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 As requested by our clients and colleagues, we have compiled the following selections as a small sample of the myriad of cases Dr. Chow has treated in a period of over 40 years. These are examples of how the power of Chow Qigong can facilitate healing and recovery, especially when Western medicine has failed.

Dr. Chow is often invited into hospitals, medical establishments, and even homes to provide help and hope to those with little or no options left.  Ultimately it’s up to the individual client to seek help but also to help themselves with the CHOW QIGONG integrated system: exercise videos, book, and meditation audio tapes.

*Disclaimer: Please do not take these cases as medical advice, as there are many treatment options depending on the individual’s prognosis. Also note that in the back of this write-up contains an index of all the cases listed to aid you in your search as well as information on how to obtain Dr. Chow’s tried and trusted healing system.

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Back Pain
Brain Tumor and Paralysis

Brain Damage, Cerebral Palsy, Diabetes


Chronic Fatigue

Cerebral Palsy

Corporate Peak Performance

Coma from Motor Vehicle Accident

Cyst in the Brain


Distant Healing
Diverticulitis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Late Adult Asthma, Anxiety Attacks …


Endometrial cancer stage 4B
Enhanced Psychic Abilities

Enhanced Quality of Life and Business

Eye Pain


Fibromyalgia, Pain
Fibrosarcoma Grade II


Head Injury
Hip Joint Pain and Decreased Mobility


Huntington’s Disease

Hypotonia (Congenital)


Knee Contusion
Kidney Problem


Motor Dysfunction
Migraines, Asthma, Hiatus Hernia


Ovarian Cancer, Trigger Thumb, Coccydynia



Severe Pain

Parkinson’s Disease


Ringing in Ears, Diabetes, Arthritic Hand, Shoulder & Hernia Pain


Semi-lobar Holoprosencephaly

Shoulder and Knee Pain

Spinal Cord Injury

Stroke, Dystonicchorea (12-year Wheel Chair Dependancy)



Throat Cancer, Asthma and Allergies
Tooth Pain


Upper Respiratory Tract Infections


Vertebrae (Cervical) Dislocation from Neck Injury 53 Years Ago


Weight Loss and Glaucoma



Case #1

… I’m still doinjg your exercise and I’m still doing very well against asthma. Your help in 1985 was just what I needed. Best wishes in your activities as commissioner!


Bill W.

Case #2

Now 14 years of age, TWB was the product of uneventful 40-week gestation culminating in a one and a half hour labor. He was slow to turn over, sit or stand. Did not walk until 18 months. His first infection was at 3 weeks. He had multiple ear infections every month until 1 years old when he started with a homeopath. A hearing test at 15 months revealed bilaterally poor hearing. He needed tubes placed in ear. After sleep studies, his parents were told that he had sleep apnea and his adenoids were removed. At 20 months had Respiratory Syncithial Virus. He developed a chronic cough and clinical asthma. In the early school years, he developed social anxiety had to be hospitalized multiple times for asthma, sinusitis or gastrointestinal symptoms. By 6th grade, he started with Jonathan Goldman with energy work and acupuncture with resultant slight reduction of asthma flare-ups and pain.

By the time he was evaluated by Dr. Chow in August, 2004, he was a steroid dependent asthmatic. He had suffered from various complications of this treatment, including: pneumonia, steroid withdrawal syndrome, multiple respiratory tract infections, various monilial infections, several bouts of gastroenteritis, and chronic epigastric pains and was hospitalized five times in the previous year for flu, pneumonia, and asthma. He had chronic myalgias, arthralgias and fatigue.

He started with the Chow Integrative Healing System and Medical Qigong. At his initial visit he was noted to have cold hands and feet, had great difficulty climbing stairs, poor energy level, fatigued easily, was very pale, had poor balance, could not run, and could not eat much because of nausea and fear of emesis. His low energy and constant exhaustion made it impossible for him to stay awake past 7:30 in the evening. His attitude and ability to cope with social anxiety was significantly limited. On July 4th of 2004, TWB was unable to walk five blocks from his home to town due to sever pains.

Dr. Chow performed and taught the family Chow Medical Qigong for about 4 hours daily including special Qi hand and foot massage. To motivate him to eat proper foods, Dr. Chow and his family took him shopping for good food, primarily vegetables, and taught him how to stir fry with wine. Dr. Chow started him on four-hour therapy for four days. His feet felt lighter and bouncier, his balance vastly improved so that he could run up and down the flight of stairs without holding onto the railing. His complexion changed to pink and his hands and feet were warm. He was smiling and happy and loved to stir-fry with wine. They call him stir -fry king! On the last day he ran around the city playground where he had never been able to climb the ladder to slide down the slide, nor sit on a swing and swing high in the air or twist in the swing, nor balance walk the low stone walls, nor get on the rotating platforms. Well, he did all of this with such a joie-de-vie it was beautiful to watch and to participate with him! Dr. Chow taught his family, including grandfather, to do Chow Qigong together and hand and foot massages on him. He practices 2 to 2.5 hours daily of Chow Qigong (sometimes lead their weekly group) and adheres to the dietary life-style protocols.

Whereas in July, he had shortness of breath or severe pain after walking one or two blocks, by August he completed a 3-mile hike at Immigrant Pass (elevation 9870 ft.). By September, he completed a 12-mile hike with his family at Mt. Eddy (elevation 9000 feet)! The transformation in just two months has been astounding. His strength and vitality have improved significantly. TWB is now physically active and often stays up until 9pm. He quickly overcomes flu and asthma symptoms. He has also transitioned into public high school and is a productive and successful freshman, participating in sports. He has also learned some of the techniques Dr. Chow uses and is able to “scan” for areas of Qi alteration and either augment or reduce the Qi in that area as needed. This winter he was able to thwart several bouts of asthma by immediately intensifying his Chow Qigong Breath exercises. He has been weaned off Prednisone and is leading a normal active life.

TWB also is highly sensitive to energy fields in himself and others. TWB’s goal is to become a catalyst to aid others in their healing. TWB’s desire is to support each person’s personal growth and transformation to wellness in body, mind and spirit.



Arthritis Pain

When she was first evaluated in October 2002, PW, a lovely 18-year-old Canadian Native young lady and daughter of a tribal chief was suffering from debilitating arthritis. For two years, she was home-bound and had to be home-schooled because of her debilitating pains and fatigue, resulting in severe depression. She described extreme pain in her upper and lower back, and polyarthritis involving the wrists, fingers, knees, and ankles. She also had pains in the hips, legs, shoulders, and ribs. She started noticing myalgias and polyarthralgias in January 2002. She consulted her family doctor who performed serum studies and informed her that she had “arthritis”. She was referred to a rheumatologist in 2003 who was not certain of the source of her myalgias and swollen joints. He had considered a combination of Lupus and Rheumatoid arthritis and was treated with Methotrexate and Prednisone with some improvement until August of 2004 when severe symptoms flared up again. She returned to the Rheumatologist who then felt she had Rheumatoid Arthritis.

She had minor relief after 6 sessions with a hand energy healer. A “Sweat Lodge” ceremony at her Indian reservation did not provide any improvement. A “healing touch” chiropractor was unable to help her.

October 19, 2004, initial assessment was made by Dr. Chow and Chow Medical Qigong applied for 4 days of 4 hours per day therapy. After first day of therapy with Chow Qigong, she felt stronger, pain diminished and feeling higher energy. Her coloring became pink instead of pale. After four days, she was walking normally and with energy, could climb the stairs, and laughing which she had not done for a long time. Discussion was held on her vision for the future. She did not have any visions. However it was possible to motivate her to think of many possibilities and she concluded for then that she wanted to be a professional volley-ball player. Before she got ill, apparently she was one of their “star” volleyball players. Upon returning home to Alberta, The tribe was surprised at how well PW looked and felt. One month later, she returned to San Francisco to attend the Seventh World Congress on Qigong and have further therapy. She attended the Congress events with gusto, even danced at the evening affair. They were surprised. At this second series of therapy (four 4 hour days) she continued with no pain and included a one hour session of ball-throwing and catching with good dexterity. She is definitely looking forward to being able to play volleyball. She felt she had high energy and was happy. She was enjoying music and wanted to become a professional athlete. After a month of Chow Qigong treatments and exercises, she was able to climb up and down the stairs. She tolerated car rides better . She was able to walk and keep up with others. In fact, sometimes others had a hard time keeping up with her. She had more energy and did not become easily upset. Full recovery will depend on her diligence in practicing the exercises, meditation and full Medical Qigong routine, which she has been taught.


Alberta, Canada


Back Pain

Case #1

Wow, I could not write a better tribute to Dr. Chow. I felt like I was reading the same sentiments that I feel for Dr. Chow.

I have had similar experiences. The main reason I am walking around today pain free is because after Dr. Chow worked with me, 12 years of back pain ended. She gave me the tools to heal myself as well as accomplishing a miracle as far as I was concerned. I have seen her heal others right before my eyes. I have never met anyone who can do what she does. Dr. Chow has unflagging energy, devotion and love for what she does and gives to the world.

I am 58 years old and I am so grateful that I took Dr. Chow’s 100 hour course because it really helps one during the aging process. I know I can do even more than I am doing presently, that is true- I should be doing more Qigong….

Dr.Chow taught me the power of positive thinking and has really influenced my life in that respect. I have always tried to be a positive person, but she helped me fine tune it which really ramped up my power to manifest wonderful things in my life.

I cannot think of a person who has had more influence on my life…..because without good health, I am in big trouble.

She has also helped me with my family which is part of her wholistic viewpoint. I can be happy if I can be at peace with my place in my family. She has taught me the power of long distance healing.

I adore her as a human being and a friend as well.


Deborah Hatch,

San Francisco. Chief Curator of The Getty Collections.

Case #2

Dr. Kristie Sellers just came into my office seeking pain relief. She had back surgery a few months ago and is still in a brace and has been working far too many hours so she arrived with a pain level of 8 and wanted Healing Touch as I have been providing so I said, let’s try something a little different today. How about some Chow Qigong. We turned off the overhead lights, turned on my lamp and turned on some Hawaiian slack-key music and let the magic begin.

Now for my confession…I also used some therapeutic grade peppermint oil I had sitting on the shelf as I am also working on my clinical certification as an aromatherapist. May I have permission to use oils occasionally or do I need to compartmentalize when I’m using oils and when I’m using strictly Qigong? Or could I have used some White Flower gel on my hands?

Anyway….bottom line is I scanned her as she stood and found some congestion and started brushing and she said “Oh, I don’t know why but I’m crying so I told her that was great to go ahead and shed tears that perhaps she didn’t cry enough so she stood there crying and said my pain is so much better and I said on a scale of 1-10 what was it and she said it was an 8 and I asked where it remained and she said mid back so I scanned again on her back and packed qi to the mid back area and her pain was reduced to zero. 5 minutes!! Whoooeee!!!!! My employee Camille watched the whole thing and was as amazed as me.

The great part of practicing healing work with Chow Qigong is it is forcing me to use my hands more in an assessing way. I use a pendulum so much with HT but now I am not using that tool and am relying solely on the sensing of my hands which is only going to make them more sensitive. I am loving this!

