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EWAHA students have continued their practice and training with miraculous results. Here are a few of their personal testimonials:


“Studied effects of working with energy through acupuncture & saw wonderful results that allowed people to be free of excessive medication & the need of frequent medical testing began to incorporate herbs into my practice & noticed even more powerful results.

I learned some very basic Chinese massage philosophies & techniques I very much liked the fact that in TCM people are encouraged to take responsibility for their physical situation & not only taught about but given tools to control the whole health status.

One of my teachers spoke of the power of Qigong. Of using energy to heal, I made opportunity to see him heal with it and he suggested I may have some capacity. Since everyone has their own energy and can be taught to cultivate it and develop sensitivity to it, I felt it was the strongest basis to build a medical practice on.

After working in the medical field for 20 yrs. I witnessed the positive effects on mental health and speed of recovery when clients are given the opportunity to be part of the team. In this way, treatment doesn’t happen to them they influence the treatment. This avenue held tremendous potential.

When I began to study Chow Qigong I expected it to make me a better practitioner. I became a better person. I began to develop greater sensitivity and observation of subtleties within myself and by developing a focus there I had a great impact on those around me and those I treated.

I use Chow Qigong as part of my practice, some times exclusively depending on the condition presenting!

I have treated clients with carpal tunnel who are now pain free, severe and frequent nausea and vomiting with migraine headache after being taught to breath properly, do some exercise, receive treatment over 8 week period. She has gained weight and no migraines and only occasional vomiting.

Diabetic client with neuropathy, experience foot comfort and tactile sensitivity for first time in many years. A single treatment was able to reduce a blood glucose level of 18 to 4.2 without negative reactions.

An ultrasound October 15 showed intestinal lump. After 5 treatments @ 1 per week, medical procedure November 21 was not able to find any sign of the lump.”

Carol Ann Koch (from Waterloo, Ontario)

Carol Ann Koch:  Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology Registered Community Care Nurse with specialization in the fields of wound & astomy care (ET Now). Received Diploma of Acupuncture in 2000 and received training in Traditional Chinese Medicine in Toronto, Canada. Member of the Ontario Association of Acupuncture and T.C.M.

Started Chow Qigong Classes

“I still have the weekly classes on the go, Every tuesday and thursday night I have it. The group loves the classes and we are seeing alot of results.

There is one girl that took a stroke four years ago. The doctors said that she would never walk again. She lost all use of her legs and arms. In the last four years she came a long ways, Now that she is doing the Chow Qigong classes, her therapist now is amazed by her improvement with her legs and arms.

In the last two months of practice she now can raise her arm over her head, she could not do this before she came to our classes!”

Troy Bennett (from Stephenville, Newfoundland, Canada) – 2002

“I have some interesting news to share with you. The other night my wife was complaining of a sore lower leg. She asked me to do my stuff on it, (Tui Na Ah Moh). She said her calf was sore but for some reason I decided to start up higher on the back if her thigh. As I was working my way down, I distinctly felt a spot, maybe a blockage, in her upper leg which she verified right away but didn’t even know it until I found it. I continued down and found another one in her calf. She said it was the exact spot that was bothering her. She hadn’t told me previous to this where it was sore. I could definitley feel a difference in the muscle tissue , it was very clear to me. This is the first time I was able to find a spot like that.

It was very exciting for me and I wanted to share that with you. Also lately I have been remembering some of your teachings from the 100 hour classes as well as when you visited Thunder Bay and some of the things you were trying to explain I am just really getting what you were trying to say, not just the words but the meaning. I wanted you to know that as well. You are still with me.”

Gary Savitsky (from Thunderbay, Ontario, Canada) – 2002

“I had a interesting experience relevant to acupressure about one week after the Workshop ended. For two days I was experiencing GI distress, which manifested in intermittent hiccupping bouts lasting 30-60 minutes each. These were very uncomfortable and frustrating because every means I used to stop the hiccups failed. In the evening of the second day of this distress I suddenly remembered that Dr. Chow had mentioned that stimulating Stomach36 (p. 109) could be helpful in the relief of hiccups. I stimulated the point for about 30 seconds and the hiccups disappeared and never came back!

As we ended our two days together, once again, in a circle, Dr. Chow asked us what we would take with us from the Workshop. When my opportunity arrived I said, “I have been reminded that it is possible to hope rather than be hopeless. It is possible to be healthy rather than resigned to diminishing health and capabilities.”

What this means to me is that with effort and consistent practice the embers of hope can be fanned into flames of possibility, health and well being. So, though the Workshop has ended, the Work is just beginning.”

