Self Healing with Chow Qigong System

When unable to see Dr. Chow personally, clients have benefited from the use of the CHOW QIGONG system (book, DVDs, and meditation CD).

Those who healed themselves and helped others using Dr. Chow’s book, DVDs, and audio tapes as their only resource, with focus and dedication following the detailed instruction on how to re-balance the mind, body, spirit.

Written by Charles McGee MD with Qigong Grandmaster Effie Poy Yew Chow PhD, RN, Dipl.Ac. (NCCAOM), “Miracle Healing From China – Qigong” presents a wonderful overview of Qigong, an introduction to the work of several Chinese Masters, and an illustrated, detailed step-by-step instruction of the Chow Qigong Integrated Healing System.

Dr. Chow’s book “Miracle Healing From China – Qigong” is available on Amazon or from our website under “store”.


Letter #1
Dear Dr. Effie Chow,

I am writing you from a correctional facility. I am a twenty five year old man of Native American and Irish decent. I was born March 1st, 1976. I came from a dysfunctional family. I have struggled with bouts of depression and anger. As well as alcoholism and obesity. I come from a large family of Native Chiefs and Medicine Men and women. I was raised as a very spiritual person. I found that when I wandered from my spiritual path my life would soon become unmanageable. I soon developed an interest in Chinese culture when I read a book on Taoism. The Tao resembled such a striking comparison to Native American teaching that it has sparked an interest in furthering my knowledge.

My mother gave me the book “Miracle Healing From China” as a gift. I read the whole book the day I got it. This was exactly what I needed. Absolutely incredible. I truly have gained much insight into myself.

The information provided in your book was what I had been looking for to help me make a transition into a more positive lifestyle. I have studied other methods of Qigong out of magazines before, but nothing like the Chow System. Your system is truly a blessing to me. I am keeping a journal on my progress. I also spread the “gospel” about your system to other inmates. It has actually helped some of the problemed inmates become “model” inmates.

My practice with Chow Qigong on a dialy basis has heeded amazing results. Since starting the program on 9-10-01 My life has taken an abrupt turn into the right direction. I am happier than I have ever felt, even under my present circumstances. My emotions are good and I feel positive. My acne has cleared on my face and I have lost 10lbs. My eye sight has improved, as well as flexability. Aches and pains have diminished significantly and my energy has skyrocketed.

It feels so good when I do the exercises. I am very perceptive to the feeling they produce. The only way to explain it is awesome. The most amazing thing that has happened I must share with you. I have always wanted to study Gong-fu in China and ‘Alternative’ Healing. I often ask the Creator during my prayer and meditation to point me in the best direction. The Correctional Facility I’m at till 6-20-02 has recently started a school program. The teachers name is Mr. Chan. He is a second generation Chinese born in Maylaysia. Upon getting to know each other we discussed my interest in Chinese Arts and Traditional Medicine. He then offered teach me how to speak Chinese, and possibly learn to reach and write it. I was filled with extreme excitement and accepted the offer.

Apon finishing an essay for Mr. Chan entitled “The Creators Devine Science Begets Religion” he was absolutely amazed at my deep seated interest in TCM, and Chinese Arts. Mr. Chan then offered to take me to Asia in August 2002 or 2003 when he planned to visit his family their. And said he could help me find work and the opportunity to study Gong-fu, Qigong, and aspects of TCM. I could not thank him enough. Most importantly I cannot thank the Creator enough for giving me such an opportunity. The way everything fell in place I believe is just more than a coincidence.

Doctor Chow your program has changed my life tremendously. I would love the opportunity to go to San Francisco to take your classes.

Please send me all of the information possible about the study of this system. Class description and cost, and other pertainant info.

Thank You for Everything,

Yours Truly,

Chad (from Michigan)

Letter #2

Dr. Chow – You asked if I would jot down my story for your files. I am delighted to do so, but let me just preface the notes saying it was such a pleasure to meet you after all these years of practicing your Chow System, recommending your book to many people and giving it to numerous others. I am a true disciple, grateful for your book, your carefully integrated Qigong system, your wisdom and your extraordinarily positive, high-energy approach to life.

I was diagnosed with acute lymphoblostic leuhemia, severe blood clots and a pulmonary embolism along with eosinophiliac pnemonia. The prognosis was grim; I was told that without treatment I had 1-2 months to live. That was January 1995. I began an intensive 3 month chemotherapy and cranial radiation program using 5 different drugs. The protocol called for 2 years of ongoing chemo – a lot of chemical were pumped through my veins. I took a positive approach to the poisons, visualizing them as a sunshine burning away the cancer cells. Still the drugs took their toll; I lost 25 pounds, and became extremely weak. The drug preducsone, ate away at my bones and left me with significant osteoporosis.

