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Columbia, Missouri
Apple Valley, Minnesota
San Jose, California
Minneapolis, Minnesota
University of California at San Francisco, California
Rome, Italy
Soldotna, Alaska
Quotes from Attendees

Columbia, Missouri, May 4 to 6, 2012

Many “miracle-like outcomes this weekend. Ringing in the ears of 30 years relieved within 10 minutes of CMQ demonstration. Eye problems, frozen shoulders, numbers who wore glasses for years, within 15 minutes of special CMQ eyes energy exercises could read without their glasses.

A Reiki/massage/Tai Chi practitioner in Columbia Missouri after attending only this one weekend Chow Medical Program program one month ago (now signed up for the level 1 CMQ) the very next day that she returned to her practice, she excitedly called me that she was able to relieve three frozen shoulders, two severe knee pains, and relieve one ringing in the ears within 5 to 10 minutes time of working with each of them! These are long-term clients of hers and she had not known how to help them with these problems. She has an increased number of students and clients now and continuing to increase! She herself had gained a lot for her own health and stamina.

Apple Valley, Minnnesota Jan to April , 2012

Level 1 Intensive Chow Medical Qigong Training Program
Sponsored by Mayor Mary Hamann-Roland

A spot of good news from the Apple Valley Level One program….our lady Katie with Cerebral Palsy from birth injury confined in the wheelchair all her 30 years of life. After three sessions of Chow Medical Qigong personal consultation, in March (third class of our level 1) she could stand for 20 minutes and walked for the first time 300 ft. with little assistance, she was able to for the first time in her life get down from the wheelchair and back up all by herself….whereas her dear husband had always carried her to the floor, to bed, to the bathroom, to another positioning……etc…!!!!
There were many tears with laughter and joy! In the first month she spoke and wrote more clearly.

Many people with ringing in the ears for as long as 40 years were totally relieved!
Some who had worn glasses for many years are now able to read without glasses!
Severe edema of the legs no longer have swelling….and so on and so on!

San Jose, CA. Nov 18 – 20 2011

We had a super program this weekend in San Jose. From all verbal reports in our feedback rounds daily, everyone expressed benefits, such as: feel more relaxed; most was more relaxed across shoulders and back; can focus and concentrate better; my 10 year pain and “frozen” shoulder are gone after Chow Medical Qigong (CMQ) brushing; my emotional distraught over my separation from my spouse is relieved I feel more calm and have a better perspective; my neck and back pain of over 25 years were eliminated after 5-10 minutes of CQ “brushing”; my back pain of two years is totally improved after 8 minutes of Chow Medical Qigong and I can walk freely; I was feeling out of balance for a few weeks and now I feel balanced and grounded again; I can deal with the pressures of my exams in my last year of study and graduation better!; my fuzziness in eyesight is now clear and brighter after the two point CMQ; “bilateral frozen shoulder” with clicking and pain for over two years is 90% improved with the energy testing exercise; haven’t slept for months and the last two nights, slept through for the first time; In the Saturday morning CQ meditation, at first only 4 people of the 20 could sit in a double lotus position and suddenly 8 others one by one exclaimed “Me Too — I can do it for the first time in my life!” there were so much joy and laughter!; Because they were enjoying the session so much, some invited their family members for Sunday because they thought they could benefit also.

A young 11 year old girl (a first-time exposure to Qigong energy) was a vital brilliant participant who said she “loved” it…so much fun and laughter and loved feeling “the Qi-ball in my hands” which she constantly practiced and had so many great wise questions! more than the adults; there were numbers of emotional reliefs with lots of tears; A Vietnem veteran with PTSD, (alcohol abuse?) depression, and frozen shoulders with back pain found joy and laughter and pain was relieved with full range of motion of both arms; a majority of the attendees had relief of their shoulder tensions – feeling relaxed and loose and less stressed; A back pain of two years totally relieved.

