Level 1 Chow Qigong Intensive Training

You can become a healer too! Learn from the best of the best: taught by world-renowned Grandmaster Chow Qigong, the Level 1 Intensive Training Program is an extensive 4-weekend training course (spans four months) on the The Chow Medical Qigong System. (Individual Weekends and Weekdays available) Certification on Chow Qigong will be presented with completion of the course.

Dr. Chow’s highly successful training program is based on the model developed at the East West Academy of Healing Arts by Dr. Chow with the cooperation of the University of California, San Francisco Extension, Division of Nursing Continuing Education. It has been implemented in San Francisco, Spokane, Vancouver, and Toronto, as well as Washington, DC, Seattle, Edmonton, and in many other areas.

In the class, you will share in specific meditations, and energy exercises designed by Dr. Chow and experience the innate healing energy that exists within each of us through extensive training in all physical and mental aspects of Chow Medical Qigong. You will be taught how to connect deeply with the internal power that is there to guide and heal you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually in harmony with nature.

The goal of Dr. Chow’s course is to provide a MODEL for integrating the best scientific theories, energy principles and practices of both Western and traditional cultural medicine to more efficiently maximise human function and health with greater cost-effectiveness and human-ness.

This class will also help you expand or develop a new sustainable career in the healing field. Thrive in today’s troubled world! Become certified in Chow Qigong today!

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Interested in having a class in your area? We can bring it to you! Please contact us through email at eastwestqi@aol.com

Course Content (General Overview)
1. Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Holistic health, disease prevention, and health promotion
2. Creative concepts of Body, Mind and Spirit.
3. Stress / Relaxation techniques through massage
4. Silver Thread Meditation 
5. Chow Qigong Five Elements exercise and breathing
6. Chinese ways of cooking and nutrition
7. Positive mental health through Chow Qigong
8. Qi/Acu-pressure Techniques
9. Prevention of specific problems and how to relieve pain
10. Practice hours and clinical sessions.
….And more!

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