American Qigong Association

Mission Statement

The American Qigong Association (AQA), a chapter of the World Qigong Federation (WQF), brings together scientists, professionals, institutions and lay people to promote research, see standards of research and education in the areas of Qigong under one, non-profit umbrella organization.


Discussion of establishing a World Qigong Federation and the American Qigong Association began in the early 1990’s; both organizations were ratified prior to the Second World Congress on Qigong and the First American Qigong Association Conference held in San Francisco, California on November 20-26, 1997.

It was decided by those present at the first meeting in 1997 to speed up the organizational process of both organizations they would initially be incorporated under the non-profit status of East West Academy of Healing Arts (EWAHA) for financial support by EWAHA until such time that it is advantageous for them to be free standing.  The Bylaws of EWAHA Corporation would be used.  (Please see attached the EWAHA non-profit status papers and EWAHA Bylaws).

Membership in AQA in May 1997 were forty-three members.  Membership continues to increase, especially from the Congresses and Conferences.  This creates visibility and an opportunity for people to attend meetings, share ideas and be a part of the organization.  Now there are 723 members.

Goals of AQA

  • Promote Qigong, bringing it into the mainstream as a health practice
  • Provide professional visibility for Qigong practitioners
  • Establish standards of excellence and ethics in practice
  • Support professionals, in establishing general acceptance and recognition within the medical and scientific community
  • Provide a safe, nurturing environment for the professional growth of all styles of Qigong masters, teachers and practitioners
  • Protect those seeking help through Qigong
  • Act as an information clearinghouse for Qigong and a reference for services for individual clients, masters and teachers; including available course, seminars, developments, etc.
  • Establish a resource library, including print, audio, videos, etc.
  • Publish a directory of Qigong professionals and institutions
  • Promote an international coalition to further an understanding of Qigong amongst the general population and the helping professions by cooperating internationally through the World Qigong Federation (WQF)
  • Establish regional, state and local chapters of AQA through the generous support of sponsorships
  • Establish standards of practice and training for instructors and hose who use Qigong as a healing tool. (e.g., Medical Qigong)

Current Board of Directors

  • President: Effie Poy Yew Chow, PhD, RN, DiplAc(NCCAOM), Qigong Grandmaster
  • Vice President: Steven Aung, MD
  • Secretary: Evelyn Lee, PhD
  • Treasurer: Cathy Cheung, CPA

Board of Directors

Frances L. Brisbane, PhD; Nan Lu, OMD, L.Ac; Viola C. Ong; Alex Feng, DiplAc (NCCAOM), Garrett Yount, PhD

Executive Director

V. Kay Lahdenpera, RN, MPH


Advisory Committee Chair(s)

  • Clinical (include standards and ethics) – Fran Starr, PhD, RN & Ralph Pelligia, MD
  • Education (include standards and ethics) – Alex Feng, DiplAc (NCCAOM); Effie Chow, PhD, Qigong Grandmaster
  • Finance – Cathy Cheung, CPA & Barbara Sullivan, acct.
  • International Faculty – Lida Feng, PhD (China)
  • Membership/Fundraising – Richard Yennie, DC, DiplAc (NCCAOM) and Natalia PhD.
  • Policies – Frances L. Brisbane, PhD & Evelyn Lee, PhD
  • Public Relations/Promotion – Nan Lu, OMD, L.Ac & James Lilley
  • Scientific/Research (include standards and ethics) – Garrett Yount, Ph.D., Shin Lin, PhD, Yoshiaki Omura, MD, ScD, FrCA, FICAE, Rustum Roy, Ph.D.

Qigong Conferences

There were six prestigious and dignified Qigong Conferences held in North America since 1990, which offered a platform to bring top Qigong Masters, and Qigong Scientists from China and around the world to North America to properly introduce Qigong to the West.

Qigong Conferences have been occurring for the following purposes:

  • To broaden the influence of Qigong as a viable practice for enhancing health in everyday life and as an effective system for use in mainstream healthcare
  • To bring together people to determine policies, to pursue research on Qigong and to act as a springboard for raising funds for much needed scientific research
  • To inaugurate an international and national organizations to promote the benefits of Qigong, and its Masters of Excellence, worldwide and in the United States
  • To involve government as co-sponsorships
  • To declare annually a World Qigong Week and a World Qigong Day

Contact Information

We are currently seeking additional individual and corporate partners for the creation  of interstate chapters of the national association.  Please send background  information on yourself or your organization for consideration.

117 Topaz Way
San Francisco, CA. 94131
Tel: (415) 285-9400
Fax: (415) 647-5745

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