17th World Congress Picture Highlights 01

Dame Dr. Effie Chow checks in with Conference Coordinator Margarita Urretia
East West Academy of Healing Arts offers programs throughout the year
Grandmasters Dr. Wang Yan & Wang Tian Jian visit together.
Lama Tantrapa with Dame Dr. Effie Chow outside the grand ballroom.
Congress attendees meet Terry Luke, master of calligraphy.
Katrina Krakow joins Qigong family in the lobby between sessions.
Dr. Steven Aung with Volunteers
Arrivals for the big gala dinner and show!
Terry Luk’s 10 piece Chinese Orchestra at Sat Gala performance
Grand Ballroom full for 17th Annual Gala Dinner.
Presenters for this year’s Congress.
Presenters for this year’s Congress.
The program is about to begin!
Dame Dr Effie Chow demonstration
Dr Alex Feng leads a group meditation exercise.
Healer Jane Moore Sibbett with her dancing hands in action on attendee Greg Geen.
Grandmaster Wang Tian Jian leading a workshop on Tia Cheng.
30 workshops held over 4 days offer something for everyone.
Lama Tantrapa explores teaching The Dao.
Samuel Barnes leads his healing workshop.
Violet Li leads her group on Chen Style Silk Reeling.
Dr. Alex Feng’s “I am a Seaweed Qigong” individual workshop.
Master Shi Yanran’s Shaolin Qigong teaching and healing workshop.
Anita Chen Marshall healing session on herb and drug interactions.
Dame Dr. Effie Chow leads her workshop on The Skillful Art & Science of Touch in Healing.
Qi in the air.
Dr. Uwe Albrecht’s workshop on The Qi in Modern Energy Medicine.
Dr. Terry Shintani describes “The Peace Diet.”
Ms Wang Jian performing GuolinXingqigong
Dr. Sandra-Rose
Connecting with the Qi in Grandmater Dr. Wan Yans presentation.
Qigong healing with Samuel Barnes.
Caroline Lin Cai expert practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Dame Dr. Effie Chow and Dr. John Mattison.
Practicing body scanning with the power of Qi.
Jane Moore Sibbett channels her healing energy.
Group exercises led by Shaolin Temple in the Grand Ballroom

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