Save Sam Wo

For those who have lived in San Francisco, Sam Wo Restaurant in Chinatown was the place to go for some late-night Chinese food after an evening at the bars. This restaurant has fed The Beats, The Swells and everyone in between. Since it first founded in 1912, Sam Wo Restaurant has become an important staple of history, also famous for its waiter, Edsel Ford.

Unfortunately in 2012, Sam Wo Restaurant was forced to close its doors.For those who have had many meals and memories of Sam Wo Restaurant, and even those who have not yet had the “Sam Wo” experience, it was heartbreaking.

“Sam Wo is a very historic piece of San Francisco Chinatown,” said Dr. Chow in a conversation in which she fondly remembers the waiter Edsel Ford and many meals spent in Sam Wo Restaurant. “When I first came to the US from Canada it was one of the first places that I went to eat. It was famous for its raw fish salad congee – just wonderful and inexpensive food. It made everyone happy. The famous waiter, Edsel was a colorful and unique personality and his joy was in his work and having people all over the world come to Sam Wo to see him and eat from the restaurant.”

Because we believe in good food that makes you happy and in good health, as well as supporting important staples in the community, we are supporting the resurrection of Sam Wo Restaurant. We plan to hold future Chow Qigong programs in which a percentage of the revenue will be donated to bringing back Sam Wo Restaurant. Dr. Chow has also donated $500 out of her own pocket for anyone to match.

We now have a second chance to help the owners of Sam Wo (the Ho Family) reopen this Chinatown institution at its same location and continue serving visitors and locals for generations to come. With assistance from the City, the Chinatown Community Development Center and others, the Ho Family has developed a plan that will reconstruct the kitchen and bring up-to-code some building issues in order to resurrect the restaurant. A fundraising effort has been launched to support the Ho Family and Sam Wo’s comeback. Click below to contribute

Your help is greatly appreciated and needed!

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