After our Planetree Steering Team today the Supervisor for Admissions, Scott Weekes called me to say he had read the flyer I gave him and wants to be in the May class and is researching using his CEU’s and education budget so he can attend. He will be great at this.


Brain Tumor and Paralysis

My young son had numerous operations for a brain tumor. In April, the doctor said he would die within two weeks after discharge from the hospital. With a special diet, tea and Chow Qigong, the MRI in November showed a 60% reduction in the tumor. One of the surgeries left him with paralysis on the right side, no feeling on the left side of his face and head, nor any hearing in his left ear. With four intensive days of Chow Qigong with Master Chow, he has regained his balance in walking and jumping, can hear with his left ear, has full feeling in the left side of his face and head, and can smile straight.

J.B. Vancouver, BC



Two years ago, my doctor said I would die of cancer without radiation. With Chow Qigong and other alternatives, today I’m well and live a full life.

J.C., San Jose, CA

I visited Dr. Chow the first time in 1994 shortly after having surgery to remove a cancer tumor in my throat. I refused the radiation treatment simply because for one I couldn’t afford it and for two I didn’t care to go through the very traumatizing experience and be left with no hair on one side of my face and no saliva glands in that side of my mouth. I also held a firm conviction that it really wasn’t necessary as long as I took the right steps to treat whatever cancer was left in my body. Qigong was just one of the steps that I decided on for my cancer recovery. Since I was also involved with Reiki, hypnosis, NLP, herbs, and worked with a personal coach on my thought and speech patterns, one cannot say which one of these modalities was the most effective, but I like to think Qigong as presented by Dr. Chow was the most effective.

My “treatments” included five simple exercises that I was to perform three times a day. Twice a week I visited Dr. Chow who treated me with acupuncture. Prior to the acupuncture treatments I was to meditate with a specific posture and with a specific breathing pattern. I shall not say that the exercises were easy. They are simple, but when one has to go through dozens of repetitions of each exercise while breathing in a particular way, it is at first very tiring. After a few weeks, I was surprised to find how easy it was to finish all the exercises and feel more energetic afterwards.

Once again in 2003 I found myself at her doorstep after having a triple heart bypass. In a matter of hours she had me running around the room as though nothing had happened to me. I only wish I had not stopped seeing her when I did.

My deepest affections go out to Dr. Chow and her work. I am deeply grateful for all she has done for me. Her work continues to be a guiding light in my life.

J.R.C., Prescott Valley, AZ


Brain Damage, Cerebral Palsy, Diabetes

Nicholas T, Age 6

BRAIN DAMAGE AT BIRTH, cerebral palsy, diabetes.

He is a “sage” trapped in a challenged body.

– 6 years old boy

– born with brain damage of unknown origin

– cerebral palsy

– no voluntary movement

– no sound

– lie with no movement

– cannot sit

– head-drop

– diabetes

Family sought world-over for treatment – no results

The Institute for Human Potential – helped with communication facilitation, but not physically

January 2002: Began Chow Medical Qigong (CMQ) Therapy -referred by his physician.

1st visit Chow Medical Qigong

Outcome: rolled with assistance 40times and Arm and leg bend exercises 30 times

Had 3-4 therapy sessions per month — one session 3 hours

Total number of sessions 45 sessions

Results and Progress: Continues.

Can hold head up 85% of time

Can sit up with only 2 fingers on shoulder to balance for count of 230

Can stand and walk with assistance

Making much sounds

Speaks inconsistently about 12 words

Writes with communication facilitation, beautiful poetry and philosophy

These are two samples of his poetry and writings unedited:


How can Goodness come out of the events of September 11, 2001

How We Can Be At Peace:

I think we as a nation have much work to do to be closer to God, not in a Biblical sense, but in a spiritual sense. We are all too busy, too caught up to listen to our inner selves. This is where all the inner power lies.

It lies within us. It is so important to listen to our inner power and strength.

This is magnificent, this power and strength is the most advanced way of knowing God.

Instead, we look outward for answers. Don’t we know? Haven’t we learned that the right thinking… and the right answers come from our own inner power?

So the events of this tragedy can be avoided if we as a people, as a collective conscience learn to meditate, be in nature, and pray. Pray for love and divinity…no matter who is our metaphorical God. This is my almighty wish! Love from Nicholas.

– 5 years of age. –

Rare Beauty

I saw a rare beauty called a tree,

It enveloped me.

I think it is divine.

I wish I could spend more time.

It is not always going to be there.

This is why I want to be with it

all that I can.

A tree of such rare beauty makes me

want to be a magician who

can grant a final wish.

Once who can grant me a departure

to the Land of Oz.

There, trees are full of monkeys and beauty.

There, monkeys become mentors to the trees.

I believe I will become a monkey.

– 3 years of age. –


Chronic Fatigue

I am in top health now because of Dr. Chow’s book, “Miracle Healing from China – Qigong”. My three years of chronic fatigue caused me to stop work and school. I was home-bound for four months before I found Dr. Chow’s book. I practiced 3 -4 hours per day for three months and my life completely turned around. Now I am in top shape, work full-time, went to school full-time, and graduated from my Bachelor’s program. I hike, bike, dance, volunteer and sing with vigor.

R.G., Hartford, CN / San Francisco, CA


Cerebral Palsy

Case #1

About three years ago, my wife (Mary Ellen) and I became foster parents for a small, huge hearted island boy who had the eyes and the laugh of the Buddha. The day he entered our home, we were certain that he was a miracle. As Children’s Services began supplying us with the obligatory paper trail that attaches itself to all foster children, our certainty was confirmed. Setelo was born three months pre-mature. Lacking any pre-natal care, he was extracted from his mother’s womb barely larger than the size of a peanut. He was escorted into life by a pair of stainless steel forceps some thirteen weeks before most children make their move for the birth canal. In addition to roughly fifteen other diagnoses, he had meningitis, staff pneumonia, hyaline membrane disease, he contracted hydrocephalus, and he suffered two major cerebral hemorrhages motivating the Chaplain to read him his last rites…two times. At minus thirteen weeks old, he had already survived his two sisters; one was his twin who was given the better odds for living . I am certain that the reason Setelo made it was because he possesses an infinite understanding of the unbridled joy this world offers him. Although I wasn’t there, I can picture Setelo after five transfusions; seven ultrasounds; multiple needles from dopamine, steroid, and penicillin therapy; a lumbar puncture; a battery of x-rays; installation of a shunt in his skull; and numerous catheters and tubes to handle his feeding and excrement; and I can see him in his incubator celebrating his survival with a white knuckled hand locked tight in a palsied – yet nevertheless defiant fist that said simply: “I’m here, and I’m stayin’.”

After all the trauma, Setelo still carries the shunt in his head and a highly original form of cerebral palsy. Verbally and intellectually, he’s topping the charts; motorically, he still presents somewhat like an infant. His appearance, however, is that of a very happy, intelligent, energetic, charismatic, and capable four-year old boy. I might also add that he is devastatingly handsome.

For three years, my wife and I have been engaged in an endlessly complex and intricate dance/juggling act/scheduling nightmare with a host of doctors, therapists, and care-givers to teach Seleto to relax that white-knuckled grip, to sit up on his own, to roll over, to kick his legs without crossing them, and to overcome – in whatever small way his is able – his cerebral palsy. Quite frankly, up until just recently, if I were forced to give an honest prognosis, I would have had to begrudgingly agree with one of his physical therapists who had the annoying habit of repeating that old line from ‘Humpty Dumpty’: “All the king’s horses, and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty back together again” (which made me want to pop that therapist in the nose). I never believed Setelo was broken in the first place – just different. I didn’t want to believe that he was destined to be forever imprisoned inside his uncooperative body, but when push came to shore, I was bracing myself for the possible reality that Setelo may never sit up on his own or use his right hand, and I had begun to believe that there was no hope that he would ever walk. The prognosis was so bleak that another physical therapist predicted he’d need surgery before June ’99 to snip his tight little leg muscles so that they don’t pop his hips out of joint.

On March 18, 1999 Mary Ellen and I decided to bring our soon-to-be adopted son down to a Doctor of Chinese Medicine in San Francisco. Her name is Dr. Effie Chow, and she practices an ancient form of medicine known as Qigong. Dr. Chow spent three and a half very short (three hour) days with Setelo, and we left her office with a list of over thirty physical accomplishments Setelo had never before achieved. He began eating with his right hand for the first time. He began sitting up on his own for up to five and seven minute periods within twenty to thirty minute stretches. He started removing and replacing caps on pens using both hands. He learned to roll over multiple times on both sides. He started to walk – in spite of severe leg crossing – with remarkably less assistance than ever before. We worked hard for almost three years to try to accomplish things that Dr. Chow was able to teach him in just over three short days. When he returned from visiting Dr. Chow, his physical therapist was able to stretch his groin to the point of maximum extension, and all talk of immediate surgery had abated. Physically, Setelo is growing, changing and becoming proficient at things we previously dared not hope for. Dr. Chow believes that with consistent care, she could get him walking; from what we’ve seen – we believe it’s possible.

Dr. Chow’s successful approach to all forms of paralysis is achieved by moving Qi energy through pressure points. As participants of Qigong, we neither have to change our religion nor abandon our western medicine practices (much of the western therapy he’s received still serves him). Qigong, however, is surprisingly fast-working – and in our son’s case – a highly effective approach to actually shift his body’s ability to move more functionally and quite possibly avoid surgery. Since Dr. Chow’s remarkable work about a year ago, we have been limited by time and money to continue Te’s treatments. Te’ has, never -the-less, continued to make some physical progress with the minimal amount of Qigong we have been able to administer. An example of this is Te’s ability to uncross his legs himself while walking with assistance, and continued significant increased use of his right hand.

Setelo is still perfect just the way he is. He is still a miracle, but what Dr. Chow has helped us understand is that like all miracles – that with Qi – there appears to be no limit to what he could do.

Thank you, Dr. Chow,. You have revolutionized our lives.

