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Over the years, we’ve received dozens of letters with updates on how CHOW QIGONG has changed lives…



How Chow Qigong Changed My Life

My father passed away in 1997; and in 2000 I lost my mother after a trying battle with breast cancer. I was working full time at a demanding new job. I had three young children and I was traversing menopause. I managed the care giving of my mother during the last five months of her life – at the time of hospital reforms in Ottawa when the quality and continuity of health services were not at their best. After my mother’s death I arranged the funeral, closed up her apartment and settled her estate.

Therefore, it was not surprising that the combined action of the above stressor events led me to a state of physical and emotional exhaustion — a total depletion of my qi. I did not want to see anybody. I had no energy to do the basic tasks in the household. I just wanted to stay in bed. I wanted to get better and was searching for an alternative to prescription medications. I went back to my Chinese roots and found Qigong. In 2000, I started going to Chow Qigong classes at McNabb community centre and never looked back. My health improved as my qi started slowly being replenished. I got my health back and even reversed the aging process. Friends and acquaintances who had not seen me for some years asked me what I did to look younger. My answer was simple: Chow Qigong.

Qigong is a 5000 year old Chinese system that was developed to maintain health and to prevent disease at a time when there were few resources available other than natural processes. Chow Qigong was developed by Grand Master Dr. Effie Chow and is one of thousands of types of Qigong. The Chow Integrated Healing System combines modern Western health practices, ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine and Dr. Chow’s original concepts of an integrated approach to health of the body, mind and spirit. Chow Qigong exercises helps to maintain and improve flexibility and the balance of the body, at the same time lubricating all joints of the body.

I got many benefits by practicing Chow Qigong exercises over the last 9 years. Chow Qigong taught me to be positive and let my intuition guide me. I am close to 60 years old and still do not need bifocals; my bone density test showed that of 45 years old. I regularly cycle to work (25min.). Recently, I went to visit a friend and was able to trek 10km down a 600m high mountain. The five elements meditation developed by Dr. Chow provided me with mental and spiritual benefits. I was able to focus in my tasks and eventually went back to work. My presence has given positive qi to my family, friends and co-workers. I am now teaching Chow Qigong classes at McNabb Community Centre and helped to start the Ottawa Chow Qigong Association.

We have Chow Qigong classes on Tuesday mornings (9:15-10:45 am) and Wednesday evenings (6-7:30 pm) at McNabb Community Centre. Maybe you’ll come to join us for a first complimentary class and I will share my passion for Chow Qigong with you!

Dai, S.Y.
President, Ottawa Chow Qigong Association

Chow Qigong cured 30 years of pain

Having turned 60 years old last month, being the worst day of my life, wondering if I was destined to spend another 20-30 years in constant pain.

As far back as I can remember, age 5, I have had mental abuse, migraine headaches, allergic to anything smelly, asthma, daily hiccups, irritable bowel syndrome, sleepless nights and constant pain with no diagnosis ever having being made.

In 1995, my doctor actually threw my medical chart in the floor and screamed “I don’t know what the hell is wrong with you”. I walked out and found another doctor. At that point I was taking about 50 pills a day. I would try anything for relief. I spent countless hours reading medical journals until I found something that read like my symptoms and I took the article to show my doctor. He was stunned and said “we never discussed your sleep pattern. I was then referred to a neurologist, who spent 3 hours examining every inch of my body, I was screaming in pain and by the time I got home, I had a sick migraine— but the good news— I was finally diagnosed with something that had a name: “fibromyalgia”. All my symptoms were related to it. I had found my problem—now for the cure.

There is none—very few physicians actually believe it exists. Many think it is in “you head”. The neurologist worked with me about a year before he left the islands….

Forcing myself to get up each morning. determined that this condition was not going to put me in a wheelchair like my neuro said it would. Sometimes, my husband would have to help pull me up. Help me get dressed. I couldn’t do anything, sit, stand, work, teach, sleep without feeling pain, and utter fatigue.

I have tried everything over the last 50 years….(medicine, Auyerveda, movement, exercise, herbs, water therapy, and many, many more….)

Sept 2008, I fell and broke my shoulder – it has been almost 9 months in constant pain—fortunately, the shoulder hurt so bad that I forgot about the rest of my body. I did not have to have surgery but the cure, once again, was to move. The fractures have healed nicely, but the muscle, tendons, ligaments that were torn are long time in healing, causing me to lose the range of motion.

About a month ago, my husband was at his Rotary meeting and the guest speaker was Dr. Effie Chow, she introduced him to the Qigong healing system and immediately he thought it might help me. That evening I started reading the book and watching the video. I used the White Flower fragrance constantly—I found some relief in my breathing.

Two weeks ago, I had a medical coding conference in Las Vegas—I have never been able to tolerate Vegas, because of smoking. After about an hour in the hotel, I was loosing my voice, having difficulty breathing and was unable to have fun with my friends. I went to my room, put the fragrance under my nose and started trying the exercises in the book – The hotel didn’t have a DVD player so I tried to follow the directions in the book.

I began to notice a difference in my ability to get up in the mornings. I didn’t get sleepy during the 8 hours of long tedious lectures. I was actually sleeping thru the nights without tossing and turning. I was able to dance til the early morning hours with my friends.

When I came home last Friday, I began diligently doing the exercise routine along with Dr. Chow at the end of the video. I saw my orthopedic doctor on Tuesday, May 14 and he measured my range of motion and said I was much improved since our last visit but to “keep stretching”. (I did not tell him about Chow Qigong)

Today is Friday, May 17 and I have been doing the (Chow Qigong) exercises 2-3 times a day. I can honestly say “today was the best day I have ever had”. I can get up without pushing myself with my arms, I can walk up a flight of stairs without holding and pulling myself up and being out of breath. The pain in my shoulder is gone and my back and hip pain is barely noticeable. I could walk today without limping. I actually ran up a flight of stairs tonight without getting breathless.

I felt so good this afternoon, I wanted to tell Dr. Chow- and I sent her an email. Within an hour, she called me. I was so thrilled. I wanted desperately to go to the meeting she invited me to but my husband had made plans for us.

It’s midnight and I have an 8 hour medical coding class to teach and I’ll be ready for it—the students will think they have a new teacher. I can’t wait to see their reaction. I usually have to sit- rarely could I walk to the board to write examples for them. Tomorrow, I am going to be all over them – no sloughing for them or for me. What a relief—Qigong is my answer to freedom of pain and flexibility.

Mahalo nui loa

Essie White
Honolulu HI

April 24, 2009 further progress……(The students were very surprised at the Saturday program, I was a different person!) Qigong 2x/day – you were right, Sunday was certainly a “trial” day for me– I made it thru and have had another great week. I’ll see Metro Rotarians tonight- I’ll see what I can do – thanks for all your support and the group- they were wonderful. See you May 22.

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