Because of their excitement and interest, a few will be attending the San Francisco weekend program on Dec. 2-4 as well. Also the group would like Five Branches University to organize a Level 1 Intensive Chow Medical Qigong Healing and Training program at the earliest possible time.

Minneapolis, Minnesota: November 4-6 2011

It was a spectacular experience for the presenter and the audience! Superbly organized by loving Mary Zelmer and her brilliant team mostly from Qigong Connection with heartfelt co-sponsors. Many miracles were witnessed.

When asked who felt relief of pain, felt more relaxed and loose of shoulders, neck, back, etc., 3/4 of the 200 attendees raised their arms! Also many had psychological-emotional-stress release.

Saturday morning meditation there were about one-fourth of the whole group of 200 plus people who got into FULL Lotus for the FIRST time….many of them said it was because of the Chow Qigong exercises especially the knee rotations exercise, and others added that the laughter loosened them up….Both of which is very true….

University of California at San Francisco, CA. September – October – November, 2011

These are the words of Diana Lau, PhD, RN, Director of the Asian Health Institute: About 100 participants flooded the Herbst Auditorium and enjoyed both Dr. Effie Chow’s expert talk and demonstrations in the interactive Qigong class this past Tuesday. Participants have always enjoyed our classes, but the enthusiasms generated by the magical moments in this class were unprecedented in my experience!
September 25, 2011 (4:30pm to 6pm only). We had a GREAT program at University of California in San Francisco (UCSF) Mt Zion Campus, Asian Health Institute — auditorium had full house about 100 people. Chow Qigong studentswho came and participated..thanks!..were Karoline Buchner from Germany, Ann Colichidas, Carolyn Bass, Matt Nielson.
Demonstrated Qi-healing on two volunteers: 1) lady with right middle trigger finger three months. Clicking, painful, and swollen joint, could bend finger only half way. Cortisone shots did not help, immediate surgery was recommended by physician. One minute with Chow Qigong totally resolved clicking, swelling, pain and could easily bend middle finger along with other fingers on right hand. 2) Nurse in urology. Painful right shoulder with very restricted movement for three days increasingly painful. Found the self-brushing which was just taught in the class helped about 40%. Chow Qigong applied by Dr. Chow totally relieved the pain, increased flexibility and movement. In fact, this arm was moving better that the good left arm. Had a 15% greater mobility to the back! Chow Qigong applied to the left arm and it balanced with the right arm in movement and sensitivity.
Two students gave testimonies: Ann coming in primarily for her back, found Chow Qigong dealing with her whole life instead: changed an estranged 30 year anger no contact relationship with father who now thinks she is the “best” daughter, mother relationship “overly needy”, she is in the beautiful life care Heritage for the rest of her life with total health and medical care whether she is able to pay or not. Husband after 10 years Hepatitis C, (expected to die early) two courses of Interferon with decreasing effect, now with Chow Qigong is 3 years viral load free! 2) Carolyn’s mother a former nurse suffered a stroke 9 years ago was totally bedriddened, could not speak, with right sided paralysis and severe pain, prognosis was hopeless, nothing more could be done, and she would soon die. Chow Qigong totally relieved pain in 2 sessions, with subsequent Chow Medical Qigong therapy, she has gained movement of right side, speaking words with short sentences, got her up in easy-stand, and in motorized wheelchair and she is able to wheel herself around
Carried out numbers of energy exercises such as testing energy for affect of touch, and thought. SF Parking Commissioner Steven Li was a very good sport in volunteering for this exercise. Two Chow Qigong exercises (heavenly stretch and total hip rotation) and then they were taught to feel and sense energy with their “lao-goong” point in their hands (everyone could feel something!) and brush pain away, then ended the session with the Chow Qigong signature prescription of a least 8 hugs and 3 belly-aching laughs a day and everyone was in uproarious laughter completing the program!

We finished teaching about 90 students at the UCSF Chow Qigong class at three campus. It was for 1 hour once a week for five weeks only.