I used visualization extensively, seeing the good clean cells dancing and multiplying to the music of Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos. I also mediated beside quiet streams where the water rippled over the rocks and stones and imaged those who cared for me, gathered in a circle around me holding lighted candles, praying and stepping up to me one by one to give me a hug. I journaled daily as well, about the many ways I was touched by love… from the hand-made cards of the kids from Sunday school classes to the numerous meals that were delivered to our home by friends. There were so many kindnesses that gave me healing energy.

As soon as I was discharged from the hospital, I resumed treatments with a physiotherapist who said she was doing Qigong and had taken some introductory classes with you, Dr. Chow. She recommended your book and your Chow system. So 5 months after the ‘death or treatment’ ultimatum, I began studying and learning one exercise at a time. Within a few months, I was practicing up to an hour a day and beginning to experience the incredible benefits:

– My legs, one affected neurologically by the drug renicrestine, and the other wheel had been affected by severe blood clots, pain and swelling, began to gain strength. When I first began walking outside, I went one house down the street and back, then 2 houses and so on. Now I’m walking an hour and ½ a day.

– Also, I felt a new sense of well-being; then a now I am taking an active role in maintaining the remission and wellness. To this day I am convinced that Qigong has helped keep my immune system strong, functioning at optimum levels and the energy channels open and free of blockages.

– Another benefit has been exactly what Qi is all about – that life force/energy, has increased dramatically. The first summer after the hospitalization I had to be in my garden planting, but that happened only with lots of help. I would dig a hole for the little seedling and my husband pretty well did the rest, including helping me up off the ground. This past summer I have worked 3-5 hours at a stretch in the garden, then fixed supper! Some days my Qigong happens late at night (i.e. 12:00). But the amazing thing is that by 1:00am I’m feeling refreshed and energized and sleep very well.

I have been sharing the good news about Chow Qigong for several years and now there is a group of people who are buying Miracle Healing From china: Qigong and will come together with me to learn the system and reap the benefits in their own livings and bodies.

Thank you, Dr. Chow for all this and more.

With appreciation and love,

Pat Falk (Waterloo, ON, Canada)

Letter #3

My first response to Chow Qigong System

I was very touched by the meditation tape. First I did the first 3 states of meditation. It was very easy for me to follow the instructions. I felt immediately relaxed, comfortably and connected. The voice and way of talking to Dr. Chow supported this feeling. I became aware of the strength and importance of energy, for our daily life, for ourselves and the others, the family, community and universe. I still keep some of the phrases in my mind, because they were so simple and beautiful, that we often forget them… Then I focused my attention of that part of my body that causes some pain once in a while. I practiced that guided visualization, sent the old, blocked energy out of that part of the body into the atmosphere. It looked like a twister. Then I took some deep breaths and directed fresh, flowing Qi to that part. It was moving in a circle and then it was moving (or I was moving it) in a big circle through the entire body. It was like a thick yellow-golden fluid with pink circles or bullets in it. The colors and movement reminded me of beautiful paintings of the last century. Because I felt so relaxed I continued the meditation with state 4 and 5. I wanted to send some good energy to a friend of mine. But then, when Dr. Chow said, there might come another person in mind that needs help more than any other it occurred to me exactly as she said. That friend that came into my mind then was the one that onced introduced me into the world of spirituality and meditation. Suddenly I felt sadness and had to cry. I had the feeling right now she needs some support on her way. She is such a great person with a big heart and lots of love for the world. So I scanned her, every detail of her lovely body (in that moment I realized how much I miss her – back in Germany) that helps so many others and visualized an expanding shining red heart into her body.

After that Dr. Chow guided me once more through the 5 elements to restore my energy. After finishing the meditation I felt relaxed and relieved. And I felt vulnerable and sensitive. At the thought of my friend and while I was telling Dr. Chow my experiences I had to cry again. Often in my life I had to wish to help others, friends, but never really knew, how, except giving “good advice”, which is not always a good help. May be this is a new way.

I also enjoyed watching the video tapes. While watching I felt immediately motivated to practice the exercises. it was very interesting to learn about the different pressure points and meridian pathways. The big advantage of the system is, that everybody can practice it easily (the tape proves it) and see results.

It’s all writtenin the book that I haven’t had the opportunity to read jet. I’m looking forward to reading it and I’d like to learn more about the Chow Qigong System.

Thank you!

Grit Burmeister


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