepatitis B (a nod to the Free Hep B cause in San Francisco.) Also featured was a worldwide online livestream managed by Master Mingtong Gu, furthering its reach to thousands more people.

Dignitaries came from all corners of the world to bring their talent together in a trend-setting transformational program. Notable international figures included Master Qin Xiping of the Japan Shaolin Temple, Master Marisa Vocca of Nei Dao Qigong in Italy, Steven Aung, MD of the University of Alberta, Canada, and Master Yongfu Etero Chen of Tianyuan Qigong in China! The Congress also featured many local masters such as Master TianJia Mu of Pure Beautiful Healing, Dr. Alex Feng of The Zhi Dao Kuan Center, Master Mingtong Gu of The Chi Center and more!

Qi-celebrities also dominated this year’s star-studded program, including Grandmaster Zhou-Ting Jue – an extraordinary living treasure known for his appearances on “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” or “Stan Lee Superhumans,” Sharyn Wynters – author of “The Pure Cure” / other books and naturopath to the stars, Master Lee Holden of PBS, Master Lama Tantrapa of radio show “The Secrets of Qigong Masters” and Grandmaster Kam Yuen, TV character inspiration and martial arts consultant to original TV show, “Kung-Fu.”

Not only did the Congress succeeded in pulling together a magnificent diverse group of noteworthy figures, it also spearheaded progressive programs and policies for the mainstream center with a discussion by Jeanne Kang from the American Association of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine. Members of an integrative scientific community also flocked to the Congress, including Dr. Sandra Rose Michaels – inventor of the Energy Enhancement System, Dr. Terry Shintani – author and recipient of the highest award in the US Secretary of Health and Dr. Shin Lin of UC Irvine, organizer and chair of the Scientific Symposium which included Dr. Peter M. Wayne, author of the new book “Harvard Medical School’s Guide to Tai Chi”, Dr. John Longhurst of UC Irvine and Dr. Jue Lin of UCSF.

A mecca for health enthusiasts, the first day of the Congress started off with simultaneous master workshops which provided attendees with many educational options. Audience listened raptly to “Healing for the Liver/Gall Bladder System with Qigong” by Master TianJia Mu. An active crowd engaged in “Therapeutic and Cardio Tai Chi Qigong’ by Master Chi-hsiu Daniel Weng. Master Etero Yongfu Chen from China offered opportunity to learn Tianyuan Qigong Calligraphy healing, while local native Master Michael Santos taught a packed room of excited attendees Spring Forest Qigong. Grandmaster Zhou Ting-Jue elated participants by teaching them emission of energy for healing, later demonstrating how he could turn water into steam with his Qi and using it for healing massage. A great milestone that the Congress helped achieve was the first public unveiling of the Tiger Twin Style Method, a secret Qigong normally not shown outside of the China Shaolin Temple – taught by Master Dr. Qin Xiping. The Congress then began that evening with its customary lively opening ceremony with the Lion Dance exemplifying health, wealth, and peace. Dr. Steven Aung carried out a sacred Buddhist blessing ceremony with the passing of the candle. Dr. Alex Feng presented on their Integrative Medicine Cancer Program at Alta Bates Hospital. Dr. Qin Xiping showed a movie on dental surgery carried out with his Qigong Dental Anaesthesia then proceeded with a remarkable demonstration on 50 volunteers with most reporting feeling some affects of Qi, like some numbing feeling around the mouth and others feeling tingling.

An ohming meditation led by Congress Chair Dr. Chow closed the Grand Opening with feelings of love, compassion, and healing for all of humanity.

The following day, with a backdrop of the Beaux Arts City Hall, the Congress joined the Asian Heritage Street Celebration in the festivities, joining in the cultural spirit with beautifully clad ladies dressed in Chinese princess and ceremonial attire for the Faces of Asia procession. Adding to that creative energy, enthusiastic crowds were treated to practice with the Masters and participate in demonstrations of the uses and power of Qi at the Natural Medicine-Healthy Living Pavilion of the fair as well as a simultaneous stage across the street at the Hotel Whitcomb. Sharyn Wynters led a meditation for health, wealth and peace. Dr. Kam Yuen engaged audiences in the Kam Method of Instant Healing. Dr. Effie Chow demonstrated the power of “The Empty Force – Chow Qigong” moving 6 large people in a line where it was impossible to do before . Vinnie Campascano from Body Focus indulged audiences in free chiropractic assessments and therapy…and there were more! – keeping the attendees consulting their program booklets to decide what to do next with full weekend of workshops, panels and pageantry.

