Dr. Effie Chow has had the unique opportunity to travel across the world, since the 1970’s, seeing clients privately, in hospitals, at major events, and with high profile state officials.

CHOW MEDICAL QIGONG is “functional medicine” and is highly individualized to address the uniqueness of each individual’s emotional and physical health. Improved emotional and/or physical well being is seen 95% of the time within the FIRST consultation with Dr. Chow

Emotional and physical “illness” can be deeply rooted in childhood traumas and life experiences, stress, worry, fear, and pressure from self, family and work. Dr. Chow is highly skilled at getting to the root of the problem to uncover your true self and heal deeply from within. It is an intense yet satisfying experience to release the blockage that is keeping you from growing emotionally and spiritually toward your goals (whether personal or professional). Clients all over the world have experienced healing through CHOW QIGONG.

Read about our many testimonials from across the country and the world. There are more testimonials than we can capture here.


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