J. and M.E. C.

Ashland, OR, USA

Case #2

L.L. was born at 41 ½ weeks gestation to a 45 year old German mom who had good prenatal care. She had an emergency C-section for fetal distress. She required prolonged resuscitation and her Apgar of 0 at 1 minute and 5 minutes, and 3 at 20 minutes. She suffered severe hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy. She spent 6 weeks at neonatal ICU and required Dopamine and Dobutamine drips along with several transfusions for anemia and coagulopathy. CT of the head revealed white matter injury. She needed a gastrostomy tube for gastro-esophageal reflux. She was subsequently diagnosed with cerebral palsy with cortical vision and hearing loss. She was found to have a dislocated left hip at 5 months and was treated conservatively with chiropractic care with some improvement in pain and mobility. At 11 months she was hypertonic and small for her age and had severe motor, auditory and visual problems and was unable to hold her head up in prone position. She cried intermittently and made primitive sucking sounds. She was chronically congested, using accessory muscles of respiration. When uncomfortable, she has trembling around mouth and upper extremities. She was maintained on Phenobarbital, Zantac, Inderal, and Benadryl. She had increased tone with flexor spasms of upper extremities and contractures at the elbows. She also has flexion contractures of lower extremities. She was on Phenobarbital for clinical seizures and tolerated feedings every 4 hours by G-tube with some spitting up. She had thoracic scoliosis resulting in leaning to the left. She inconsistently rolled from side to side. She attempts to move in prone position by flexing right knee and pulling arms. She is beginning to scoot. Her thorax is concave. She has severely delayed gross motor skills and was at risk for contracture deformities. At 16 months, her Denver Developmental scale in language was at 3-4 months and for all other areas was at less than 2 months. She had ongoing difficulties with emesis and weight gain had been poor. She was being given small quantities of solids or purees but does not tolerate large quantities due to vomiting. At about 23 months, all her medications were discontinued and she did not exhibit any seizures or adverse effects. She was being treated by chiropractic management and sensory stimulation. She was tolerating 4 feedings of pureed food by mouth daily without any emesis and was having fluids by G-tube. She no longer receives formula. She had a hearing aid and she was responding to sounds and starting to vocalize. At 23 months, her fine and gross motor skills were still at 2-4 month range and her cognition and social skills were at 3-month level.

Dr. Chow met her at 25 months. She was noted to have significant mucous production and congestion in her nose, throat, and lungs. She slept and ate poorly, crying most of the time. She did not initiate movements on her own, her shoulders were tightly contracted forward, and she had severe kyposcoliosis.

After treatments with Chow Integrated Healing System and Medical Qigong, and exercises at home with the assistance of her mother and caretaker, in one month LL began to be able to bring legs over when rolling with only slight assistance in holding her hand. Her record is 130 rolls at one time! She started making new sounds and was more flexible when propped up in standing position, and able to sit with knees bent. Her appetite was better and she started to gain weight. Sleep improved and hip alignment improved. After two months, she was able to control her saliva better and was able to suckle from a bottle. She started holding her head up. She started to be more attentive during exercises by 3 months after the first treatment and mother noted that she was finally aware of people around her. After 5 months of treatments, she was able to sleep all night and was able to sit in a chair without making disturbing sounds. She now indicates pleasure by a sucking sound. She communicated her desire to get up by lifting her head and with someone holding her hands, she was able to pull up to sit up and then throw her head back to lay down with assistance 40 times in one session. Whereas her shoulders were tightly contracted forward, we can now easily stretch her arms and hands out straight over her head, to touch face, eyes, head, ears, floor, and hips 30 times to each side. Her spine has extended and straightened out, and she is able to now lie flat on her back with only a very small flat pillow. She is able to be balanced on her feet and do some bouncing for the first time. Physical and Occupational Therapy had been stopped for over a year. However, with these noted improvements, Dr. Chow recommended her mother to request for therapy again. They are now working with her, in cooperation with Dr. Chow, blending the best that the East and the West has to offer. Happily, the OT and PT have noted considerable progress in LL’s motor abilities. Together with Chow Medical Qigong therapy, plans are being made to prop up LL with leg braces using the easy-stand equipment to strengthen her leg and body muscles. With such indicated progress and continued cooperative therapy, her progress is limitless.



Case #3

Eric was born with cerebral palsy. Eric’s left hand was flexed and ulnarly deviated in a permanently contracted position. He was unable to extend MP joints when wrist was in flexion nor was he able to achieve pincer grasp. His thumb was hyperextended at the DIP and the thenar muscle was adducted. His left Achilles tendon was severely contracted. Passive ankle dorsiflexion was only 5 to 10 degrees. His left foot was adducted and he was a toe walker on the left, and was unable to clear the floor with his left foot. He was unable to walk heel to toe. When walking, his left arm would posture in flexion. Running resulted in extensor thrust resulting in forward fall. He had been receiving physical therapy at a major neurological institute and hospital in British Columbia since he was two years old. Attempted tendon release of left Achilles failed and he was scheduled for a second operation. Eric and Dr. Chow met when he was 8 years old. She engaged him in some “let’s get-to-know-each other” talk. After establishing herself as a friend, she asked him to sit on the table and tell everyone what he could wish for if he could have his fondest dream granted. Dr. Chow has discovered through the years that people need more reasons to recover from an illness than simply wanting to recover. Eric dreamed of riding a skateboard and also of kicking a soccer ball. He wanted to kick it better than his friends.

Dr. Chow began to work with Eric. She first concentrated on his deformed hand by placing it in hers and stroking it. She instructed Eric to breath deeply and sit with good posture. She used Qigong maneuvers to flood Eric’s tissues with external Qi. Within only twenty minutes, the impossible began to occur. Eric’s hand and fingers were softening up enough for an audience of his rehabilitation physician and health professionals to notice. Within twenty minutes all five of Eric’s fingers could be extended fully and the hand looked normal. He was able to pick up a large coin with the left hand using pincer grasp. He had never been able to do this in all of his eight years. This was only the beginning.

Dr. Chow then started to work on Eric’s left foot. The ankle was fully dorsiflexed with shortening of the Achilles tendon. As Dr. Chow applied external Qi through what appeared to be a massage, the ankle joint began to relax and became more flexible. Dr. Chow continued treating Eric for a full thirty minutes as she tried to explain to the audience what she was doing. She then turned Eric so the audience could see his foot better, and asked his rehabilitation physician to examine the foot. When he did so, he was amazed to find he could push it up to a ninety degree angle at the ankle. With a little coaching, Eric was able to walk around the room with his left foot flat on the floor. This felt so unusual to him he had to be reminded again and again not to walk on his toes.

Dr. Chow encouraged him to quicken his pace. When he did so his left arm moved in a smooth coordinated fashion without jerking. He was able to trot with his left foot landing flat on the floor and was not thrust forward on his face. Eric was able to do a deep knee bend while keeping both feet flat on the floor.

Another private treatment was scheduled for the next day. At the end of the session one of the physical therapists brought out a skateboard. Eric approached the skateboard, stepped up on it with one foot, and pushed off. At first he was a bit shaky and needed prompting, but he was at least able to ride the skateboard slowly and carefully.

Dr. Chow returned to the center six months later to see how Eric was doing and to give him another treatment. She found that he was maintaining his improvements very well. At the completion of the session, a physical therapist offered Eric a cloth ball. He walked up to the ball with confidence and kicked it around the room. “All of his wishes had come true and he was ecstatic.”


British Columbia, Canada


Corporate Peak Performance

“A great majority of our people said your presentation was the best motivational talk they’ve ever heard. Our San Francisco agency just completed its most successful campaign in our history. Thank you (Dr. Chow) for helping us find our peak performance.”

William Quiring, C.L.U.

General Manager

Prudential Insurance (S.F.)


Coma from Motor Vehicle Accident

A young man, only 20 years old, was in a coma from a severe brain injury resultant of a motor vehicle accident on the Thursday. (Other similar brain injuries usually caused long-term coma into weeks and months. The other person with whom we have been working in the past few months, had exactly the same diagnosis with brain injury from a car accident was in a coma for three months almost three years ago.) At the Saturday morning Chow Qigong meditation, (only two days later from his accident) I lead our class to concentrate on sending healing (with sound) to him for nearly an hour. That day, they called us to report that the medical staff could not believe that he regained conciousness, sat up, said “Hi Mom!” Everyone was ecstatic.

December, 2001, Ontario


Cyst in the Brain

Andre, age 22 (reported by Andreas Kuhne, Germany) In June 1993 doctors in Germany found a cyst that almost totally compressed the left side of his brain. He already had five operations to drain the cyst. In October 1996 doctors again found a high pressure cyst on the left side of the brain between the brain and the bone with the cyst compressed against the bone. He was to have another operation to let the pressure out of the cyst but there was no hope of any real help so his parents agreed that his qigong teacher should find a high level qigong master with experience in brain diseases. The parents knew nothing about qigong but were open to new ways and held off the operation.

In December 1996 they contacted Dr. Chow and she agreed to see Andre in San Francisco; in the meantime she did long distance telephone qigong, sending qi for healing and teaching Andre the Chow Qigong breathing and meditation. This improved his health so that he was able to travel in mid-January, 1997.

Andre spent two and a half weeks with Dr. Chow in San Francisco with treatment for three hours a day. Back in Germany he continued to spend two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening practicing qigong meditation and exercises.

In May medical and MRI tests showed the cyst was stable, much smaller, no longer touching the bone, and causing no pressure. All in the hospital were very surprised by such good results as the doctor who had advised the surgery had expected to find the condition worse than it had been in October. Surgery was no longer advised. Andre is exercising with good energy and a feeling of love for himself again. He is now teaching Chow Qigong to others. He traveled back to San Francisco with his parents to participate in the Second World Congress on Qigong in November 1997.


Distant Healing

My first hour long healing session with you, Dr. Effie Chow, on Friday 17 January 2002 during the early hours of the morning (UK time) inaugurated a turning point in my life. So much more than my thumb


Diverticulitis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Late Adult Asthma, Anxiety Attacks …

In May 1993, I was diagnosed with the following:

– Diverticulitis – Fibromyalgia – Chronic Fatigue – Osteoarthritis

– Osteoporosis – Late Adult Asthma – Anxiety Attacks – I already had an underactive thyroid.

As I had turned 60 in February of 1993, I thought what a way to start my so called “golden years.” I was tired,

depressed, in terrible pain, sleepless nights, medicated, in physiotherapy every day, unable to work, and then I was told I had better start using a cane for walking so I would not fall – Wow!

I started researching and soul searching by reading books from the library on my physical condition. Also books on healing of my inner soul to give me some healing and inner spiritual peace. One book that was of great comfort to me was Marianne Williams ‘A Return to Love’. I had to learn that God is Love – Love is God and to learn how to love and accept myself in my new physical condition.

Easter Sunday morning April 12, 1998, I went to church for the first time in several years and in reading the Church Bulletin, I noticed Chow Qigong every Wednesday night from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. A gentle healing system and exercise programme beneficial for all ages. I was now 65! Great!

I started Chow Qigong the following Wednesday night, April 15, 1998. It nearly killed me because I was slowly stretching muscles and joints I had not stretched in years. Plus, I had to learn how to breathe. But I kept going back every week and started to do exercise and meditation at home from Dr. Chow’s book.

On Friday, May 1, 1998 Dr. Chow was here to give her Introductory class on Chow Qigong. I was in pain, negative but very curious to meet Dr. Effie Chow, hear what she had to say and what miracle could heal me. At the end of the class I was pain-free and felt for the first time positive Qi energy going through my body – also my attitude was starting to change.

Wednesday, May 20th I had a wonderful exercise and meditation class. It was powerful and strong, my Qi energy was unlike anything I had experienced and spiritually I was at peace. Thursday morning I woke up still feeling the power of Qi, went out to my balcony and had a good breath of early morning air, then a little talk with God, saying “Well God, you got me back to Church, you introduced me to Qigong and to Dr. Effie Chow herself. Now, help me to walk and get around without falling, with ‘No Cane’!”

