Chow Qigong Basic Weekend Training

Experience the profound and revitalizing effects of World Renowned Qigong Grandmaster and author Dr. Effie Chow with the Basic Chow Qigong Weekend class, a three-day introductory seminar on the Chow Qigong Integrated Healing System. Feel energized, motivated and in charge of your own health! Energetic and fun, Dr. Chow’s seminars are for everyone—whether you’re a health professional, someone caring for a sick family member or an individual wanting to be the best you can be!

In the class, you will share in specific meditations, and energy exercises designed by Dr. Chow and experience the innate healing energy that exists within each of us through basic training in physical and mental aspects of Chow Medical Qigong. You will be taught how to connect deeply with the internal power that is there to guide and heal you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually in harmony with nature.

This is a basic course for everyone to learn introductory Chow Medical Qigong. For an more intensive course, please check out our Level 1 Intensive Training Chow Qigong Program

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