Free Student-led Qigong Classes

The benefits of CHOW QIGONG are long lasting with dedicated practice. Students meet regularly at various locations to practice as a group and as their own clients while perfecting their skills learned in the classroom. Interested in joining or starting your own meetup? 

Send us an email and we’ll connect you.

Golden Gate Park Chow Qigong with George Gaboury

Sausalito Chow Qigong with Joe Quinn

San Francisco Chow Qigong with Sharyn Kuusisto

One Response to Free Student-led Qigong Classes

  1. Todd Parry says:

    I am a new clinician in rural Nevada as well as a war vet and law enforcement vet. I would greatly appreciate arranging a training that would accommodate either the troops I work with in military or rural Nevada. I am wanting to begin a program for those who are unable to got to locations.
    Please consider the possibilities

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