Most of them enjoyed some benefits as reported in our news and good circle each time. People reported benefits such as: my pain has diminished or totally relieved; I am more positive; my positive attitude has helped me deal with my work pressures better and be more effective; my shoulder aches are gone; deep and proper breathing has helped relieve my stress; I can move my arms better; I can sleep better; My breath has helped me relax; I feel more harmonious and can tolerate people and situations better, my skin rash does not itch any more; I am more limber; I have more energy; I have more stamina; I can eat better and my stomach does not bother me; I am less stressed; I cried everytime I meditated and since the fourth session I did not cry any more and after not sleeping for six months, I have good nights’ sleep now; and many, many more. These are all important to everyday wellness. I want to share one specific case in her own words:

Dear Dr. Chow:

I was in the qigong class held at (UCSF). I had a very positive and enlightening experience with your class.

I was newly diagnosed with glaucoma and have had some issue with the growing cataract of my right eye. Before I started the qigong class, I went through many tests and different doctors. And cataract surgery seemed to be the only option to resore my vision.

At one of the class, you mentioned that when you were in a conference in Rome. You help a lady whom has had very poor vision for over 50 years, she has not be able see her daughter clearly in her life, with your help, she was able to see her daughter clearly for the first time in her life! That almost brought me to tears to hear that. After class, I asked you to show me what I can do to alleviate my symptoms. And you have shown me some exercises. I have been doing the exercises everyday at home. Miraculously, I began to see more clearly after two days of exercise (three times/day). In the first week, the clarity lasted about half an hour. By the second week, I can watch TV for an hour and my vision remained to be clear. Yesterday, I had an appointment with my eye doctor, I really believed that I am seeing better and surgery can be delayed and eventually avoided. I was speechless when the doctor said that my eye was not as bad that we can delay any interventions until indicated later on! Dr. Chow, I was so happy and much gratefuly for your help. For I thought that I will go blind soon.

I would like to have more informations for your upcoming training class in S.F. in December 2 to 4. My husband and I will be attending the Fri. evening classes also. I may be able to bring my sister along too. Looking forward to see you, and be able to learn more about the Chow Method qigong.

(At the end of the last class a few other students were asking me about the eye exercises and I reviewed for them what I learned from you and surprisingly one of the student (C) exclaimed that she could see more clearly! I was thrilled that it was so easy to teach it and get results.)

Sincerely, L. C.

Everyone can learn how to heal like this. Chow Qigong is spreading rapidly and it is a good expansion of your present career or a new lucrative career for you if you are diligent in your practice. It is very beneficial for those who are suffering from conditions that have not been helped by medical or other means. Learn to heal yourself and help others.

Rome, Italy. October 15-16 2011

I returned from Rome, Italy keynoting the Second Italian Conference on Qigong organized by Marissa Vocca …. was great, the conference was fun and well organized.

At the conference of over 100 people, five volunteers came on stage at the same time with various aches and pains and other problems with varying time spans from months to years: scoliosis of back with back pain, hip pain, trigger right middle finger locked tight when bent, right buttock pain at area of Bl 30, constant “hot fiery tongue”. Within two minutes of Chow Medical Qigong demonstration on each, all were totally relieved. The scoliosis in the two minutes improved 50%! The fiery tongue became cold like snow! Advice to all is to practice Qigong in daily living to maintain benefits..

