A Highly Successful Conference in Rome, Italy

Marisa Vocca Chair 3rd Italian International Symposium and Dr. Effie Chow, Chair of 16th World Congress on Qigong/TCM with all prominent speakers, October 18 to 20, 2014. A very special thanks to our wonderful co-speakers and organizers, dear friends, Marisa Vocca with family members, husband Kenneth, son Nicolas, and daughter Giada who together are responsible for the growth of Qigong in Italy.  We call them The Qigong Family of Italy! They are now officially part of the Chow Qigong Family at East West Academy of Healing Arts in San Francisco!    

A healing journey of 16000 miles

Article by Violet Li of National Tai Chi Examiner Read full article here  At an invitation from the Ambassador of Thailand to Japan Virasakdi Futrakul, Qigong Grandmaster Dr. Effie Chow of East West Academy of Healing Arts in San Francisco, CA, recently made remarkable trips to Bangkok, Thailand and Tokyo, Japan and successfully treated 47 people with great results. Dr. Chow is a world-renowned Qigong Grandmaster, energy healer, acupuncturist, author, speaker and visionary. She is also the founder of the prestigious non-profit World Congress of Qigong & Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and a creator of Chow Qigong system. In July … Continue reading

Past World Congresses

  14th World Congress on Qigong & TCM . Awardees of the 14th World Congress on Qigong & TCM Tai Chi Master of the Year Award Master Hong Yuan Luo   Internal Martial Arts Master of the Year Award Master Qi Fei Long Scientist of the Year Award Dr. Chenchen Wang Patient of the Year Award Kathryn Davey Qigong Master of the Year Award Master Mantak Chia   TCM Innovator of the Year Award Dr. Qin Xiping   Lifetime Achievement Award Dr. Effie Chow   The 14th World Congress of Qigong and TCM got a big thumb-up Article from National … Continue reading

13th World Congress on Qigong & TCM

Winners of the 13th World Congress on Qigong & TCM Judo Master of the YearKeiko Fukuda Sensei Qigong Master of the Year Master Mingtong Gu Qigong/Martial Arts Movie Star of the Year Cary‐Hiroyuki Tagawa Martial Artists of the Year Sifu Phillip Wong and Zhang Hong Mei – Pacific Wushu Qigong Hard Qi Performer/Healer of the Year GrandMaster Zhou Ting‐Jue Community Service of the Year Dr. Charlene Ossler RN, PhD Naturopathic Doctor of the Year Dr. Sharyn Wynters Scientist of the Year Dr. Shu‐Ming Wang Tai Chi/Media Excellence of the Year Arthur Edward Rosenfeld TCM School of the Year Five Branches … Continue reading

13th World Congress Award Winners

After the careful selection, World Congress on Qigong &Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has announced the winners of this year’s awards. Dr. Effie Chow, Founder of the World Congress said that the awards will be presented during the Congress’s Gala this evening in San Francisco, California. The winners and their accomplishments are as the following: Judo Master of the Year – View slideshow: Winners of 13th World Congress on Qigong & TCM Awards Keiko FukudaSensei, born in Japan on April 12, 1913, is the highest-ranked female judopractitioner in history. She holds the rank of 9th dan from both the Kodokan and theUnited States Judo Federation, and is the … Continue reading

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Train the healthcare professionals Chow Qigong: A successful Alaska model

Article from National Tai Chi Examiner by Violet Li Read full article and pictures here Central Peninsula Hospital (CPH), the first Planetree affiliated hospital in Alaska, is a community-owned non-profit organization located on the Kenai Peninsula. It is dedicated in the offering of quality patient-centered care in a healing environment. They are becoming a regional medical center focused on improving individual and community health, while achieving national standards of excellence. To bring new tools to help their patients, CPH’s goal is to integrate Chow Qigong into the operations. They have been methodically implementing this program since 2008 and enjoying success. CPH’s program is rather extensive. Bonnie Nichols, Director … Continue reading

Personal Consultations / Clinical Treatment

About  EWAHA offers clinical treatment at our main San Francisco, California clinic as well as international locations. Invitations for Dr. Chow to see individuals for personal consultations in their locales is are welcomed whether it be at your home, hospital or at our San Francisco clinic. We treat a variety of illnesses: mental and physical. We work along with Western medicine and your clinical doctor to accelerate the process of healing.  (More information down below.) Appointments can be arranged with Dr. Effie Chow by calling our phone number at 425-285-9401 or emailing us at eastwestqi@aol.com. In addition, please check out our: Client Testimonials and … Continue reading

Recent Events

EWAHA has recently participated / partnered with, in 2013: 15th World Congress on Qigong and TCM 9th Annual Asian Heritage Street Celebration World Tai Chi and Qigong Day, San Francisco Ca New Living Expo Kung Fu Tai Chi Day, San Jose Ca Total Wellness Fair EWAHA participated / partnered with, in 2012: Kung Fu Magazine 20th Anniversery Celebration Total Wellness Fair 8th Annual Asian Heritage Street Celebration New Living Expo 14th World Congress on Qigong/TCM World Tai Chi & Qigong Day EWAHA has held seminars & classes with much success & miracle healings in 2011-2013: Columbia, Missouri San Francisco, CA Apple Valley, … Continue reading