I have not used my cane since then. My energy level has improved, my body has become stronger, my attitude is more positive. I read Miracle Healing from China – Qigongby Qigong Master, Doctor Effie Chow daily. I have changed my eating and living habits, decreased my alcohol intake to the occasional glass of wine, drink 8 glasses of water per day, Japanese Green Tea, walk, exercise, meditate and attend Church on a regular basis. Also I have become a volunteer worker for the Chow Qigong, East West Academy of Healing Arts, Toronto, Canada.

I thank God, The Universe, Dr. Chow, Chow Qigong and the many wonderful teachers who have encouraged and helped me exercise, breathe, given me laughter, love and support. Many, many hugs! I never realized how important a warm hug is and how good a great big belly laugh is for the inner soul.

The most wonderful thing of all – you can have this also! Chow Qigong is for everyone!!

J. W.

Toronto, Canada


Endometrial cancer stage 4B

On January 13, 2009, I was told by my OB/GYN that the problems I was having were most likely caused by cancer. On February 24, 2009, the biopsies came back and my doctor’s suspicion was confirmed and my journey began. I came to Stanford for treatment and found the cancer was much worse than I had been told. I have Undifferentiated Endometrial cancer stage 4B and was considered end stage. My Doctor said, “this is a cancer that must be controlled” and when I asked for the prognoses, he said,” Let’s not go there.” I began chemotherapy on March 13, 2009.

My sister, a psychologist at Stanford, told me that she has had patients with bad diagnosis in the past who had worked with Dr. Effie Chow, an Eastern Grand Master. Meg told me that Dr Chow could help me and if she couldn’t help save me she could help me have quality of life until the end. I was not a believer but felt I owed it to my family to at least meet her, so I agreed that Meg could contact Dr. Chow and make an appointment. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

It is difficult for me to explain how much the time I have spent with Dr. Chow and the East West Academy of the Healing Arts has meant to me. I have always been the invincible one in our family and expected that to continue. I am the one friends and colleagues come to when they need a shoulder to cry on. It was very hard for me to accept that I am vulnerable and could need help just to survive. I tried to keep my fear to myself so I didn’t talk about my feelings. Eastern medicine is holistic and therefore Dr Chow required me to talk about how I felt about the cancer, what anger I carried, what I worried about and how I felt about my death. I read Dr Chow’s book before I met her and knew she would ask these questions but was still upset by them, so upset that I thought about not returning. However, I never make snap decisions in my work and decided that should also apply to my personal life. I kept my next appointment and told Dr Chow how upset I was, she helped me to see that it is okay to be upset, but that I need to say it or it festers and contributes to the growth of the cancer. I learned that it was okay to cry and healthy to allow others to care for you. Thank you for that Doctor Chow!

The Chow Qigong System and chemo were clearly working. Chemotherapy was difficult for me. It made me very nauseous, caused severe bone pain, peripheral neuropathy, and I had allergic reactions either during and/or after each session. But with the help of Dr. Chow and Chow Qigong I was able to tolerate it. I could use Chow Qigong to reduce the pain so that I NEEDED MUCH LESS medication, Dr Chow can return the feeling to my hands and feet, but even better, she has taught me to do it for myself. This is very important to me as I use computers to keep in touch with my 300 + employees in Upstate New York while I received cancer treatment in California. After my sixth cycle of chemo, I had a facial Pemphigus reaction that was very serious and unpleasant. I spent a night in the Emergency Room and took steroids for three weeks to combat it. I had this reaction after each subsequent chemo session, but after the seventh chemo I had an appointment with Dr Chow on the day this reaction began. Dr Chow worked on my face with her healing energy, brushing the negative energy away and instructing me as to how to do it myself. She advised that I would need to do both the affected side and the healthy side to prevent the spread of the reaction. Dr Chow also did acupuncture and by the next morning the reaction was gone without taking any drugs. This reaction was painful and frightening and occurred after each successive chemo. Dr. Chow stopped it each time.

An important part of Eastern Medicine is meditation. I enjoy meditating in the group or using Dr. Chow’s CD but the Chow Meditation on the Five Elements is so portable I can do it anywhere, while in a Dr’s waiting room or while waiting in the Intensive Treatment Area for chemo. My blood pressure was routinely very high and I found that by meditating I could bring it down to normal.

My journey is far from over but after nine months of treatment by Dr. Chow and the Stanford Cancer Center, I am in complete remission. I have returned home to upstate New York to resume my duties as the Regional Manager for NYS Dept of Labor. It is now time for me to be responsible for my life and sustaining this remission. I am using the Chow System to do this. I do Chow Qigong twice a day, the Chow Meditation at noon and follow the cancer diet.

Kathy Marnell, January, 2010

Director of Nine Counties, NYS Dept. of Labor


Enhanced Psychic Abilities

With three months practice, my intuitive and psychic abilities became so sensitive – I knew who was telephoning, predicted the meeting with someone, could tell when events/incidents would happen. It helped me a great deal with my work and relationships.


Minneapolis, MN


Enhanced Quality of Life and Business

I don’t have a problem. My life was good, but after Qigong, my business just soared, expanded with a lot of famous people including the US President. And, my family is happier….


Los Gatos


Dr. Chow’s Qigong System has affected my life in a very positive way. Through exercises and meditation I have increased awareness of my mental, physical and spiritual being. My energy and stamina levels have improved greatly. Tension, due to stress, in my neck and shoulders has been eliminated and I am able to control and handle situations in a calm and relaxed manner. Balance and harmony now play an important role in my life. Qigong has greatly improved the quality of my life.


Toronto, Canada

I myself have had the privilege of studying with Dr. Chow. I’ve watched Dr. Chow work incredible “miracles” in those who have found little or no relief from other medical treatment. Dr. Chow’s work has made a tremendous impact in my own life and in the lives of my patients.


physician, Spokane


Eye Pain

I’m writing to tell you about the miraculous recovery I experienced yesterday after my laser surgery. As you know, 2 months ago when I underwent the same surgery in my right eye, it took 4 days for the anesthesia to wear off and almost 1 full month before vision began to return to the treated eye. During that period I could see only large, black, floating shapes. It was very frightening, painful and traumatic.

Yesterday, Philip drove me across town immediately after surgery, to have therapy from Dr. Effie Chow, Ph.D., R.N., Licensed Acupuncturist and Qigong Grandmaster. She worked with me for 1 hour with Qigong, applied Qi (Chi – life force) directly into my head and eyes, as well as giving me body, ear, and scalp acupuncture. At the end of the hour, all effects of the anesthesia (wooden-headed fuzzy feeling and out of balance in my walk) were gone; all swelling was gone, and I was able to see out of the treated eye without any black shapes and with just slightly reduced clarity.

When driving home from San Francisco I did experience significant pain in the treated eye. At home, my husband Philip, placed his hands gently over my eyes and applied Qi (Chi) as instructed by Dr. Chow and all pain totally vanished. Today I remained pain free, felt only a little tired and experienced only a slightly diminished vision in the treated eye. This was a much-needed miracle for me. I want you to know about this amazing woman, who has been teaching and healing with Qigong for many, many years.

Please contact her and refer patients to her so others will not have to suffer as I did.

Thank you for your skill and continued assistance.

Very truly yours,

D.D., PhD


Fibromyalgia, Pain

At the 5th World Congress on Qigong (2002) two nurses from a major New York hospital who had suffered from severe fibromyalgia, and had been in constant pain for about fifteen and twenty-five years, got relief after only ten minutes of Chow Qigong therapy.


Fibrosarcoma Grade II

Hope S, Age 82

FIBROSARCOMA, GRADE II, 23 years survivor.

Hope was lucky to be alive after emergency surgery. A large cancer had caused a perforation of her small intestine. Facing certain death, she applied healing methods of The Chow System, and is still alive and free of cancer twenty-three years later at 82 years of age.

Hope was sixty-two when she nearly died in 1981. The first sign of trouble was the sudden onset of abdominal pain and fever. At the time she was working in a small village in the Northwest Territories of Canada. Immediate surgery found a large cancer measuring eight inches in diameter in its largest area. Bowel contents were oozing into the abdominal cavity causing a life threatening infection (peritonitis).

Surgical removal was impossible because of the extent of the cancer. The bowel leak was sealed, drains placed, the abdomen closed, and Hope was given huge doses of antibiotics. The diagnosis was fibrosarcoma (Grade II), a form of cancer generally treated with irradiation, but unresponsive to other treatments.

After recuperating for a month, Hope was told she was going to die; she would be lucky if she lived two more years. She was not a candidate for irradiation therapy because of the location of the cancer. In desperation, her doctors recommended a trial of chemotherapy, but told her in advance it probably wouldn’t work. Hope started the toxic treatment and experienced the usual side effects of nausea, vomiting, weight loss, and hair loss. Periodic CAT scans were not encouraging. After five months of chemotherapy her oncologist wrote in her medical record, “I don’t believe chemotherapy will help this lady,” and the treatment was stopped.

Hope always had been receptive to alternative approaches. At this point two friends who had taken a 100 hour course from Dr. Chow encouraged her to practice qi balancing exercises centered around Chow Qigong. Hope (her real name and a good name for this story) was looking for something like this to come along, and was receptive. There were many more things she wanted to do in her life, and she didn’t want a “little cancer problem” to upset her plans. Hope was a very positive-minded person with a good sense of humor.


She practiced Chow Qigong diligently which included other measures such as diet, meditation, etc. and her miracle began to happen. When she began Qigong her abdomen was so swollen with cancer she looked six months pregnant. Over the next four months her abdomen shrank, CAT scans showed a steady reduction in the size of the cancer, and she began to feel like life might be worth living again.

At this point her friends asked what she would like to do more than anything else. She said she wanted to visit with friends at her alma mater in Berkeley, and on the East coast, John Hopkins University. Not long before, she thought she would never be able to see her old friends again. She took the trip, knowing it would be therapeutic.

When Hope returned to the clinic for a follow up exam (four months after beginning routines of The Chow System), a CAT scan showed that the original cancer mass had disappeared, but a suspicious mass remained in the left kidney. The kidney was removed surgically, but no evidence of cancer was found.

Hope still had little energy, and was fearful the cancer would return. In October, 1982, she began Dr. Chow’s intensive training course to perfect her energy balancing practices, and much more. Classes were spread out over several months, but at the end she felt so much better she was able to go back to work full time.

Twenty three years have now passed since Hope’s recovery. She is cancer free and enjoying good health. In contrast to most people who are looking for a quick fix for their health problems, she faithfully practices the Chow Qigong principles and exercises that cured her and continue to keep her healthy. She is well aware that she needs to do so to keep the cancer from returning.

At 82, she is very active, owns and runs a bed and breakfast place, a small apple orchard producing apple cider and dried apple, and traveling over the world.


Head Injury

“I was a second-year engineering student and an aspiring champion in the International IndyAuto Races. In January 1999, my world collapsed when I suffered a brain injury in a motor vehicle accident along with a fractured pelvis, broken collar bone, and a torn urethra. I remained unconscious for almost 3 months.

For 1 year my recovery progressed well under the care of a good rehab team. With my strong will and desire to get back on my feet, I regained my ability to speak, and although in a wheelchair most times, I was able to use a walker unsteadily for short stints with close surveillance. By the second year my progress had leveled off. In spite of the expert team and for undetermined reasons, severe intentional tremors impeded and even made me regress.

