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Tai Chi, the more commonly practiced form of Qigong in this country, has received significant media attention. Time Magazine in an article on Tai Chi benefits called Tai Chi “the perfect exercise.”, while The Wall Street Journal recently did a front page lifestyle story entitled Qigong The Next Yoga: A Sweat Free Workout—Tiger Woods’ Secret Weapon?

As the field of Psychoneuroimmunology evolves, we are becoming more aware of the connection between body, mind and spirit. As drug manufacturers scramble to create the “better drug” to tap into this system, we can start using age-old techniques to maximize our health and improve the function of our immune system in the treatment of infections and cancer.

And as our children grow up in a stress-laden society, we can help them “de-stress” with the ancient secrets of Qigong, thereby improving their concentration, productivity, and health. The benefits of Qigong are clear in a world of run-away costs and tremendous side effects of powerful drugs in today’s news and reports are far more frequent and debilitating than ever. Research has also proven that Qigong is able to assist in the prevention of drug side effects as well.

Despite our current discussion on evidence and uses of Qigong supported by clinical and bench research data, we want to emphasize that Qigong is a model for promoted health. The current research with classic “Randomized Clinical Trials” is based on current western philosophy of health care. We need to change directions in our research protocols to focus on the aspects of better physical, mental and emotional health in order to promote happiness, productivity and a more harmonious view of the world. And then, as a result of this changed emphasis, disease and illness will be less frequent and more easily addressed when it does occur.

Our vision is to have Qigong incorporated into every walk of life, all schools and organizations, so that all children and families may have that benefit of good health thus a better life. Our children are the hope and future of our tomorrow. Therefore to allow their body, mind, and spirit to take flight, their health is of the utmost importance…and Qigong could be the most important and powerful catalyst of all times!

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