I had a number of clients, but this is one special case I want to elaborate on here to share with you: I treated an 84 year lady with eyesight that could only see a blurr for 60 years. Retinal detachment, then macular degeneration. Many doctors have reported hopeless prognosis. After one Chow Qigong treatment, she could see clearly the paintings on the wall and my face and her daughter’s face clearly for the first time in her life! It had all been a grey blurr before! She reported that everytime I worked with her eyes, she could see shooting sparkling lights like fireworks, but not when her daughter worked with her eyes. (I was teaching her daughter to work on her). It was thrilling. She also had severe scoliosis from childhood, so she was humped over with head down and looked very sad, walking with a cane and shuffling. In sitting position she could not bend her knees up more than 20 degrees toward her chest and could not cross her leg over her knee. After Chow Qigong treatment, her posture was 85% improved, she could bend her knees to her chest, and crossed her foot over the other knee and put on her stockings easily. She also had severe edema of her ankles so there were no shape to her ankles. After the first treatment the swelling reduced by 75% and she could put on and take off her shoes easily and she had shape to her ankles. Her scoliosis improved by 25%. She was taught to walk with a stride with head held up with straighter posture, and she managed well. Another exercise to improve her over-all movement is rolling repeatedly in bed which she has never done and needed physical help in beginning the exercise. With prompting, she learned to throw her leg and hip and shoulders over and push with her hand in order to begin moving. She had to be taught placement of her arms so it does not impede her rolling. She caught on quite rapidly and managed to roll consecutively 6 times the firsts day, 8 times the second day! She and daughter reported that she never laughed and was very depressed. During treatment we had laugh therapy and she laughed very heartily, especially when she discovered how well she could see. She also Ohmed very loudly upon encouragement to use this as being therapeutic as well. She had a bright smile on her face the three days. I treated her three days. Her daughter works for the Presidential Palace.

Quotes from Attendees

“It was a wonderful experience”, “There was such powerful energy that my back-pain of 30 years is gone!”, “I got re-focused again”, “I felt hope that my cancer can be helped”, “I found a Qigong master from my area”, “I learned so much to help me in every aspect of my life”, “My first time with Qigong, and I was amazed that I could actually emit Qi and move my partner!”, “It was a most rewarding Congress.”(Summarized from Attendees)
“Thank you for providing all of us with the wonderful learning and loving experience of the Congress….Congratulations on a superb Congress….Well put together, excellent workshops.” (Summarized by Radio Talk Show Host)

“What a great event this was! You and your colleagues did a fantastic job. I came home with many new resources to share with participants in our classes. I especially enjoyed working with the Master. I hope to work with disabled and psychiatric clients in the new year. We have five classes planned and numerous workshops. Thank you for organizing such a worthwhile experience and please let me know how I might be helpful in advancing the progress of Qigong in the future.” B.B. (Attendee)

“Several of my friends made it to the Congress and tell me that I missed a fantastic time. The sessions they attended were outstanding and the group meeting had some pretty impressive discussions and demonstrations. Congratulations!” D.B. (Attendee)

“First, on behalf of my husband and the rest of the Energy Arts community, allow me to thank you for putting on such a quality conference on Qigong. We have an inkling of what a task that was due to much smaller events we host and therefore, truly understand the amount of work you put into it.” C.F. (Wife of a presenter)

“The energy was great, the turnout rich. So many people were exposed to Qigong that would never have gotten the opportunity if it weren’t for you. You have once again mobilized people for an important cause and have carved a bit of history. Thank you also for all you have done to promote the documentary and to help people learn more about Qigong.”G.G. (Presenter)

“I am 82 and was diagnosed in 1997 with Osteoporosis and in 1999 with double-S curvature of the spine (Scoliosis). Both maladies involved increased inability to maintain good posture, shortened height with a 80% stoop and diminished movement. To avoid surgery, the prescribed treatment was 18 physical therapy sessions over 6 weeks, and exercises in the pool. A friend introduced me to the Congress and a Qigong Grandmaster who spontaneously performed one treatment that resulted in my ability to sit upright and to walk straight all the way across the room. Through Qigong exercises, in four months, my neck and shoulder movements have become more fluid and….inches has been restored to my height. Once again I can reach the upper shelves and look over my shoulder to back the car. That’s progress.” H.W. (Attendee)

“It was wonderful to see the diversity of our community. You provided a space literally and figuratively for good work to be done.” T.H. (Attendee)

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