My family and I were very frustrated and angry. I now used a wheelchair more often and needed total assistance to dress and eat. My whole body had moderate shaking when I tried to take steps to walk. My right hand was gripped and rigid with a fixed elbow and wrist, making it almost useless. My left arm had severe tremors so that I could not hold it up and had to hold my upper arm pressed to my body in order to have any control. I had some drooling, and my speech was unclear.

In March 2001, we were introduced to the Chow Qigong Healing System. Immediately I felt my body responding. Dr. Chow showed me how to breathe using my diaphragm to control my spasms. My drooling stopped, and my speech was clearer. She used Qigong massage with my right wrist, which was very tight, making it nearly useless. Within about 10 minutes. Dr. Chow had my wrist bending easily. My mother cried seeing this and we were both convinced of the magic of the Chow Qigong Healing System.

Under Dr. Chow’s training I started noticing that I could do things I hadn’t been able to do since my accident. In 3 short months of seeing Dr. Chow each month for 3 to 4 days, 3 to 4 hours per day, I have been able to achieve many “firsts” and complete many activities of daily living. Whereas before I had to be fed most of my meals, now I can eat independently with a regular fork and spoon. A caregiver or my mom would dress me and now I get dressed independently. I can put on my belt, shoes and socks and even tie my waist ties. I spent most of my time in a wheelchair before and needed close supervision when I walked with a walker. Now I walk using only a walking stick with supervision for occasional loss of balance. I would never answer the phone but let the caller leave a message; now I can write phone messages and even make journal entries that are legible with smaller printing. Because of the urethra tear, I was impotent. After 2 and a half years, now with Qigong, I have regained some sexual sensations.

This list of “firsts” is lengthy, and I will achieve more each day. I continue to look forward to my sessions with Dr. Chow, convinced that I will soon return to a life which is full, rich, and independent.”


Hip Joint Pain and Decreased Mobility

“Last summer I was having trouble with my hip joint and it was aggravating. Every time I walked it bothered me. You (Dr. Chow) did some manipulation around my knee and my hip was transformed! You have the strongest hands I have ever felt.”

Bill Good, CKNW Radio

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada



For the past eleven years I have been living powerfully with HIV/AIDS. I learned early to embrace the disease as a beloved old friend. I learned to live each day as if there were no tomorrow.

I have been looking for the healing process of Qigong after seeing an Aids patient’s recovery on a News Magazine Show out of San Francisco, a year ago.

In May ’98 a friend with breast cancer told me she was going to Markham to an Introductory session of Qigong. I finally got a connection. This is where I met Mr. Ma, who told me about the Chow Qigong exercise classes held at St. Andrew’s United Church, right in my neighbourhood.

This summer, when I started Chow Qigong, I was suffering through many side effects and hospital admittances due to my medicines. By my third Chow Qigong exercise class, I noticed my energy level had increased and my muscular system was far more flexible. Blood tests showed an increase of my CD4 counts to a four year high (from125 to 370) and a steady drop of my Viral Load (June 3625 to Sept.1874). My appetite has increased and I have changed nothing in my daily routine in two years of taking the new Aids Cocktail with a steady decline in my bloodwork. It was only after starting Chow Qigong exercises that all these changes in my bloodwork quickly reversed. I am sleeping better at night and I have better skin tone once more. My side effects have, on the most part, subsided as well.

D.H. Toronto, Canada


Huntington’s Disease

Where to begin….

The pain and fear of a person at risk for Huntington’s disease is terrible. I struggled daily with depression, rage and hopelessness. But I have the children and I cannot give in. I concentrate all my energy on being the pleasant and cheerful person they need and I want to be.

When my neurologist told me that I was now symptomatic, my despair and sadness were overwhelming. One morning after I had been sobbing for four hours, I made a cup of St. John’s Wort tea. It helped calm me enough so that I could function and think.

Later I started taking Ginko Bilboa and found it helped my memory and thinking. I could think long thoughts again. I tried to keep well and be positive. You cannot give up if you have children.

So what were the symptoms? Sleeping became a nightmare. I tossed so violently through the night, I was afraid of hurting myself or my husband. I seemed never to sleep. Depression and sadness would sweep over me constantly. Volcano-like rages. All the psychological discipline and goodwill could do nothing. Rage surging through. It was all I could do to get to my room and close the door.

Standing with my key in my hand, my handbag, my coat and bags of groceries, I wouldn’t know what to do. I would have to figure it out each time. What do I do first?

It was like having too many voices in my head. “Put the water in the kettle.” “Empty the dishwasher.” So I would try to focus on what I was doing. This past winter it got to three. “Put the water up for tea.” “Empty the dishwasher.” “Take the lemon out of the fridge.” I would find I had picked up a knife I had no intention of using. I was having difficulty talking. It took a long time to get the words out and they were a limited version of what I was trying to say. I felt I was in a fog. I would stumble a lot. Bump into things. Drop them. My concentration is poor. On occasion my hands would move without my intending any movement. I stopped reading because I couldn’t seem to concentrate. I really didn’t feel well. I would ask myself with despair,

“Will I never feel better than this?”

This winter, just as my previously frozen left arm healed, I hurt my right arm and was in constant pain. It even hurt to hug and that’s bad.

I had tea with my friend Claire and told her I wanted to find an exercise and meditation class. She told me she had been going to Qigong and thought I would enjoy it. I felt I had to wait until I could move without pain before I came.

So at the end of April, I came to my first class. It was very overwhelming . My meditation was full of bright colours. I felt an electric shock when I hugged some people. After the class, I felt energised and calm, an interesting combination.

I noticed one of the women in the class walked bent over a cane. Her complexion was grey. She moved as if every movement was painful and I thought what a cruel irony her name is Joy. (Two weeks later she was in the centre of the circle). Three weeks later she looked different, like she had been on holiday. She was standing straight and tall, and her complexion was clear. She had stopped using her cane. She had been doing Qigong for three months. What an inspiration!

I told the class about Huntington’s. Lilian said to concentrate on my breathing. Lyn said to spend lots of time in my garden. Dorothy’s gentle hands helped me to move in the right direction and Ed checked my Qi every week. Max’s awful, awful jokes, awfully rude and awfully funny, and intensely powerful classes. I said at one point, “I can’t do it!” All three turned on me and said listen to what you keep saying to yourself. So I began to see that every week I was doing better and began appreciating myself for how well I am handling things.

So I tried. I tried to notice when my breath was short or shallow and to do a few diaphragmatic breaths. I have been spending a lot of time in my garden.

I noticed there is only one voice in my head when I make the tea now. That’s a huge relief.

This summer my eldest daughter had a nervous breakdown. My doctor had said to me that one thing to avoid is stress. One night I was tossing so badly there was no point even in staying in bed. I went into the garden. It was completely black. The air was warm and moist. I looked for a solution. The right thing to say to her and the doctors. I found it eventually and then I noticed my garden getting light and I felt with every fibre of my being the sun coming up was another daily miracle. I felt wonderfully strong, at peace.

I slept that night, body completely relaxed as I have been no matter the stress the day brings.

The healing circle: We all sat in a circle chanting words I had never heard. I felt I had reached a new level of consciousness I had never reached before. Briefly I felt I left my body and was looking down on the people. Then I was back. When Max was behind me, I felt he was as hot as a bonfire. I felt I was giving up my disease and all my pain.

I expected to get progressively worse. I now find myself feeling better each week. I don’t feel like I’m in a fog all the time and I seem not to have difficulty talking. How do I feel? I feel terrific! I feel better than I have felt in years. I have handled an intensely difficult period better than I could have imagined. No depression, no anger, no difficulty talking, reading with ease and pleasure and sleeping like a baby.

Imagine how I’ll feel next year?


Toronto, Canada


Hypotonia (Congenital)

Taylor has struggled with illness since infancy. He was diagnosed at various times with congenital hypotonia, hearing loss due to frequent ear infections, infection by the RSV virus, severe eczema and asthma.

His low energy and constant exhaustion made it impossible for him to stay awake past 7:30 in the evening. Last year Taylor was hospitalized five times for flu, pneumonia, and asthma. His attitude and ability to cope with social anxiety was significantly limited. On July 4th, Taylor was unable to walk five blocks from his home to town.

Dr. Chow agreed to mentor Taylor and began working with him in July, 2004. The transformation in just two months has been astounding. His strength and vitality have improved significantly. Taylor is now physically active and often stays up until 9pm. He quickly overcomes flu and asthma symptoms. He has also transitioned into public high school and is a productive and successful freshman. In August, his family went to Immigrant Pass (elevation 9870 ft.) and he completed a 3-mile hike. In September, his family went to Mt. Eddy (elevation 9000 feet) and he completed a 12-mile hike!

Taylor also is highly sensitive to energy fields in himself and others. Taylor’s goal is to become a catalyst to aid others in their healing. Taylor’s desire is to support each person’s personal growth and transformation to wellness in body, mind and spirit.


Knee Contusion

CD is a 17 year old male who injured his left knee playing competitive soccer. He was seen by his orthopedist who, after reviewing his knee MRI, informed him and his mother that he had bone edema and was diagnosed to have a contusion. He was prescribed an anti-inflammatory , rest and a knee brace for six weeks. He was very upset about missing the balance of the soccer season. On the second week, his exam revealed persistent soft tissue edema, tenderness to palpation of the lateral knee, and pain with range of motion of the left knee. Dr. Chow treated him with Chow Qigong dispersion techniques and Qi was applied at energetic points in the leg for about 15 minutes. His edema improved and his pain was 80% better. He had three more treatments of about 15-20 minutes each and he became pain free with weight bearing and range of motion. He went to see his orthopedist ahead of schedule on the third week after his injury because he wanted to return to soccer to finish the season. An MRI was performed and found to be normal. CD finished the soccer season with his usual flare!


New Jersey


Kidney Problem

One of Dr. Chow’s youngest Ottawa area clients is a five month old infant. Dr. Chow correctly predicted the baby’s gender when his mother attended a Friday evening Chow Qigong Seminar. The infant, a boy as Dr. Chow had predicted, was born a month later. Ultrasounds taken during the mother’s pregnancy showed a stenosis or restriction of the infant’s ureter. The ureter is the connecting tube which carries urine from the kidney to the bladder. A prolonged restriction of the ureter would result in damage to the associated kidney.

The stenosis was regularly monitored with ultrasound. Since no relaxation was observed, the infant was scheduled for a renal operation. Five days before some scheduled x-rays (prior to surgery) Dr. Chow and her Ottawa team worked with the infant and his family by emitting qi, massaging the area, and using qi pressure at pertinent points. The x-ray results showed the stenosis had relaxed sufficiently to allow urine to pass at a medically accepted rate. The operation was cancelled. The medical community continues to monitor the infant. Dr. Chow, the Ottawa team and his parents continue to apply the techniques of Chow Qigong and the Chow System with the baby boy.


Motor Dysfunction

Mary P. Y. with Dr. Effie Chow

11 AM to 12 PM (One hour only)

Diagnosis: R ocular motor dysfunction due to head trauma

“I am grateful to my Higher Power for directing me to you.