WTCQD dedicates this year’s event to Dr. Effie Chow

Article from National Tai Chi Examiner by Violet Li Read full article and pictures here In the previous Tai Chi Examiner article, I reported that Dr. Ken Sancier is the honoree of this year’s World Tai Chi & Qigong Day (WTCQD) along with Dr. Effie Chow. Actually, it was through Dr. Chow in 1984 that Ken Sancier learned the magical healing powers of Qigong and started his quest to promote Qigong through his remarkable research. Dr. Ken’s story is one of tens of thousands of individuals that Dr. Chow has impacted and inspired. Respected as Mother of Qigong in the United States, … Continue reading

Columbia, Missouri Event: Dr. Chow made Qigong easy and magical

Article from National Tai Chi Examiner by Violet Li Read full article and pictures here Qi is pronounced “chi” and means “life vital force” or “breath”. Gong means work. Qigong means the exercise people practice to cultivate Qi via proper breathing. Even though human beings breathe all the time, most people do not breathe accurately or know what Qi is. But Tai Chi and Qigong practitioners feel the buoyancy (or Qi) when practicing the art. Undoubtedly, Qi and Qigong seem foreign or even mysterious to millions of people.

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We are holding a Facebook/Twitter contest!  Enter to win either: – Book ““Miracle Healing From China – Qigong” and “Chow Integrated Healing System” DVD set worth over $100 – Free weekend Intensive Chow Qigong training class worth over $600 Here is how you can enter. It’s simple & easy! 1) Like EWAHA on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter @eastwestqi 2) Share our Facebook or Twitter page on your wall (Say something nice about us if you want!) 3) Comment on our Facebook wall telling us what you do to help yourself heal. Talk about anything! (Eg: About EWAHA, Dr. … Continue reading

Welcome to the EWAHA blog

My name is Wendy and I work in EWAHA as the administrative assistant. I will be posting updates on EWAHA covering recent events, news and website updates on this page. This blog is a great way to connect to what EWAHA and Dr. Chow stand for in the holistic world and to give you a better sense of what Chow Qigong is like. Happy reading!

The 14th World Congress of Qigong and TCM got a big thumb-up

Article from National Tai Chi Examiner by Violet Li Read full article and pictures here This year Toronto, Canada, hosted the World Congress of Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). With a leadership team of Dr. Effie Chow (San Francisco, CA), Dr. Stanley Ngui (Toronto, Canada), Master Justin Ngui (Toronto, Canada) and Dr. Shin Lin (Irvine, California), this year’s Congress created a new height in term of the numbers of attendees, the depth and breadth of the program.

Our Vision

Tai Chi, the more commonly practiced form of Qigong in this country, has received significant media attention. Time Magazine in an article on Tai Chi benefits called Tai Chi “the perfect exercise.”, while The Wall Street Journal recently did a front page lifestyle story entitled Qigong The Next Yoga: A Sweat Free Workout—Tiger Woods’ Secret Weapon? As the field of Psychoneuroimmunology evolves, we are becoming more aware of the connection between body, mind and spirit. As drug manufacturers scramble to create the “better drug” to tap into this system, we can start using age-old techniques to maximize our health and … Continue reading

WQF Directory

World Qigong Directory   Steven K.H. Aung, MD — President, World Natural Medicine Foundation; President, Canadian Medical Acupuncture Society; Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine and Family Medicine, University of Alberta, Canada. Thornton Chamberlin, Qigong Master — Born in Honolulu, lived ten years as a Tibetan Buddhist monk in India, Nepal and France before further training in Wuji Qigong, Switzerland. Mantak Chia, former Qigong Master of the Year, First World Congress on Qigong — Master of International Healing Tao and Cosmic Energy.Thailand. Effie Poy Yew Chow, Ph.D.,RN,CA, Qigong Master — President, American Qigong Association; President, East West Academy of Healing … Continue reading

WQF Policy Recommendations

The Second World Congress on Qigong and The First American Qigong Association Conference Recommendations INTRODUCTION “Qigong Week” was proclaimed by San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown when the Second World Congress on Qigong and The First American Qigong Association Conference convened in San Francisco, California between November 20 – 26, 1997. This was the largest international and national conference on Qigong ever held in North America. Interest in Qigong has escalated in large part due to the many reports from China of diseases healed by Qigong and the increase in research on Qigong undertaken by the Chinese academic and medical community. … Continue reading

WQF Committees

Would YOU like to serve? World Qigong Federation (WQF) Committees currently being formed include the following: Policy and Management Education Research Clinical Community Resources and Relations Public Relations and Fundraising Membership Activities and Conferences Members who serve on these volunteer committees  will set the direction and focus of WQF.  If you wish to serve on a committee, please contact us, sending a curriculum vitae / biography for consideration. WQF membership is a requirement. For More Information Contact: Tel: (415) 285-9400 FAX: (415) 647-5745

Clinic Consultations

EWAHA offers clinical consultations at various locations.  Appointments can be scheduled with Dr. Chow at: Our main San Francisco, California clinic International locations Hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities Dr. Effie Chow has had the unique opportunity to travel across the world, since the 1970’s, seeing clients privately, in hospitals, at major events, and with high profile state officials. CHOW MEDICAL QIGONG is “functional medicine” and is highly individualized to address the uniqueness of each individual’s emotional and physical health. Improved emotional and/or physical well being is seen 95% of the time within the FIRST consultation with Dr. Chow Emotional … Continue reading