Wrapping up the eventful Saturday, the Congress was dressed up in an evening gala event in Academy Awards fashion – with an elaborate presentation of awards!

This year’s Awardees include:
1) Grandmaster Zhou Ting-Jue
Martial Artist with extraordinary powers
of the Year 2013

2) Dr. Qin Xiping
Japan Qigong Leader of the Year 2013

3) Master Maria Luisa Vocca
Italy Qigong Leader of the Year 2013

4) Steven K.H. Aung, M.D.
Humanitarian of the Year 2013

5) Grandmaster Etero Yongfu Chen
Qigong Master of the Year 2013

6) Master Chi-hsiu Daniel Weng, PhD
Tai Chi Master of the Year 2013

7) Peter M. Wayne, PhD
Scientist of the Year 2013

8) Master TianJia Mu
Community Service of the Year 2013
with Qigong Excellence

9) Mr. Ted Fang
Visionary of the Year 2013

10) Master Lama Tantrapa
Media Excellence of the Year 2013

And to the Congress host and organizer, Dr. Effie Chow’s great surprise, a collective award was presented to her for Grandmaster of Extraordinary Energy Healing! This was met by grand ovation, moving tears and full hearts. Another surprise was bestowed to Congress awardee of “Humanitarian of the Year,” Dr. Steven Aung, by Hon. Dr. Sandra Rose Michael and Hon. Dr. Terry Shintani who nominated Aung for the Knights of the Orthodox Order of St. John with an investiture to be planned in New York.

Gala performances also left dinner members oo-ing and ah-ing to exciting martial art performances by Dr. Qin Xiping and apprentice, Ryo Eguchi, Pacific Wushu and highlighted by extraordinary show of Qi by Grandmaster Zhou Ting-Jue who was able to turn mud into stone, walk on glass and pierce skin with needles while lifting heavy weights – all without pain and injury – a demonstration normally shown on television! The magical night ended with a romp around the dance floor where attendees participated in Qi-dancing with the masters and music provided by the award winning DJ Michael !

Sunday presented an annual highlight of the Congress: the Scientific Symposium headed by Dr. Shin Lin of UC Irvine who once again, convened an extraordinary lineup of researchers involving his colleague, Dr. John Longhust, Dr. Peter M. Wayne of Harvard and Dr. Jue Lin of UCSF presenting their latest research. While Western scientific methods are beginning to validate the ancient Eastern technologies, one repeating message of this prestigious panel is that people need not wait for scientific validation and instead they should continue to Practice! Practice! Practice! Spotlight “Scientist of the Year” Congress awardee, Dr. Peter Wayne, author of the newly published Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi emphasized the need for Masters and practitioners with deep level knowledge to help guide the course of research as it advances. The rest of the day was followed by various master workshops (which extended to Monday) finally ending with a final Congress closure with much hugs and laughter!

Continuing its agenda in providing “fun in learning” education and fostering peace and healing to the world, the 15th World Congress will also extend EAST to Asia in collaboration with the 22nd World Yangsheng Conference (June 21-25) in Chengdu, China and The World Qigong Forum (Sept 21-23) in Tokyo, Japan. The date for the 16th World Congress has already been announced for next year: May 16-18 in San Francisco. Next year’s event will be pursuing CEUs and place more emphasis on the event becoming a “training summit” for all.

Overall the Congress was a great success and to some, a foothold to what will be thepinnacle of health and wellbeing in a broken healthcare system. Many cherished memories were made and for some new to Qigong and Natural Medicine, it broadened horizons! Next year’s Congress will be a continuation of that growth and energy; we trust that you will be a part of this growing family and movement!

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