I am grateful to you for your qigong skills and your willingness to share them.

I am amazed. My miracle continues.

My results since our session are dramatic.

I am now able to judge the speed of oncoming traffic when driving.

I am able to drive with the car music on, windshield wipers on, snow and rain blowing horizontally or at me in heavy city of Chicago traffic and maintain a steady even flow of comprehension.

My brain, ear, eye signals flow evenly.

My peripheral vision is coming in and out when needed and no longer in the “locked on” position.

I can comprehend questions asked of me and answer without a delay.

I can move my head and neck 100% more.

I can move my hips 100% more.

R & L eyes are in sync with each other and stable 90% of time.

My perscription vision has improved 100%.

I can see and read near without wearing my glasses 100% of the time.

I can be in sunlight without sunglasses 80% of time.

I can tolerate glare 50% more.

I can tolerate loud noise 50% more.”


Migraines, Asthma, Hiatus Hernia

I’m more energetic! My pain is gone. For as long as I can remember, I have had migraine headaches. The last ten years, I have taken preventive drugs to lessen the almost daily occurrences but the migraines still came four or five times a week and resulted in two or three days a month off work. The painkillers, ice packs, and Sumatriptan could not control the pain enough for me to function. I also gained weight as a side effect from the medication.

Three and a half years ago, a friend introduced me to Qigong Master, Dr. Effie Poy Yew Chow, the originator of the Chow Integrated Healing System. I wasn’t looking for changes in my health because I had just accepted the many aches and pains and pills as a normal part of being over fifty.

The Chow System seems almost too simple to work but it does. In the course of six months, I learned to breathe with my diaphragm, practice proper posture, do specific Chow Qigong exercises and meditate. Belly -aching laughs and a positive mental attitude are also part of the components.

I have not had a serious headache or been on medication since mid-April and have dropped ten pounds. No trips to the hospital emergency department. The only headache I have had was a result of two weeks vacation, which unfortunately included vacation from Qigong. Even then I was able to stop the headache with the Qigong exercises and meditation and get back to work in a couple of hours without feeling drugged. My physician approves.

I have not had to use Ventolin for breathing difficulties. Several times the wheezing started and I did the breathing that Dr. Chow had taught and held the pressure points and the breathing eased immediately. Again unexpectedly, I noticed that I only rarely use medication for my hiatus hernia and the stiffness of arthritis that was beginning to manifest itself in my hands and knees is no longer there. Even sleep apnea is improving and the list goes on.

Since taking the 100-hour training course, I have been able to help some friends and relatives, and even my CAT, with some pain and injury. Needless to say, I want to learn more. I have never enjoyed exercise and have tried meditation many times, but now with the Chow Qigong system, I enjoy them and miss both if I skip a day

I have watched Dr. Chow work with people suffering from severe disabilities and seen limbs move that haven’t moved in years and my health problems seem unimportant in comparison but I am ever so grateful to feel well- and younger, too.

J. M.

Toronto, Canada



Robert, 64, a physician in space research, had suffered from a localized 2 cm area of gnawing pain on his right shoulder for many years. He had also suffered from a football injury to the right knee in 1955. Fluid was drained several times, but there was no surgical procedure. Presumably, there was torn cartilage. He subsequently developed osteoarthritis with typical symptoms of swelling and chronic pain (very intense at times), restricted range of motion and instability of the knee joint. He could not run. Arthroscopy done 10 years ago showed complete loss of cartilage and no possibility of surgical correction. Most activities, including walking and running, aggravated the discomfort, therefore he gave up tennis and Aikido. He could tolerate a little bicycling. He did not want to use medication. He wrote “My main complaint is that it restricts my physical activities and the inevitable, barring a Qigong miracle, is a joint replacement.”

In February 1997 Dr. Chow showed Robert and his wife some Qigong techniques to do for his shoulder and gave an energy demonstration. He reported immediate reduction in discomfort after the treatment with continuing improvement in the next few hours; the pain was gone completely by evening, with no reoccurrence.

In March he came to Dr. Chow for the right knee problem. He reported, “I had a clear reduction of size of the osteoarthritic right knee after the very first treatment, increased range of motion at knee and hip, greater improvement on right. I also have a more normal gait. I continued to improve all evening. The swelling is still down.” Later he reported, “I had only one episode of mild, deep arthritic discomfort during the next two weeks, some stiffness and restricted range of motion persists but improvement continues. I am continuing Qigong exercises, and bending and stretching exercises of both knees”

During a visit he showed a tiny wart-like growth on his left little finger that he had had for two years. Lately he had to wear a Band-Aid to protect it as it was extremely painful. Qigong was applied to the wart, arthritic left fingers, painful thumb and wrist joints of right hand, and he could close his left fist better. The wart-like growth had smoothed out with no protrusion and disappeared totally better about ten days.

In April he wrote, …”no recurrence of deep arthritic knee pain some stiffness and restricted range of motion remained; however, exercises were not done consistently due to extensive travel in past months. Localized 1-2cm area of pain in supra-patella area of right knee no longer present. Overall condition significantly improved”

In June he wrote to say “Just a brief note to let you know how much I appreciate all that you have done for me. I feel better now than I have in many years. Thanks to your guidance and remarkable healing powers.”


Ovarian Cancer, Trigger Thumb, Coccydynia

I want to share an experience I had with Dr. Chow in February of 2006. I had a condition called coccydynia, tailbone pain that I was suffering with in a life and death way. Dr Chow helped me move, mobilize and relieved that a great deal. She showed me how to walk and move. It has since healed completely with the practice of Chow Qigong and Chinese medicine. That has been a miracle over time. The real miracle that day had to do with my thumbs.

Dr. Chow asked me why I had a thumb brace on. I told her I had been diagnosed by two hand doctors as having “trigger thumb”, bilaterally. One doctor told me I’d have to have cortisone in one and hand surgery for the other. The other doctor wanted to start with cortisone. I had just not wanted to treat my hands or thumbs that way. One doctor said “You’ll be back”.

I hadn’t thought to ask Dr. Chow to help me with this painful condition. She suggested we work on it and I remember very clearly the way she worked with my thumbs. She gave me exercises to do after, which I did, but I was actually cured in those moments with her. I could move both of my thumbs without pain and the pain has never returned four years later. It was a truly amazing and blessed experience.

The healing power of Qi is great and I have utmost respect for Dr Chow and her life.

I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in May of 2009 and had resultant surgery and chemotherapy. Right away my experience with Dr. Chow came to mind. I called and set up telephone appointments with her. I was in a despairing state of mind, crying for several weeks.

I am so grateful to have had her help. During our very first session, she helped me turn my thinking around. One of the major facets of (Chow) Qigong healing, as I know it, is to help people maintain positive attitude. I was able to turn my despair into gratitude and happiness.

She works with me continually about my fears of recurrence and can get me back on the right track of thinking. She also encourages daily Chow Qigong and meditation to heal the mind and body. I can attest to the fact that it works! Her meditation calls on all the forces of the universe to help you. Very powerful stuff.

Friends who had been with me post-surgery were amazed that I had done a 180 emotionally. My oncologist at one point said I should do a workshop about how I handled the treatment so well! I am six month post chemo and my test results show no cancer!

This journey, without Dr. Chow, would have been much different. She is strict in her instruction, which is what was needed.

I am a psychotherapist. When I returned to work after a six month hiatus these skills helped with dealing with re-entry issues.

With loving Qi and gratitude,

Linda Eisenberg 04-04, 2010

Portland, Oregon



Case #1

A young woman had pains of knees and feet for years, recently crippling her so that she could not go up and down the stairs without stooping and limping. She could not stand on her toes for over two and a half years. Nothing else had helped. In one Chow Qigong therapy session (one and a half hour in length), all pains were relieved, she walked up and down stairs easily and smoothly in good posture, and stood up high on her toes easily and had good balance! Next day, she and her husband joined us for a full morning of Chow Qigong exercise and meditation and she was able to maintain balance on her toes.

Case #2

Woman in her 60′s from Chicago had two hip replacements one year ago but still had severe pain and limping with cane. (The first operation was a medical error!) Gave Chow Qigong for 10 minutes…walked straight without her cane, pain free and said her legs and body felt so light that she felt like running so we “glided” as we ran! She was exuberant!

December, 2001. Ontario.

Case #3

Pain of knees, feet and hips, stomach distress, tight throat

I attended the 4th World Congress on Qigong on May 7, 2001. In her demonstration workshop, Dr. Chow worked on my knees and stomach. I had had an injury to the left knee 35 years ago and last year extra stress had accumulated to thepoint of having pain in some part of my knees, feet, & hips with every step. The range of motion in the left knee was also limited. After Dr. Chow’s treatment I was able to move from sitting to standing in complete comfort, walk with ease bend & kneel as well.

Also for many years I have been experiencing stomach distress, fluttering in the esophogus & tightening in my throat. Some of the symptoms of Hiatal Hernia which my mother and brother suffer. After Dr. Chow’s treatment, the floated & tightness abated to ease & comfort. Also I am much less affected by any foods I eat. I have learned how to breath and can now open my throat whenever I feel it together.

I teach ballroom dancing and am on my feet moving constantly for hours and have been able to do that with much more strength and energy.


Case #4

Subject: Robert. Retired. Due to severe pain of left knee, has not run since 1983 (28 years ago!). After demonstration of Chow Qigong on him on stage for only 7 minutes before 215 people, began running on the stage pain free (and surprised, his comment was: what am I doing running?!) and upon instruction, proceeded to run around the huge ball room amongst cheers and tears of all!

Dear Dr. Chow ,

Thank you again for the wonderful learning experience & sharing your knowledge this week end.

I was leading my SFQ ( Spring Forest Qigong ) practice group last night and four of the people in the group were at the conference this week end . The ladies were so excited about what they saw & learned at the conference that they inspired two of the people in the group ( who were not able to attend ) to each order your book from last night.

I am grateful for you allowing me to be with you & the rest of your team in the private consultations, thank you.

I helped someone today with Chow Qigong & they felt so much better. The breathing & acu chi points were used. Blessings to you


Case #5

Young 50 years of age beautiful Thai woman (professional gambling Champion now for the past five years, having retired from her profession in business administration), had severe neck, back, and arm pain, and knees for approximately 5 years. Singly raised her grown son. Her shoulders were slightly but visibly slumped over. She had difficulty turning her head with obvious pained expressions on her face upon moving any part of her body. With one hour of Chow Qigong, her posture straightened and breath was deeper, she was totally pain free, could move and dance freely, walk like dancing, and did the half split. She laughed heartily and said that she had not laughed in years nor even smiled for a long time. She did not like gambling but had found it an easy way to make money (because she was excellent with figures) as a hobby. Discussed other potential rewarding hobbies and directions in life…suggested dancing competitions because she loved to dance. She is seriously considering the transition.

