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EWAHA offers clinical treatment at our main San Francisco, California clinic as well as international locations. Invitations for Dr. Chow to see individuals for personal consultations in their locales is are welcomed whether it be at your home, hospital or at our San Francisco clinic. We treat a variety of illnesses: mental and physical.
We work along with Western medicine and your clinical doctor to accelerate the process of healing.  (More information down below.)

Appointments can be arranged with Dr. Effie Chow by emailing us at

In addition, please check out our: Client Testimonials and Dr. Chow’s Bio.

Before consultation, we recommend that you obtain the Learner’s package of the Chow Qigong System. The package consists of a book, Miracle Healing From China, Qigong, two video tapes, and a meditation audio tape that teaches the Chow Qigong System. You can learn Chow Qigong step by step by reading the book and following chapters five to seven. The two video tapes will show you more. The meditation tape will teach you how to meditate, calm and heal your body. They can all be purchased by calling 1-800-824-2433. Go to the Store tab on our webpage for more information.

Complete Consult Packet before first consultation


Plan for 1-1/2 to 2 hours for the first consultation
(Sliding scale can be considered)
$350 per hour
$525 for 1-1/2 hours
$700 for 2 hours
Home visits are subject under a different but similar fee schedule – email for more info

International visits are subject under different and negotiable rates. Email us at for more information

Dr. Effie Chow

I offer Healing Seminars for Self, Others and the Planet by practicing a Holistic Approach encompassing the Body, Mind and Spirit across America and the World, from Romania to Spain to Canada. I can help you with and have had success helping those with: Macular Degeneration, or the Loss of Eye Sight, Neuromuscular-skeletal Conditions, MS and Strokes. My first consultation involves a Whole Person Assessment, the Body, Mind and Spirit.

I am able to offer Instant On Site Healing and Long Distance, or Remote Healing and have been called upon to do so. Should you suffer from Post Surgery Dental Pain or any Dental Related Pain, I can work with you on this too, to relieve your pain!

I am the Founder and President of East West Academy of Healing Arts.I am a Registered Public Health and Psychiatric Nurse, trained at Vancouver General Hospital and am a Qigong Grandmaster-Nurse-Acupuncturist. I have a Ph.D. in higher education, a master’s degree in behavioral sciences and communication and a National Diplomate in Acupuncture (NCCAOM.) For over 40 years I have worked to Integrate Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with Western Medicine.



7 Responses to Personal Consultations / Clinical Treatment

  1. Helio Quintero says:

    Hi Im living in Miami Fl, and interested in medical consultation, as wel as first level chi gong training in january,Thank you for any information in this regards

    • admin says:

      Hi Helio,
      Please do email us at for further information with three dates that are good for you. We’ll be glad to arrange a personal consultation with you, whether you decide to come here to San Francisco or have us go to Miami.
      In regards to the Level 1 training, we are planning one in Columbia, Missouri from March – June I believe. There is a Basic Chow Qigong weekend class from Jan 18-20 that is free admission and specially dedicated to veterans (everyone is encouraged to attend.) We are planning Level 1 training all over the country, so if you are interested in having on in Miami please do let us know. I believe we have contacts in Miami and have held a Level 1 training there before so that could be very possible.

  2. Susan Horsfall says:

    Dear Dr. Chow,

    My daughter, Jennifer, 42 years old with a 20 month old son and 14 year od daughter, was diagnosed earlier this month with glioblastoma. She had the tumor surgically removed from her left temporal lobe and started radiation/chemo (temedor) on December 26. We have worked withe Joseph Acquah at the UCSF Integrative Health Center and he suggested we see if you would be available for a consultative house call with Jennifer to see if Qigong could help her healing and would this therapy complement the radiation/chemo. My mobile phone is 925 788-1410. I look forward to hearing from you.Best, susan

  3. :Linda Brokaw says:

    Living in San Francisco, my 60 yo husband had a stroke. Left Ischemic, global aphasia. She had a back problem before the stroke. Now there is hardly any space between the hip crest and the lower rib on the rt. lower back. Rt. sided weakness is worst around the hip and ankle reflex, resulting in foot drag with gait. Thought consult with you would be helpful. Linda

    • admin says:

      Dear Linda,
      We’re sorry to hear that about your husband and wish him the best. We deeply encourage you in having a personal consultation with us to discuss in further – that way we find complementary alternative solutions to your husband’s condition. Dr. Chow has definitely worked with people with stroke with 40 years of experience under her belt. You can refer to our Testimonials page for written up cases.
      We are interested in hearing from you soon! Please email us at

    • Akancha says:

      Would be interested in a consaltution for both me and my wife.We are visiting LA and could reshcedual the dates of june10th to 14th to stay in Sanfrancisco.Would that give enough time for some treatments.We both are vegetarian and meditate regularly.I have spinal stynosis which has improved a lot because of Pranic headings.Also i am a Doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine.Also have tryglycerides and High uric acid which is in control with herbal and homeopathic medicines.My wife has consistent throat problems and because of these has Hypothyroid.Has very low capacity to fight disease.

    • admin says:

      Personal consultations are certainly available with Dr. Chow for your condition – she has a great history of working with clients with spinal issues and other chronic conditions!

      However would highly recommend you to attend the 15th World Congress on Qigong/TCM hosted by Dr. Chow and EWAHA in San Francisco from May 17-20. Is it possible to arrange for those dates for you to come? Dr. Chow will be holding personal consultations on May 21st as a post-Congress event.

      Would encourage you to attend from May 17-21 for the entire event however considering it’s one of the largest educational events of its kind with many renowned experts and masters from all over the world coming together for this exciting event…such as Sharyn Wynters (noted author/naturopathic doctor who cured herself of cancer with natural means)! Many of the presenters coming have experience working with health related issues. This would be a great opportunity to explore your options, expand your worldview, participate in workshops, interactive presentations with the experts, better your wellbeing and more!

      Since you’re a doctor of ayurvedic medicine – would you be interested in joining us in becoming a presenter or exhibitor for the 15th World Congress? For more info go on our website under 15th World Congress

      Please let me know as soon as possible of your plans! Looking forward to hearing from you soon and hope you accept our invitation for you to attend our esteemed event!


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