David (from S.F)
Oct. 2001

Everything I learned from the Qigong workshop has shaped a new understanding and a new appreciation of the power of the body both to heal and to be healed. This healing power is a gift from a universal god that can be cultivated through practices such as the ancient Qigong. To understand Qigong, in a meaningful way, I believe it is important to understand it in the context of the underlying philosophy of Daoism, the governing theory of Yin and Yang, and the practices of TCM. The workshop and readings have provided an initiation of this understanding . Also, the idea that Qigong must be learning, experientially, was strongly reinforced in the workshop and the opportunity to learn in this way was richly rewarding. It is an experience I will carry with me through life and one from which I can draw inspiration as I explore new possibilities in the practice of health education.

As a new and improved health care system must inevitably evolve, in this society, I am hopeful that the wisdom of ancient health practices, such as Qigong, will be recognized the applied in a way that will enhance the health of all people, as well as the health of our natural environment.”

Mary (from S.F.)

“I am a specialist Anesthesiologist having practiced in the Kitchener -Waterloo region for over 30 years, and have regularly complemented my western medical training with Qigong, an innocuous yet most effective “antidote” to the benefit of all my patients. I wholeheartedly endorse Qigong as the basis for all therapeutic endeavours. Qigong is truly the foundation of all health care. It should therefore be integrated into our present modern western medicine. Qigong is the life-force and bio-energy of our very existence”.

Dr Frank Y.C. Loy (from Waterloo)
October 8/01

“I have studied a few martial arts and have been interested in the mental aspects of the arts. I saw an add in our local paper advertising a 100 hour Intensive Chow Qigong course taught by Grandmaster Dr. Effie Chow. Anyone who has studied any martial arts knows when you have a chance to work with a Master you never say no, you will only meet a few masters in your lifetime if you are lucky. I thought it would be great opportunity to learn some gentle and healing martial arts and broaden my knowledge of meditation.

What I have since learned is that Chow Qigong is truly for the mind, body, spirit, and whole self. Dr. Chow has taught me new aspects about the mind. How simple phrases like “I feel OK” or “no problem” negatively affect your energy and well being, and how positive statements like “I feel good” or “I enjoy helping you” improve your energy level. I would say the most important thing I have learned about the mind, is stress management on the job. I began a noon hour meditation after the second weekend of our course. What I noticed is how stressed out people in the workplace appear after you have calmed and center yourself through meditation. The other people running around, no focused, and obviously stressed. You just ask yourself why you did that for so many years.

The benefits to the body are many, the exercises look easy to onlookers . Although they are easy to learn, they do give you a lot of conditioning both of the heart and flexibility of your whole body. The Chow Tracking System has taught me how to deal with many common aches, pains, and ailments by applying pressure to various meridian locations throughout the body. With this knowledge I have helped my family members with athletic injuries to cold and flu recovery.

On the spirit side, when you meditate in a group and share feelings and thoughts afterwards, it evokes deep emotional feelings and thoughts. I have come to realize that I haven’t completely grieved the death of my mother who passed away 16 years ago.

One of the best things Chow Qigong has done for me is introduce me to a group of people who are now like family, we have a special group of people in Kitchener, Waterloo, who are full of love and kindness and I know I can count on them for anything.”

Thank You Dr. Chow

Todd Ronald
Cambridge Ontario Canada
42 years old
Married with 2 teenage children
Self employed as an Automation Machinery Specialty.

Doris Hammond:

She works in the Information Technology area for a large corporation in the life insurance industry. She became interested in Qigong because she had been searching for ways to balance her work and personal time and the many responsibilities in her life. She is a believer of alternative medicine and living a healthier lifestyle and always looks to improve where needed.

My name is Doris Hammond.

Presently, I am working at Manulife Financial in the Information Technology area. As my company is going through building renovations, 2000 people are relying on me on the coordination of their moves to temporary and then final offices. This means my working with our Real Estate leads, senior management in the different technical areas, I need to know all individuals needs, be it equipment, office size, what is it each does and who needs to be with who. I initially volunteered for this project and it is in addition to my office assistant position.

I deal with many deadlines and each individual’s present project to be in sync with my plans. I spend most of my days in front of a computer or looking at designer floor plans, meaning I ma mostly sitting in front of a desk.

With that, I always have a lot of tension in my neck, as some days the stress is high as a zillion different tasks cross my desk. To relief this tension, I book myself into weekly massages.

In my personal life, I have gone through a divorce a few years ago, then returning back to work after raising my two sons full-time from home and then facing to be a single Mom – all this anxiety has added to some days sky-high stress as weight on my shoulders. Since then I am in constant search of solitude, peace within and I like to find that instantly.

The first time I heard of Qigong was while I received a massage at 5 o’clock on a Friday, which happened to be a Friday where Dr. Chow had been in town for another public presentation and leading into one of her intense training weekends.

I was drawn to Dr. Chow’s every word and attended the whole weekend . I am still drawn to Dr. Chow’s every word; I’m a sponge to know more. I am overwhelmed with the knowing that I can help others help themselves. My own life has changed much, I use the breathing technique, I know how to relief my neck tension, I meditate to relax my mind, I use the pressure points to relief my sons from nausea, headache and I teach them to do this themselves. I am motivated to promote Qigong on-goingly, offer massages, I eat better, I feel awesome, and have better posture. Chow Qigong gives me more stamina, physical flexibility, it strengthens the immune system and slows the aging process.

