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The Chow Qigong Veterans Project aims to provide Chow Medical Qigong programs for veterans and their friends/family to treat PTSD symptoms and ailments resulting from war. Part of Chow Qigong is about creating and sustaining a positive mental attitude and a more grounded sense of well being. For veterans, this allows them to find healing and resist self-destructive habits.

In 2014, we launched a veterans program in Columbia, Missouri with the sponsorship of the VA Hospital and the MU Veterans Center to much success: over 100 people attended! Learn more about the growing movement and see if there is a Chow Medical Qigong program for veterans in your area (or how to start one!).



WHEN: JUNE 17-18; JULY 15-16; AUGUST 12-13, SEPT 9-10
WHERE: Diamond Heights, San Francisco
CONTACT: Dr. Effie Chow /

As part of our Chow Qigong for Veterans Project, all of our classes will have a special focus for any veterans and youth attending!  Limited number of scholarships for veterans/youth are available. Send resume and letter why you wish a Qigong scholarship to We invite any veteran and their families/friends to attend and be part of a powerful healing force!


Eleven years of conflict have made a lasting devastating mark, especially for those in the military community for who make it home. Of late, our veterans have been returning to their homes with their inner demons, battling with PTSD and mental distress, and with seemingly insufficient response or resources to help them. Shockingly, in the years since 9/11, about 3,000 military members have already lost their lives to suicide. And the number still climbs. This is almost as many military members killed in action due to IEDs in war.

This is why Dr. Effie Chow and East West Academy of Healing Arts have partnered with organizations, veterans and individuals such as yourself to provide a program for veterans and families with Chow Medical Qigong. We believe that through Chow Qigong, a system that creates and sustains a positive mental attitude and a more grounded sense of well being, veterans can find healing and resist self-destructive habits. Our goal is to provide free support to veterans through our Chow Qigong programs, while putting them on a journey to better themselves and the world around them. We specialize in and have remarkable, fast results with situations where other options, including medicine, have failed, such as the sufferings of veterans. Veterans will learn to heal both themselves and others at the same time, creating a viable career for themselves in healing. Veterans can sign up for our existing classes on a possible free scholarship. We are developing a serious cadre of veteran healers to heal the wounds of the world, beginning with themselves, in order to offset the horrors of war. We utilize the tremendous strengths veterans have developed/gained in their service to our country. We want to give them the good life they deserve for their bravery in defending our freedom. This is a serious invitation to anyone interested in being part of the program or in helping. Please contact us loving Qi with hugs and laughter with serious learning and service.

On January 18th, 2014 we launched the first of our Chow Qigong training programs for veterans in Columbia, Missouri. This hugely successful event, sponsored by veterans organizations such as the Truman VA Hospital and the MU Veterans Center, took place in the Harry S Truman VA Hospital and attracted over 100 attendees! Given its success, we subsequently created two additional training programs for veterans in Columbia: A Basic Chow Qigong weekend class and a Level 1 Chow Medical Qigong intensive training program. We had many great successes in treating symptoms of PTSD and helping the veterans in the area become catalysts for healing!

We are currently organizing our next Level 1 Chow Medical Qigong Intensive Training program in San Francisco, and, with many other cities interested, we are open to requests to have a Chow Qigong veterans program in your area! Please do contact for further information.


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  1. Catherine Villara Giumini says:

    I am a Physical Therapist who teaches Tai Chi Easy in San Luis Obispo County and I am interested in attending your program so I can develop a QiGong program for veterans in my county. Thank- you for your services . I look forward to your reply

    • admin says:

      Hi Catherine,
      We are currently looking into organizing a Chow Qigong Program in Los Angeles with the UCLA Chinese Medicine Department, which is the closest I can think of to San Luis Obispo County. However we are open to helping starting a program in your area if interested. Please email us at for more info about this.
      View our Upcoming Events page for more updates on where we might hold a program.
      Like us on Facebook for more updates:
      We also have Twitter @EastWestQi

  2. Jeff Smoley says:


    I sent Dr. Chow my instructions on Guo Lin & Nine Dragon Qigong a while back. I am also a veteran. Does Dr. Chow have any materials for Qigong teachers? If so can they be sent to me? I would like to start a veteran’s program in south Florida.

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