Case #6

Woman 70 years young woman had two hip replacements three years ago (first one was also a medical error!), then had a Knee replacement one year ago (also had medical mishap). For over three years she had severe pain, limping heavily and heavily dependent on a cane. Her doctor told her that she will never ever climb stairs again and should not even try. After 20 minutes of Chow Qigong with her, she was totally pain free, walked with only a very slight limp with no cane and we proceeded to gently and successfully climb a flight of stairs of twenty steps! Two days later she visited her grand-daughter in Paris, France for three weeks and had a great visit.


Parkinson’s Disease

Case #1

A man who suffered from Parkinson’s for years was having great difficulty with speech and mobility. Nothing had helped. His condition was deteriorating. In one session, the gentleman was able to lead the group in singing (he was a professor of music at a university) and he now could run swiftly which he had not been able to run at all (nor walk fast) for over one year.

December, 2001, Ontario

Parkinson’s Disease

A.H., 60 year old male retired RCMP

He had just completed a one month treatment utilizing an experimental procedure costing $40,000 CDN. At the end of that experience, A.H’s symptoms had worsened.

Chow Qigong Therapy with Dr. Chow: For the first year, AH was seen by Dr. Chow each month only 2 – 3 days for one to one and a half hours each day and then more sparsely as indicated by the dates as he improved. The estimated costs for Chow Qigong Therapy is only around $4,000 CDN, and liberally no more than $6,000 CDN to help AH live a normal life again.

First Visit: June 1998

Presenting problems: 1) Parkinson’s Disease for 10 years to severe deterioration

constant severe tremor

“freezing” – very rigid. Someone had to help him initiate movement at all times.

poor balance

hunched over forward about 80 degrees

did not drive car for over 6 months

Total dependency on his wife for all of his personal care, feeding, dressing, etc…

Progress reported by A.H. and his wife since treatment with Chow Qigong

• July 1998 – 1) Less tremor

• August 1998 – 1) Drove the car with his wife sitting beside him (1st time in 6 months)

can read books (1st time in more than 2 years)

shaving with safety razor

get up from kitchen chair alone

combed own hair

washed and dried face and hands

September 1998 1) walking more steadily

pushing grandson on swing

pulled weeds from garden


Case #2

“Ten years with Parkinson’s disease made me totally dependent upon my wife for all activities of daily living (ADL). I am 60 years young, over 6 feet tall, and a retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). My symptoms included very severe tremors with rigidity, “freezing ,” stooped posture 80% hunched over, poor balance, and no longer driving. Prior to treatment with Chow Integrated Healing System and Chow Qigong, I had tried all medicine means and had just spent $40,000 for a one-month experimental program and had further deteriorated.

Approximately once a month I had 2 or 3 days of therapy when Dr. Chow came to Ottawa. Then in between times I practiced what I was taught and had Chow Qigong therapy with Dr. Chow’s assistants. Many things improved simultaneously, but I will highlight only some major first time improvements. In June 1998 after the first 1 ½ hours of therapy with Dr. Chow and her team, tremors were reduced. In July, movement improved, with less “freezing.” In August, for the first time in 6 months, I drove my car accompanied by my wife; for the first time in more than 2 years, I read some books, shaved with safety razors, and carried out some self-care. In October, I was rolling and crawling, playing, and closed up the pool with grandchildren. In November, I got up from and down to the floor readily. In December, for the first time in a year, I drove my car alone. From December 1998 to now, July 2001, 1 have continued to improve; in fact, some things I am doing even better than before I became ill. (Such as lying on the floor with my feet simulating riding a bicycle up in the air!) I now lead a normal life handling all my own ADLs. I golf, climb ladders to prune trees, sleep well, have spent 4 hours shoveling snow off my roof this winter, and opened a new business with my wife—the only gift shop at the new casino. I also can think of others better and be more thoughtful, whereas I was quite centered onto myself in the height of my condition.”


Ringing in Ears, Diabetes, Arthritic Hand, Shoulder & Hernia Pain


Ted had been retired for five years from a job in construction. He suffered from ringing in the ears, a high cholesterol level, diabetes, shoulder pain in both shoulders from a fall, painfully arthritic hand, hernia area pain, profuse body sweating from the waist down, intense pressure in the head, pain in left chest area; he had no sex drive and could not maintain an erection. In addition to his physical pain, Ted was in emotional pain; 30 years before, his wife cheated once and he had never forgiven her.

On July 18, 1997 immediately following this first session with Dr. Chow, his hernia and shoulders were 50 percent improved.

After the second session on July 19, his shoulders were 95 percent better, hernia pain 95 percent better, sweating 70 percent better, hands 75 percent better and head and neck pressure 70 percent better. He noted that he was “doing more work in the house, painting and plumbing and cutting grass. Temple pain reduced to only slight pressure.”

After the July 22 session, he reported “ear ringing 70 percent better, cholesterol level better by clinical measurement, diabetes improved, shoulder totally better. Hands are totally better, Hernia pain totally better; Sweating is totally better; Pressure in head totally better. Sex has improved a great deal. Many emotional problems are being tolerated better.” The general effect is that he feels much younger with much more energy and is finding negative situations in life more tolerable.


Semi-lobar Holoprosencephaly

Dr. Chow encountered a 9 month old beautiful baby boy diagnosed as Semi-lobar Holoprosencephaly. (Children with this diagnosis are not expected to develop much at all and most are expected to die within a year. Even if they do not die they are not expected to have much cognitive awareness, to walk, talk, or develop any form of meaningful interactions.) He was not sitting nor walking nor holding his head up, legs stiff and unbending, was a potential to have an inguinal operation … There is no need now for the operation! In ten minutes got him standing briefly, opened his legs to normal movement and could hold his head up for periods of time, all for the first time in his life…..mother (in her 20′s) and grandmother crying from sheer happiness. We all were too! She reports that he is still progressing… .able to better hold up his head, standing better, bending his legs well, and have begun also to sit up for a bit of time too now.



A lifetime of seizures (6 times a day) have diminished greatly. Sixteen days without seizures. Seizures that do occur are milder. I am more independent…

CS Ottawa


Shoulder and Knee Pain

Forty-seven years of shoulder and knee pain and swelling relieved in one session.


San Francisco


Spinal Cord Injury

The physician explained that Mr. P. sustained a head injury, C5 fracture, and spinal cord injury, and he received surgical intervention to fuse and stabilize his cervical spine. With respect to his spinal cord injury, Mr. P. had no power in his legs and only large muscle movement in his arms. He had no independent trunk movement. In addition to his permanent quadriplegia, Mr. P. also suffered from poor sleep, neurogenic pain in his shoulders and arms , and bladder incontinence. Overall, Mr. P. demonstrated mild to moderate loss in memory, more in nonverbal memory.

The physician also indicated that Mr. P. would experience further recovery around the level of his spinal cord but not below. Therefore it was expected that Mr. P. would re-cover further function/movement of his shoulders and increased strength bilaterally to his arms. Less recovery was expected, however, of his wrists and hands, and it was not likely that Mr. P. would recover further trunk or leg function.

Mr. P. first saw Dr. Chow on July 13,1999. At that time, Mr. P. could lift his right arm to shoulder height and his left to half that height with a lot of pain in the neck and shoulders. He had very little wrist movement and feeling only on the inner side from his elbows down. When he was touched, he went into spasms and had to be held down. Exercising was impossible because of this. He also had an ulcer on his left foot, which would not heal. He was depressed and cranky, would speak very little and made no eye contact. He was very apathetic.

After his first session with Dr. Chow, Mr. P. could control his spasms with his new breathing technique, he could sit by himself on the side of the bed for a few minutes, and he could pull himself up from lying to sitting with help.

Six months later, after seeing Dr. Chow every month and having two practitioners work with him twice a week at home, Mr. P. has made significant physical and mental improvements:

The ulcer on his left sole has healed.

He controls spasms with Qigong breathing techniques.

He is free from shoulder and neck pain at rest or during exercise.

He sleeps a lot better.

He can turn on his side in bed by hooking his arm over the side rail.

Because of the above improvements, the need for an overnight attendant was eliminated. Assisted exercise involving Mr. P. pulling himself up from a lying to a sitting position has strengthened his back muscles. He can now bend down to touch his toes while sitting in his wheelchair and get back to the chair by himself. Rolling with only a little assistance on the floor mat continues to strengthen his upper torso and helped him regain some sense of his body movement and alignment. His endurance has increased to the point where he can roll 200 times in 52 minutes without resting.

For the first time in his life, he can hold his 20-month old son, Chris, in his arms. Chris has also changed from a shy boy to a very warm and joyous fellow. He eagerly watches Dr. Chow working with his father, and he uses some of the English words he has learned to encourage him.

Massage and Cupping has resulted in feeling on the outer part of his upper arms and he has more feeling in his upper chest and back. His urine stream is now strong.

Mr. P. has a more positive outlook on life now. He eagerly participates in his exercise program. He is also thinking about learning computer skills or other possibilities to improve his chances of working again.

It is strongly believed that with the continuation of the intensive therapy with the Chow Qigong Integrated Healing System, Mr. P. could regain much more mobility and independence and lead a happy and fulfilling life. With all the improvements achieved in the last few months, recovery potential can be unlimited as long as he is willing to work hard.



Case #1

Bill G, Age 82

3 MASSIVE STROKES and one seizure with severe brain damage and comatosed

In February 2003, I was invited by Tom, the son of Bill, with cooperation of the Indianapolis University Medical Center which has one of the top neurology divisions in the country. We had full cooperation of the medical staff and it was a joy to work with them. The following is what transpired.

February 1, 2003 – Chinese New Year of the Ram and the day of Columbus Shuttle Disaster. Bill had 3 massive strokes and 1 seizure resulting in massive brain damage of parietal, temporal and cerebral, comatose, no speech, no response to light, speech, nor

other stimuli. Involuntary movement of limbs. On intravenous and gastric feeding, catheter, and had involuntary bowel movement. Had atrial fibrillation, elevated temperature, and left hemiplegia. Had CAT scan, MRI.

With all tests, physician’s prognosis was that it was likely that he would never ever walk again, nor hear, see or talk properly nor ever eat by mouth.

February 12, 2003 – Began Chow Medical Qigong at the Indianapolis University Medical Center. 1st therapy session with Chow Medical Qigong Bill regained full cognizance – upon request and slight assistance, turned head, moved arms and legs 6 times each. Sat in high fowler’s position with eyes opened and smiling.

Feb. 13. 2nd therapy session – transferred with light assistance to chair for one hour

Feb. 14. 3rd therapy session – walked 18 feet with light assistance

Feb. 15. 4th therapy session – walked 120 feet with almost no assistance

Feb. 16 – 19. Continued progress with fine motor skills, catheter removed, to toilet, writing though not clearly legible, reading the newspaper, magazines on occasions, walked 400 feet, increasing skills of ADL e.g. brushing teeth with guidance, puts on own glasses, uses kleenix to wipe mouth, etc..

Feb. 21. He was transferred to a Nursing Rehabilitation Home.

3rd week Found it was more advantageous for his progress by going home, to restaurant, shopping, etc. Secured doctor’s order for home visitation and outings

Began sipping fluid and taking bits of food. Socializing with family, other residents.

5th week Ate first pureed lunch! But he was still officially on NPO.

