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Basic concepts of the Chow Integrated Healing System for maintaining balance of mind, body, spirit:

  •  Get at least eight hugs a day
  •  Get at least three Belly-Aching-Laughs-A-Day
  •  Maintain a positive mental attitude
  •  Maintain proper posture and breathe with the diaphragm
  •  Meditate daily
  •  Good nutrition, supplements, and perhaps herbs
  •  Practice the Chow Qigong exercises
  •  Be at peace with yourself and others
  •  Live the Qi energy concept
  •  Give and receive lots of love

The Chow Integrated Healing System (The Chow System) is a pragmatic system that combines modern Western health practices, ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Dr. Chow’s original concepts of a total integrated approach to health of the body, mind, and spirit. Qigong is the basic underlying component of The Chow System based on the classic Chinese theory that a powerful energy system exists in the body, and that energy (Qi) flows through known energy pathways. The pathways are referred to as channels, or meridians. The Qi system is as direct as the respiratory and nervous systems. If Qi patterns are disrupted by emotional distress, environmental exposures, or any number of factors, a person becomes susceptible to disease. When this disruption of energy is re-balanced, emotional and physical health is restored.

The Chow System integrates acupuncture and acupressure, physical and mental exercises (stretching, deep breathing and meditation, dance and aerobics, Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong), herbal medicine, massage and body work, visualization, positive thinking, touch therapy, counseling and other techniques. Dr. Chow, a former modeling instructor, Chinese chef and competitive dancer and recreational athlete, has also blended principles of posture, nutrition and movement into her healing system.

CHOW QIGONG is “functional Medicine”, the buzz word that many Western physicians are adopting.

The core concept is that chronic illness is an outcome of imbalances in the key underlying physiological systems in your body. When inflammation, blood sugar imbalance, insulin resistance, oxidative stress, hormonal problems, and systemic upset occur, the body spirals out of balance. This along with poor diet, lack of essential nutrients, emotional stress, environmental toxins, lack of exercise, and other lifestyle issues set the stage for chronic disease to develop.​

Functional medicine provides a method for re-balancing the body’s underlying physiological systems and addressing lifestyle issues that contribute to these illnesses. When this is done your biology’s inherent healing forces are unleashed and chronic illness is resolved naturally and quickly often without the need for costly pharmaceutical medications or invasive surgeries. In this way functional medicine offers a unique approach to understanding the terrain of chronic illness and provides us a whole new way to address the epidemic of chronic disease we face in the 21st century. CHOW QIGONG’s integrated approach, is on the cutting edge of functional medicine.

Investigative:  It treats symptoms by addressing underlying cause of the problem, which leads to more profound and longer lasting results.

Holistic: Treats the body as an interconnected whole, and recognizes the importance of these connections in health and disease.

Safe:  Treatments have mild or no side effects, and other unrelated complaints often improve spontaneously.

Patient Centered:   Treats the patient, not the disease. Treatments are highly individualized based on patient needs.

Participatory:  Patient is respected, empowered, educated and encouraged to play active role in healing process.

Complementary: Combines the best of both modern and traditional medicines and emphasizes importance of diet and lifestyle.

Preventative: Guided by the Hippocrates, the father of medicine’s, saying to “let food be thy medicine, and medicine thy food”.

Evidence Based: Based on the latest research from peer-reviewed medical journals, and uncorrupted by corporate and political interests

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