I have been on a searching journey for a number of years now and have taken many workshops and courses. Incorporating Qigong into my lifestyle is wonderfully overwhelming, awesome and one of the best things that ever fell into my life. I want to learn more and all and will spread the love I found for Qigong.

Doris Hammond (from Waterloo/Kitchener)


“I am 53 years old, and since the age of 18, have worked with many teachers and healers. Many. In my personal quest for healing, I have worked with all manner of practitioners—many of them quite brilliant and effective. In my experience, Dr. Effie Poy Yew Chow stands above them all.

Dr. Chow is a grandmaster in the ancient Chinese healing art and science of Qigong. “Qi” can be understood as the universal energy or vital life-force that pervades all of nature, and which is most directly available to us via the breath. “Gong” refers to discipline, skill, or work. So Qigong is the discipline, or skillful use, of the breath and the vital energy of life.

Dr. Chow is, by all standards that could be applied, among the greatest Qigong masters alive today. Her credentials read like an encyclopedia. The depth and breadth of her experience could fill many volumes. She has personally addressed over 500,000 people in her work, spanning more than 40 years.

Her background is impressive enough—but the real magic of Dr. Chow is the effect she has on others.

In Dr. Chow’s presence, I feel uplifted. No matter what may be my physical, emotional, or mental state when I arrive, I quickly come to feel better—much better. With a sense of happiness and overall well-being that is typically uncharacteristic of me. Did I mention that this is merely as a result of coming into the room with her?

Dr. Chow has dedicated her life to the mastery of Qi, and to using it in loving service to others and the world. She is a miracle worker.

I had the privilege of being present when Dr. Chow was working with one of her students, who had suffered a severe whiplash from an auto accident the night before. In less than a half hour, this young woman was well on her way to recovery. She was largely pain-free, and her range of motion was greatly restored. Dr. Chow accomplished in these few minutes what would have taken months in conventional physical therapy. And there is no guarantee that physical therapy would have been so successful, regardless of how long the course.

Another co-student, Ciaran Mercier, age 66, was diagnosed at age 14 with a severe scoliosis (spinal curvature). The scoliosis has seriously limited the function of one of his lungs, and has otherwise contributed to structural abnormality. Since the age of 30, Ciaran’s primary healing modality has been chiropractic, which has helped him remain relatively pain-free, but has never corrected what has been a gradually deteriorating condition over the years to its present critical state. He has also tried nearly a dozen other medical and alternative approaches to healing, with limited degrees of success.

In 15 minutes of working with Dr. Chow in class, Ciaran’s posture and gait vastly improved, his voice became more full and resonant, and his breathing capacity was maximized. Ciaran said that this was a miracle; that conventional medical science would not have believed it. And he writes, “What I felt, for the first time, was that my bodily liabilities could be dramatically relieved if I practice Chow Qigong intensively. I also no longer feel like I am ‘handicapped.’ The Precious Eight routine (a set of qigong exercises specifically created by Dr. Chow) plus the posture and diaphragm breathing have helped me to the degree that I have passed and left behind many of my friends with compromised health and diminished energy. The difference is dramatic.”

I myself have suffered from intermittent lower back pain for much of my life. Five weeks ago, Dr. Chow spent perhaps 20 minutes working with me in class, and the pain has not returned. Years of chiropractic and other care were not able to produce what Dr. Chow accomplished in one brief session.

Just as important as physical healing is emotional healing—the healing of the heart. Dr. Chow is an immensely positive individual. But her demeanor is not born of affectation, or idealism. Rather, her profound knowledge of and sensitivity to the universal life-force—how it moves and acts upon one’s own body, other beings, the environment, and the world—is the foundation of her life as a very powerful healing presence. She teaches that others can be restored to a sense of wholeness just by coming into the company of one who is living consciously in relationship to Qi, without that one saying so much as a word. As I’ve mentioned, this is true of Dr. Chow.

But Dr. Chow also has a grand sense of humor, and a most infectious laugh. I’ve found that, since I became a student of Dr. Chow, I’m smiling more.

Dr. Chow teaches of the inherent interrelatedness of all beings and things, seen and unseen. But the potency of her own internally developed Qi, and of the Qi that she transmits to others, is such that, in her presence, this unity becomes more obvious. My own confession is that Dr. Chow is helping me to more fully notice and live in the reality that I, and everyone, and everything, exist in a field of limitless energy, surrounded and permeated by it; and that this energy, the universal Qi, has great power, and can be used, channeled, for the sake of healing, and love.

I am grateful to Dr. Effie Chow for the loving care and consideration with which she treats all of her students and clients; the joy she brings, the hope she restores, the dreams she empowers others to realize.”

Bruce Herzbach
Loch Lomond, California
December, 2009

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