Healthy Living Lunch – Waldorf Salad & Sushi

Do you put fruit in your salad? In that case you might have made a rudimentary Waldorf salad. A Waldorf salad is a salad traditionally made of fresh apples, celery and walnuts, dressed in mayonnaise, and usually served on a bed of lettuce as an appetizer or a light meal. It is a great spin to the usual salad that you can have for lunch.  

Dr. Chow usually has a salad for lunch as she lives by the general healthy rule of Chow Qigong – that your diet should generally consist of 80% vegetables. If you are slightly intimidated by that percentage, remember that there are many ways you can cook or prepare vegetables to fit your taste. There are many ways you can make a salad: a Waldorf salad is one of them. It is perfect for those who crave a sweet punch to their usual greens. Who knew how good apples, dried fruit and walnuts can taste with a bunch of greens? In this meal, Dr. Chow skipped the mayonnaise as all of us know that it contains saturated fats and cholesterol. Instead of choosing fatty dressings like ranch and mayo, choose a vinaigrette which has less calories and fat! We used a cranberry vinaigrette for this salad.  

In addition to the salad you might notice that we have a bit of California sushi roll. Again although it is not prudent to eat California sushi roll in excess, it is ok in moderation. Sometimes you can fit some of your guilty pleasure foods into your diet as long as you do not let it control the way you eat. In this case, we treated ourselves to a bit of California sushi roll.

If you want to order healthy sushi, here are some tips:

1. Substitute brown rice with white rice. It’s higher in fiber and is a whole grain. This means it can help reduce chances of developing heart disease and high cholesterol. Brown rice can help keep blood sugar stabilized, as it releases sugars slowly and in a sustained fashion.

2. Take it easy with the soy sauce. 
This traditional dipping sauce is pretty much liquid sodium. A tablespoon is loaded with 920 mg of sodium (half of the daily recommended intake for adults). So choose the low-sodium sauce when possible—it has about half as much sodium.

3. Skip imitation meat.
Many items like the popular California roll are made using imitation crab meat, which has tons of sodium. A typical California roll can have as much as 500 calories and 1000 mg of sodium. So stick with rolls that offer the real thing like fresh tuna, salmon, or king crab.

(By the way, the California roll we had for lunch was made with real crab meat. NOT imitation)

4. Choose sashimi.
A straight-forward helping of raw fish (no rice or other toppings) is low in calories and gives your body a boost of heart-healthy omega-3s.

5. Avoid anything crunchy (tempura) or creamy.
Tempura just means that it’s deep-fried and loaded with saturated fat. So steer clear of battered dumplings, fish, and popular options like the spider roll (deep-fried soft shell crab). Also, watch out for creamy rolls filled with cream cheese, mayonnaise, or mayo-based sauces. They’re packed with calories and fat. Instead, choose fresh or steamed vegetables and rolls with raw fish flavored with low-sodium soy sauce, ginger or wasabi.

To learn more about Dr. Chow’s nutrition suggestions and guide to healthy living in which this post was attributed to, you can buy her book “Miracle Healing from China – Qigong.” You can order a copy from TC Media at (800) 824-2433 / (865) 686-4862. Ask for Joan Chen or Gigi Oh 

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