The staff at both the University Medical Center and the Nursing Rehabilitation Home were extremely cooperative with prescribing what we requested for expediting his recovery even though it was a highly unusual circumstance for them. The physicians were using terms in their rounds with their residents and interns such words as “striking”, remarkable”, “unbelievable” progress since Chow Qigong therapy!

I thank them all for their cooperation and courage to step out of their usual “box”.

Case #2

Before treatment. The 62-year-old patient from North Carolina suffered a stroke 2 years before coming to see Dr. Chow, and she manifested right hemiplegia requiring a shoulder sling and right hand and leg braces. The prognosis was that of continued deterioration and that she would never be able to drive a car again. She could walk only about 10 feet with a quad cane with her right leg dragging. Her right hand and arm hung useless by her side, and she could not move her right arm or leg at all. She was told that unless she used the sling and braces, arms, hands, knees, and ankles would come out of their sockets.

Her energy level was extremely low, she tired easily and was very depressed. Medical treatment had not helped her, and the acupuncture she received elsewhere gave no results.

After treatment. In 9 days of treatment. Dr. Chow used a strong Qigong component in her therapy, and she immediately accomplished the following: The patient could walk seven blocks in San Francisco, including hills, she did not need braces or slings; lying down she could totally move and exercise her right arm and leg; she could use her right hand to hold a cup to drink; she could balance well with both feet together, and she could walk around home without support. She felt optimistic, happy, and energetic.

Case #3

80 year young lady, from Thailand, visiting her families for only a month and in her second week here, had a stroke rendering her total left sided paralysis. Chow Qigong got her turning, rolling (50 times), sitting straight without propping, and then walking in just three hours in the one day!!! Her doctor in the rehab hospital (doctor of this family for over 30 years!) was most cooperative to whatever I needed to do with the client. And he even interrupted her therapy at one point when we got her legs moving, to have me work on his thumb which had been injured and very painful for two years….!!!!! Funny!!! Chow Qigong successfully relieved his pain totally in 10 minutes and he could move thumb well again. Then I resumed therapy with his patient! The son-in-law then also interrupted, said he had the same problem as their doctor and would I work with it….within 10 minutes of Chow Qigong, his condition was also relieved.


Stroke, Dystonicchorea (12-year Wheel Chair Dependancy)

Bill T, Age 62

DYSTONICCHOREA, wheelchair dependancy for 12 years, stroke May 2002 prognosis, never walk again.

A male client from the Veteran’s Adminstration (VA), wheelchair dependent for 12 years, a hospital administrator for 27 years, Vietnam shell shocked…result of experimental medication developed severe dystonicchorea symptoms, eg. non-stop constant motion of arms and body severely since 1992. He had a brain operation May, 2002 which caused a stroke and total dependency upon the wheelchair. Two weeks before he came to the 5th World Congress on Qigong, November 2002, his doctor and physiotherapist told him he would never walk again and ordered a power wheelchair for him. At the Congress, he and his caretaker from the VA came to Chow Qigong workshop on Sunday….3 minutes of Chow Qigong he sat very still relatively free of the dystonicchorea symptoms and after 8 minutes of Chow Qigong he got up, walked and encircled me in his arms and danced me around, then walked the perimeters of the large room. He also walked for the first time up the steps onto the stage, after the presentation he got up and again danced me on the stage laughing heartily!!!! You can imagine the reaction from the audience! There were tears, cheering and applause. Subsequently I had him get down by himself to the floor from the wheelchair, do some movement and rolling, and then got up by himself back into the wheelchair. Since that Sunday he continues to be mobile. We have a short video on this if you wish to see it.

Bill T. at the 5th World Congress on Qigong (November, 2002) Testimony –

Speech delivered by David as seen in the videotape.

“I don’t know if I can say anything more than what you just saw right there. “(as Bill walked up the 5 steps to the stage!)

1963 left the military for chronic depression and was given an experimental drug.

1982 he stopped taking it and was suffering from dystonicchorea. A debilitating disease that causes involuntary reflexive movement. In 1992 his symptoms became full blown requiring full medical care, full treatment, full home-care. February, 2002, Bill received from the San Francisco VA hospital a series of surgeries called “deep brain implant”. What they did was insert two electronic instruments in his brain and two power packs one side of his chest to remove the involuntary movement so he can sit in his chair. In second operation they clipped a blood vessel in his brain and he stroked out.

In May of 2002, he had no movement, no feeling on his complete right side and he was “aphasic”. In June 2002, we sent him to Palo Alto Brain Damage Treatment Center where he came back not quite how he was before his physical therapy. Two weeks at his physical therapy appointment his physical therapist said ‘Bill we’re gonna have to put you in a powered wheelchair, you’ll never walk again.” It was hard for me to take, Bill’s a friend of mine, I saw him regularly at the hospital but for Bill it was a crushing blow. About a week ago I was given an invitation to this Congress and I am a disabled veteran from Desert Storm and I wanted to come for my own benefit but I thought (Bingkun Hu, Dr. Hu over there who was the one that got me started on Qigong about 6 years ago) maybe this can help Bill. Well , Bill came in yesterday and spent about 3 minutes with Dr. Chow and for the first time since I’ve known him, which is 1998/1997, he sat completely still. I’ve never seen that before, never. *Sigh* He had movements so outrageous he couldn’t hold glasses, he was completely involuntary. In fact, he now tried to make himself do that again (imitate his jerking waving motions) and he can’t even remember how he did it. Three minutes with this lady (pointing to Dr. Chow) right here, he sat completely still, I’ve never seen that before and today we went to her workshop. After working with a group of people she spent a little bit of time (8 minutes) with Bill *sigh* he walked from his chair to the center of the room and began to dance step with her! *applause*

I got tears in my eyes, that was pretty moving. I thought enough for now let’s go home. Then she said let’s make sure he gets practice of this so he walked by himself the full length of the conference room, again I was astounded. She asked me if I wanted to get up here and talk about it. I was pretty interested and I wrote all these notes which I haven’t been able to read, not once. But besides all that, *snicker* I see Bill asking me “you sure you want to do this?” Folks, um, you know this is not a paid announcement, I am just stunned! *applause*. His wife is arriving for the first time to the United States at the end of this month and they were married and I’ve seen the video tapes. He was standing in a Cambodian ceremony and you do a lot of standing. He was using crutches and two strong men were holding him upright. When he gets to see his wife, he gets to greet her standing. Bill, what a blessing these two days have been.

Just as an aside, I was a veteran in Desert Storm, I had heart surgery in 1992. They went into my back so they cut the whole left side trapezius muscle group which is my power side. I have no strength in my left side and arm. And I have 25% nerve degeneration. After my surgery I was put on 500mgm darvoset, a pain medication…since then I had not run out. I have taken increased and stronger dosage and now I’m on what is called Oxycontin, a Time Release pain medication. As a test after I saw Dr. Chow yesterday at the workshop, I stopped taking my medication last night just to see what happens when I came back to her workshop and I still haven’t taken any. I can feel that effect, but folks, when I came today I reached down automatically with my left hand to pick up my gym bag, something I trained myself not to do a long time ago…for 10 years, I have never been able to do this… (he picked up his heavy gym bag up high to show everyone, then dropping it and continued to raise both arms up in the air saying that he could not do that for 10 years) *applause*. Thank you.

(Before getting off the stage, Bill grabbed the surprised Dr. Chow and danced with her up on the stage to whistles, cheers and tears! And then walked down the stairs to his wheelchair.)


Throat Cancer, Asthma and Allergies

My throat cancer, asthma, allergies were alleviated. I’m free of medications and the conditions!…



Tooth Pain

L.Y, white female date of birth April 11,1969, without medical history presented on July 8,2003 with a painful lower left first bicuspid . The pain was diffuse and the tooth very sensitive to percussion. A periapical x-ray revealed a well defined periapical radiolucency indicating root tip pathology. Root canal treatment was advised, however for personal reasons the patient did not want to have this treatment completed at this time , so the temporary measure of opening the pulp chamber and canal was carried out. A subsequent appointment for Qigong with Troy Bennett (student of Dr. Chow’s) was booked. Upon return the patients condition had worsened (possibly due in part to the canal having been blocked with food). She had left submandibular and cervical swelling with pain and a very uncomfortably stretched sternocleidomastoid muscle. After approximately fifteen minutes of Chow Qigong treatment by Troy Bennett (student of Dr. Chow’s) she suddenly declared that her neck muscle had gone soft. Examination revealed cervical swelling had subsided and within another five minutes all her neck and dental pain had disappeared. [This was quite remarkable from Western medical/dental perspective as these types of infection can be a challenge to resolve due to the infection settling into the interfascial spaces and the danger of progressing Ludwigs Angina, a potentially fatal condition. I have referred all such hard cervical swelling cases to hospital for IV antibiotics treatment. Even with IV antibotic it typically takes several days to resolve. For the condition to relieve itself so abruptly is almost unusual and most encouraging.] Later that evening near midnight the patient called to inform me that the abscess rose and broke. She has been pain free since. Root canal treatment was agreed upon later as a precautionary measure and carried out July 23, 2003. She will be seen periodically to monitor bone fill into the periapical pathology area. The patient has been practicing Qigong exercises and breathing and has been given the Chow Qigong basic exercise videocassette.

Dr.Wayne Goudie, B.S.c.D.D.S.


Upper Respiratory Tract Infections

ECK is a 12 year old female who developed a non-productive cough, sore throat, fever of 101.0 F, ear ache and congestion three days ago. She was strep negative. She became unable to speak on the second day and had to whisper or write to express herself. Her appetite was poor and she subsisted on a hot liquid diet. On the third day, she was seen by Dr. Chow and noted to be pale complexioned, sullen, withdrawn and still unable to speak. A dry hacking cough contributed to her sore throat. Dr. Chow treated her only 15 minutes with emitted Qi, “White Flower” oil, and taught her Chow Qigong diaphragmatic breathing and one exercise. Her skin color improved, she became more alert and was laughing again, and her cough became productive. Her voice also improved and she was able to eat a full meal for the first time in three days. The next day, her voice became normal, and she resumed normal eating habits. Her circle of peers who became ill at the same time or earlier were still symptomatic.


New Jersey


Vertebrae (Cervical) Dislocation from Neck Injury 53 Years Ago

It was a nice surprise calling and having you answer the phone earlier this week. I was not expecting that good fortune! My wekk has been so busy I haven’t been able to dig out my anatomy book to identify which cervical and thoracic vertebrae are involved. Also with each progressing day, deeper and deeper muscle groups let go so the process of health is still underway.

However, I’ve been doing the exercises every day, including standing at the stake, the meditation tape and feeling qi and to date a severe chronic dislocation of one of the cervical vertebra and the very noticeable scoliosis have virtually corrected. Strong tension in the mid as well as low back and hips also has let go. All this began probably with a neck injury 53 years ago followed by numerous other sports mishaps. I’ve tried everything from yoga to Tai Chi, other chi gong forms and chiropractic to little avail and two weeks into your practice I’m able to retain a straight spine.

So… thank you! For your book and incredible system! I so look forward to your workshops and training.



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Marin County, CA

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